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 Headfirst into Adventure

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Headfirst into Adventure Empty
PostSubject: Headfirst into Adventure   Headfirst into Adventure EmptyThu Nov 17, 2016 2:02 am

The guild loomed in front of the little Pokémon, all sweet smelling grass and warm firelight. It certainly didn't seem intimidating, rather it looked cozy and hospitable, yet the Whismur shook. That being said, his body was vibrating with excitement. It had been his dream since precisely one week ago to join the guild and now here he was. His mind ran wild with the possibilities, the legendary battles all full of skillful maneuvers and flashy lights, the tearful eyed and shakey kneed Pokémon he'd save and listen to with ecstasy as they chanted his name in awe. He tugged at his ears, tiny body overcome with excitement. Excitement and agitation, it had been several minutes since he stood where the people at the desk directed him to. In this time he had surveyed the building. He was amazed at how busy it was, and slightly grief stricken when nobody even gave him the time of day. Perhaps he should expect it, they all had things to do after all,  but a part of him still felt hurt. Polaris mumbled under his breath withy agitation as he waited for his new life to finally begin.

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Headfirst into Adventure
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