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 Kagi the pancham(not done yet)

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Kagi the pancham(not done yet) Empty
PostSubject: Kagi the pancham(not done yet)   Kagi the pancham(not done yet) EmptyMon Apr 24, 2017 12:19 am

» Name:Kagi
» Sex:male
» Gender:male
» Species:pancham 674#
» Affiliation:none at the moment

» Level:5
» Energy:19
» Ability: scrappy

» Moves:
-storm throw

» Natural Feats:

» Personality:

» Likes:

Books, Kagi reads every book he can get his paws on, he is particularly fond of the fantasy genre.

Playground games, Kagi loves inmature games like tag, hiding go seek and such. And often turns missions into games

Toys, has a large collection of different toys he gets on his travels.

Bounty hunting, Kagi caught his first outlaw at the age of six, ever since then it's been his favorite thing to do other than reading. Kagi is a expert tracker, he has even worked for diamond ranked teams in the past, despite being level 5 It's his version of playing hid and seek.

» Dislikes:

» History:

(This will be a multi paragraph story soon)

» Other:

I don't have the rest yet I will add more later.

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Kagi the pancham(not done yet)
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