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 Berry Hunt (MonkeySage)

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PostSubject: Berry Hunt (MonkeySage)   Tue Oct 29, 2013 1:03 am

First topic message reminder :

Fall was approaching, and it was obvious near the Pecha forest. The tall oaks, elms, maples, and pecha trees were explosions of vibrant color. Orange, red, and yellow blotted out the sky save for the slivers of skyline that managed to peek through. It was very early in the morning, with the sun only starting to rise up and some of the stars just faintly visible through the thin wisps of clouds.

A morning chill common in Fall pervaded the air along with the moisture of morning dew.

Jeremy took in a chilly breathe before letting it out in a drawn out exhale as his amber eyes poured over the map he had in front of him. The Grass Snake Pokemon had a satchel pack slung over his shoulder and a black bow tie wrapped neatly around his slender neck.

After some time pouring over the contents of the map, the male snivy sighed as he carefully folded it back up before neatly organizing it into his back pack. Kuro and he currently stood near the edge of the large forest as it loomed ahead… Hiding who knows what within its depths.

"Okay," He began, "Our requested item is an oran berry. From what I have gathered, this forest is famous for its pecha berries, but there are other fruit trees further in. That will be the place to look. Good news is that oran berries are still in season, but with winter coming, everyone else is gonna want one before they get eaten up or rot away. We gotta be quick about this… And keep an eye out for any feral pokemon in the area. I mean, this place isn't particularly dangerous itself but who knows whats in there."

He turned to Kuro, reptilian eyes meeting her cat-like maroon ones. "You ready?"
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PostSubject: Re: Berry Hunt (MonkeySage)   Sun Nov 10, 2013 8:15 pm

"Finally!" Kuro cheered to herself and held the Oran Berry as soft as she could, and gestured to Jeremy with a smile "You wanna carry it for the way back? I'm afraid I'll slice it with my claws or something" She let out a soft chuckle and placed it in the Male Snivy's hand.

She then picked the heavy backpack up and pulled the straps over her shoulder with a sigh and turned to her teammate "Cmon, let's get home so you can get some rest. You deserve it" She smiled and moved forward with the Snivy, glad to get back home and feast on the Watmel Berry that was waiting for her, and maybe to see Jeremy smile.
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PostSubject: Re: Berry Hunt (MonkeySage)   Sun Nov 10, 2013 8:29 pm

Jeremy grabbed the berry, giving a somewhat bemused smirk despite himself. "That might be a good idea." Huffing under the weight of both Kuro's as well as his belongings, the male snivy used some bits of clothe to wrap around the berry and keep it secure. They were going to need it in pristine condition before presenting it to their person of interest.

It was a rough, rough first mission… But Jeremy had the faintest hope that perhaps it would get better. They have certainly proved themselves. He only offered himself a small smile for a second though as he and Kuro walked on near the forest's entrance. He had to keep a watchful eye for danger after all… And an old enemy still haunted this forest, down he may be.

And this was the first adventure among many.

OOC: Close thread?
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PostSubject: Re: Berry Hunt (MonkeySage)   

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Berry Hunt (MonkeySage)
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