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 [F] Sweets gone too far

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PostSubject: [F] Sweets gone too far   Tue Jun 14, 2016 7:07 pm

Officer Magnemite wrote:
-zzt- It is a shame… -zzt- That they resorted to violence for their gummies…
-zzt- It is speculated, that they got impatient with a request…-zzt-
If you may... please capture the rouge Sylveon.
-pauses- If you perchance, you can convince them of their wrong doings, we may give them an extra chance.
» Client: Officer Magnemite
» Target: Sylveon
» Place: Shadowhue Forest
» Restrictions:

Option A
 - Convince the target of their wrong doings
 - Befriend target and share a gummi
 - Have target turn themselves in, assuring that they wouldn’t be punished so badly for their mistake.
Option B
 - Either capture or knock out the target
 - Turn in the target to Officer Magnemite

» Additional Restrictions:
Reward is given depending on the option taken, must file a board updater request to close the mission and state the pages the result of the mission occurs to have your reward determined.
» Difficulty: F
» Reward:
Either 300 poke + a gummi of your matching type
4 Gummies, two of which are matching type of your character that partook in the mission while the other two are choice between matching types of any of your characters.
You may split the choice between two characters if you wish.
» Expiration: Indefinite
» Exploration Points: 10

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PostSubject: Re: [F] Sweets gone too far   Wed Jul 13, 2016 8:50 am

Adamantine of Team Radiance and Darcy of Team Friendship Alliance are on the case!

Thread Link: Sweet-toothed Scallywag


{Hint: Click on each character to listen to their battle theme. The Substitute Doll may provide a theme of a character I have planned! Be sure to check it in case you want to know what I'm planning next!}
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Admin, Head Moderator & Head Board Updater

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PostSubject: Re: [F] Sweets gone too far   Mon Sep 05, 2016 2:29 am

Mission Completed

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PostSubject: Re: [F] Sweets gone too far   

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[F] Sweets gone too far
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