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 Jeremy's Art Corner

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PostSubject: Jeremy's Art Corner   Mon Nov 18, 2013 12:07 am

Picture of Jeremy Blackwood, the smug snake himself.

Picture of MonkeySage's character Kuro the sneasel.

I also have work from other rp sites I have been a member of in the past.

For those who are familiar, the pic below is a Khajiit. Specifically a cub of my character Dar'Rasha from an old Skyrim rp.

An attempt at my mute, khajiit alchemist, Ma'Zeer.

Windwaker Style Skyrim OCs. From left to right are Dar'Rasha (Khajiit merchant), Nenet (Khajiit healer and mage. OC of Razi), and Aina (Daughter of Dar'Rasha, shows magical affinity).

Windwaker Style Skyrim OCs. From left to right are Ma'Zeer (mute Khajiit alchemist), Mi'Faire (Khajiit pirate and destruction mage. OC of DLoSR), And Do'Rahka (Khajiit swordsman and warrior. OC of Musical Judo)

All of these are my work. I take requests, depending on the complexity varies from 100 poke to 300 poke. An example of this would be the two pics above with Jeremy and Kuro. A simple, full body pic centered and colored is 100 poke. A pic with the full body pic and the five emotions or poses is 300 poke.

Please send requests through pm, and we can work out a deal. I hold the right to post new work here as well.
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Jeremy's Art Corner
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