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 Independent Organizations Update!

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PostSubject: Independent Organizations Update!   Tue Sep 01, 2015 7:35 am


HI! BILLY MAYS HERE! Have YOU ever wanted to come up with your own in-character organization and just have to settle for something unofficial and low-key? Does YOUR roleplaying life need a little spice in it and extra activities besides the Guild, Shopkeeping, being a dastardly outlaw or just being there? Do YOU ever feel like the black and white part of an infomercial where you just screw everything up?


Okay, anyways, with that out of the way. So, Independent Organizations are a thing on the site now. You might be asking yourself, but Pika/Solilo/Kat, what are Independent Organizations?

Fret no longer, for we have an explanation for YOU. Yes, YOU specifically! No, no, not YOU, YOU.

Independent Organizations are groups that can be made by roleplayers that are, well, organizations. Do you want to create a group dedicated to intellectual pursuits in mystery dungeons? Do you want to create a group dedicated to civilizing feral pokemon? Do you just really love soap and want to make a janitorial/environmental organization that cleans? Well, now you can.

NPCs will not be the heads of these groups. No, instead, your characters themselves will be the heads of these groups if you so choose. Every group will have a leader, and if you have someone in mind as a deputy, or have five or more members, you will have a second-in-command, or deputy, to the group. If the leader goes inactive, these Deputies can take over commanding the group so that it doesn’t die. If a Deputy goes inactive, it’s recommended you pick another.

You can decide what your organization will do, and how it will act and run, and where its base will be. If its goals are too similar to another organization, it will not be accepted. Also, if you feel that you need it, you might even get a separate board on the forum dedicated to your group’s base.

Listed below, you can find more detailed descriptions on the Independent Organizations, and the application form for them.

Have fun, and happy organization making!

Rules and Description: http://pmd-roleplay.forumotion.org/t4635-independent-organisations
Application: http://pmd-roleplay.forumotion.org/t4634-independent-organisation-application-form-template

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PostSubject: Re: Independent Organizations Update!   Tue Sep 01, 2015 12:17 pm



That was beautiful.

Welcome To The End:

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PostSubject: Re: Independent Organizations Update!   Tue Sep 01, 2015 4:06 pm

*watches as a single eevee raises up onto its hind paws to clap before slowly, but surely, an army of eevee and eeveelutions applaud this thread*
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PostSubject: Re: Independent Organizations Update!   

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Independent Organizations Update!
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