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 There has to be a quicker way...

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There has to be a quicker way... Empty
PostSubject: There has to be a quicker way...   There has to be a quicker way... EmptySat Apr 02, 2016 9:33 pm

The afternoon sun hung lazily above the town of Grassveil. Its cozily warm rays were unhindered by the clear and aromatic skies. The air was fresh with the scent of the spring's thriving flora, but there was at least one in this town who wasn't quite enjoying the beautiful day so far.

Zed was absently making his way down some back road in Grassveil, absorbed in his own thoughts. He scratched the back of his head, trying to wrap his mind around the events that had recently unfolded. Getting to Grassveil had been what the Gligar anticipated to be the biggest hurdle in joining the Guild, but this was far from the case. His father had said something about minimum requirements and to take time getting there, but Zed hadn't really paid much attention to that part, so imagine his surprise when a brief conversation with the Guild staff had revealed he was 'not quite ready yet'.

If only they'd seen how he'd performed out in Shadowhue with that Metapod! That had gone... mostly well. The Gligar sighed. If the Grassveil Guild saw Zed like Zed saw Zed, then he'd be rising up the ranks by now! Much as would often happen, he was at a loss for what to do. His plans were typically thinly laid out and caved quickly when outcomes fell outside of projected estimates. Like that ever stopped him before!

The obvious answer was to train and prove, through honest effort and dedication, that he was definitely Guild material. ...But that would take a while. Surely there was some feat he could perform that would show them what he was made of! What could he do? Grassveil was regrettably not ripe with any peril at the moment, and even he wouldn't go as far as to make any just to solve it. ...But maybe it didn't have to be real peril, he thought, spotting a pokémon off to the side on their own and suddenly getting a great new idea.

Zed's spirits once again light up, evident by the smile on his face. Zed might have had more moral integrity than his brother, but their shared penchant for wild schemes was undeniable. Zed approached the stranger with an innocent:

"Hi there!"
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There has to be a quicker way...
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