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 Nobi the Hoppip

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PostSubject: Nobi the Hoppip   Nobi the Hoppip EmptySun Jan 24, 2021 8:57 pm

» Name: Nobi
» Gender: Female
» Species: Hoppip #187 - the cottonweed pokémon
» Affiliation: aspiring to join either steamrise inn or Peak Academy

Nobi the Hoppip F827aa10

» Level: 5
» Energy: 16 / 16
» Ability: Leaf Guard (prevents status ailments in the sun)
» Moves:
-aromatherapy (egg move)

» Natural Feats:
- Hoppips can float on the wind... although strong winds force them to do so, regardless of whether they want to

» Relatives:

- No biological she knows about (her parents may show up later though)
- Blissey, her original caretaker

» Personality:

As a Hoppip, Nobi has had to learn that a lot of things are out of her control. The whims of the wind are like the blows of destiny itself: it cares not for what it changes or what it takes away. That makes Nobi a bit wistful, regretful. Nevertheless, she tries to keep a happy-go-lucky attitude. Having roamed the pokémon world, Nobi knows of its beauties, and she knows there are many causes for happiness. She is nearly always joyful, and of an optimistic disposition. She almost feels as if it is her duty to keep a bright and carefree smile to entertain everyone’s cheerfulness.

» Likes:

Nobi is fond of exploring the great outdoors. Nothing is more pleasing to her than being swept away by the wind to new places. She loves children, and aspires to create foster families for left behind babies and eggs. Though she does not write or perform, she enjoys poetry and music, something that feels like a gust of fresh air to her.

» Dislikes:

Aggresive noises are a big no-no. Whenever she can, she will avoid stressful situations that might end up in conflict, even if she has to flee or give in. Obviously, the cold and intense heat are not her forte. She despises pokémon that disregard their responsibilities. It’s something she takes personally, the prime example being parents leaving their eggs behind for others to take care of.

» History:

Gone with the wind, that’s what Nobi’s always answered when she was asked where her parents were.

It seems to be a common if a bit on the nose response for young hoppips. Nobi was never quite satisfied with it though. Growing up, she went through different phases of acceptance of it. In her earliest days she thought of her parents as wind gods, later as being taken away from her by a malevolent storm. For the longest time she dreamed of saving them from whoever their captor was.

That dream made her time at the Blissey daycare a bit difficult. She saw its walls as a prison, barring her from the wide wild world. Countless times the old and tired nurse has had to run after Nobi, and just as many times the young hoppip devised plans to run away again.

Blissey grew older and Nobi’s plans smarter. One day, after an elaborate combo of traps and distractions, Nobi finally escaped. She flew on the high winds and explored the forests and vales she had long dreamed of. She had to be taken away by a storm before she realized she was too young and inexperienced for such an adventure. She came home to a tired caretaker, tired of running after her, tired of having to prove her love and affection. It was too late for Nobi to come back to what was before. She had grown, albeit too soon.

This time with the blessing of her adoptive mother, she departed, wishing she could provide what she had been blessed with: a stable place to come home to, in spite of the hurling winds, in spite of runaway parents and a careless destiny. But such a dream didn’t come cheap: she’d have to work her way to it. Her mind was made up ; now she had to find an employer.

» Other: The thing about pokémon parenting is mostly based on PMD2’s egg rewards, as well as hoppips being swept away by the winds.
One of the short-term objectives of Nobi is to raise enough money to open her own daycare. If enough people are interested, I might try to make it an independent organization, if not, it will be a shop once she can afford it.

Nobi’s record

Nobi the Hoppip 4957e210

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PostSubject: Re: Nobi the Hoppip   Nobi the Hoppip EmptyWed Jan 27, 2021 9:12 am

This character has been approved!

I love her personality, and how you've tied the nature of her species back into her character, and her character traits. I'm really excited to see what you do with Nobi! Welcome to the site!

Please head over HERE to create your Character Records.  Once you've completed that, go have fun and roleplay!

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Nobi the Hoppip
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