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 Tammi the Ponyta (WIP)

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Tammi the Ponyta (WIP) Empty
PostSubject: Tammi the Ponyta (WIP)   Tammi the Ponyta (WIP) EmptyTue Apr 17, 2018 10:40 pm

» Name: Tammi
» Sex: Female
» Species: Ponyta #077, the Fire Horse Pokemon
» Affiliation: Wanderer

» Level: 4
» Energy: 17 + 4 = 21 BE
» Ability: Flame Body - The opponent has a 30% chance of being induced with Burn when using an attack that requires physical contact against this Pokémon.
» Moves:
- Tackle (Start)
- Growl (Start)
- Tail Whip (4)
- Low Kick (Egg)

» Natural Feats:
- Tough legs: Given the biology of a Ponyta, Tammi’s hooves and legs are the strongest part of her body. Use of her legs every day allows her to gain endurance for galloping and travelling long distances. (This won’t affect anything in battle)
- N/A

» Relatives:
- Mother (Monica)
- Father (Henry)
- Brother (Blaze)

» Personality: Growing up in a herd setting, the young Ponyta was conditioned to be rather protective of herself, family, and friends - often times being overbearingly wary. Tammi doesn’t mind taking risks while travelling or adventuring, her caution more lies with Pokemon. “Stranger danger,” her father used to teach! The Ponyta remains considerate and fair to those that interact with her, despite what her instinct may or may not say about them. Not all Pokemon are bad, she knows.

Tammi is also quite pessimistic. She likes to consider herself a realist, but the Ponyta has a hard time looking to the bright side of life. Nevertheless, Tammi dislikes complaining, and her downbeat outlook of life doesn’t bring out a whiny, disagreeable side. She is quite quiet about her complaints and negative opinions, actually.

This Pokemon’s best quality lies in her self-control and steadfastness. Her opinions and emotions towards herself and others remain unwavering; they don’t change often. Tammi is pretty simple when it comes to feelings and all - many may mistake her for a pent-up individual, but the Ponyta just isn’t very bashful. Consequently, Tammi is not personable and has a hard time showing her sympathy for others.

» Likes:

» Dislikes:
Hyper individuals - Tammi, as stated above, is pretty self-controlled. She gets uncomfortable around quirky and jittery individuals. Tammi tries extra hard to hide her annoyance, which probably makes it more obvious she’s a bit vexed.

Cryers - You know those Pokemon who are super emotional and cry on other’s shoulders? Tammi feels really awkward around that and isn’t sure how to react. She tends to just… Pat them on the back, and sits there until they’re finished.

Water - This Ponyta fits the fire stereotype spot-on with this dislike. Tammi grew up in dry environments and yellowish fields under hot sun, where no moisture could weaken her flames. It’s only natural she’d be uncomfortable with it, as she was barely exposed to an environment like so.

» History: Born and raised in dust and dry grass, Tammi from the get-go learned to be sturdy and tough, physically and emotionally. Her heard was nomadic, and they always helped the weak get back up to run. Henry, leader of the group, believed moving constantly would protect them from harm.

Tammi grew to agree with this. She learned to become less attached to places, objects, and Pokemon. She learned how to live a life of constantly, rising simple overnight shelters and finding clues that lead to a drinking-water source or the best grass to graze. Her survival instinct grew stronger every time the herd moved, which was every week or so.

One day, her father lead the group down into an valley. Things were okay for a few days, but a windy storm had wrecked the environment around them. Rocks collapsed their easy way out, and the herd had to scale the sides of the valley. It was a dangerous game, because her mother, Monica, had alerted the group of a Persian pride that may be prowling nearby.

Tammi's younger brother, Blaze, was the black sheep of the herd. He was rather fond of staying in place, and the young Ponyta was outgoing with anybody he met.

When the adults of the herd were pushing rocks and burning tough plants to create an opening, Blaze had managed to sneak off from the group. Tammi noticed his disappearance immediately, and she followed after his dusty footprints to catch up with her brother.

Blaze had made friends with a Persian. Tammi noticed them talking and smiling. Something about it was insincere, she thought, and the Ponyta got the odd feeling that other eyes were watching them.

Tammi's assumptions were true. Three more Persian lurked in the shadows of the craggy area, and they suddenly formed a circle around Blaze. Tammi immediately interrupted with an angry snarl, but before she could say anything, Blaze darted past her running towards the herd. "Fool!" Tammi shouted. Blaze was now leading danger to the herd.

The Ponyta ran after them, her gallop leaving behind wisps of fire in the dry wind. The Persian knocked things down behind them, their efforts in slowing down the chase being successful. A dead tree slowly but surely collapsed in front of her, and Tammi had tripped over the large, dead log, tumbling down the sides of the valley onto a patch of yellow grass. Tammi slowly went unconscious, and the little horse Pokemon couldn't get up to try and save her brother.

Hours passed, and Tamm......

» Other:
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Tammi the Ponyta (WIP)
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