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 So where is it?

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So where is it? Empty
PostSubject: So where is it?   So where is it? EmptyTue Dec 23, 2014 1:44 am

Vien pushed his way through the busy streets of the large town, doing his best to avoid running directly into anyone or get stomped on without losing his momentum, occasionally shoving past people when he had to. He noticed the crowd thin with some relief as he continued on, soon arriving at a small plaza. Standing back up on his hind legs, the Pachirisu looked around for something... there! Spotting a tall pole at one corner of the plaza, Vien dashed over, easily scaling up the wood and reaching the top of the pole, careful not to knock over the lanterns hung near the top.

"Alright," Vien murmured to himself, looking around from his perch, "I'm finally here. Now where's the Guild?" Vien was sure there was one here- he'd heard about it enough from the Exploration Teams who'd visited his home town, and he didn't want to think of what it would mean if he'd spent the last of his money traveling here for nothing. Hopefully, though, he'd be able to get that much money and then some back once he found the Guild and started his own Team.

"Wait," Vien stopped, face falling flat. He hit his head against the top of the pole, groaning. "I've never even seen a Guild before! I dunno what they look like!" Vien frowned, before shaking his head. "Oh well..." Grinning slightly, he slid back down the pole, looking around the Plaza. "...I'm sure someone here can give me directions!" With that thought in mind, Vien started through the Plaza, on the lookout for anyone who seemed to know their way around.
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So where is it?
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