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 Darios the Heracross

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PostSubject: Darios the Heracross   Darios the Heracross EmptySun Dec 06, 2020 12:01 am

» Name: Darios of Bibra
» Gender: Male
» Species: #214 Heracross - The Singlehorn Pokémon
» Affiliation: Wanderer

» Level: 5
» Energy: 22 (17 from BE (401 < 500 = 500) + 5 from level)
» Ability: Swarm: When HP is below 1/3rd its maximum, power of Bug-type moves is increased by 50%
» Moves:

- Tackle (Start)
- Leer (Start)
- Fury Attack (Level 5)
- N/A

» Natural Feats:

Immense strength: Darios can effortlessly carry up to one-hundred times his weight. Even if his horn is the strongest of his assets, his arms and feet are capable of this feat.

Sharp claws: Darios's claws can bring him enough stability to face any charge when dug into the ground or hold himself on the trunk of a tree with ease and stability.

Lesser flight: Even if Darios can't carry other Pokémon with him, he has wings with which to move around, deliver items or serve in combat. They are hidden under his elytra who protects them from harm.

Swarm: When his exoskeleton starts taking damage and cracks begin to show, his instincts start to empower his combat abilities. Even if the cracks cause buzzing to become louder and more savage, the true strength of the swarm is applied to his horn, who unleashes its true strength.

» Relatives:

- Moraiah - Heracross, father (NPC)
- Cassia - Heracross. mother (NPC)
- Elena of Bibra - Scyther, wife (NPC)
- Baldomero of Bibra - Scizor, father-in-law (NPC)

» Personality:

Believing himself to have earned every success of his life, Darios can be described as proud but well natured. His optimism could be confused as arrogance, as he tries to be the example to follow for the Pokémon that seem to lack direction. His work ethic is excellent, always trying to take on the hardest of tasks, often having issues asking for help but knowing when to quit should it be impossible for him at the time.

He has a liking for pokémon of the higher class, enjoying their company of those who take their time to act refined. Those who have more direct in their intentions and have little time to waste in formalities and etiquette may find a less interested Darios. This attitude has made him act more gentle and subtle, disliking loud voices or rushed thoughts. A conversation is like a dance. It needs technique, is artful and beautiful when executed properly, and can be fun in a more casual environment.

When in battle, Darios realizes that he has the potential due to his species but he lacks the technique to outfight anyone with experience. Due to his pride and work ethic, he enjoys getting his hands dirty in a fight and going head-on into a grapple from a winged charge to measure his opponents before deciding whether or not he should back out and try using an item instead or press on and wrestle an opponent into submission. Nevertheless, he takes fights for sport and doesn't like to leave any serious damage, even on dungeon dwellers. When that isn't the case due to some mistake or misjudgment of the situation, he will feel terrible even in victory. Once the enemy is routed, one shouldn't pursue them into annihilation.

» Likes:

Sweets: Sweet flavours can often distract this Pokémon, having Darios act on an impulse, even childlike when some are near. It is especially apparent when it comes to honey.

Adventurers of any kind: Even if not interested in joining any group, guild members, knights, tribesmon, or even outlaws happen to catch his interest. Even if he is wary around the latter, Darios won't be shy to converse with any Pokémon he finds interesting and could even offer a hand as long as it's not against the law.

Data: Numbers, maps and charts, music sheets, or timetables. If he can read it, he can plan around it. Darios may not be the best strategist, and a scholar could do better research, but the safety of having information is never to be underestimated while those that appreciate its value will be respected.

Fine goods: Especially if other Pokémon carry them, goods of high quality spark a natural interest in Darios's mind. It's an indicator of wealth and prestige and an opportunity for him in the future. It doesn't need to be expensive, as the work of artisans such as wood carvings or delightfully arranged bouquets is still deserving of admiration.

Rainy weather: While the floating islands often stay above stormy clouds and that rain itself makes flight more difficult, the beauty of waterdrops adorning nature and the cool, chilly winds washing over his natural armor fills him with the awe of exploring the world and lacking the safety of shelter. In a way, it's exciting.

» Dislikes:

"Naked" Pokémon: Residents of towns that forego clothing make Darios uncomfortable. Not due to nudity itself but it is concerning that, having the choice of adding to one's style by using even the cheapest of ribbons or scarves, Pokémon would willingly refuse to clothe.

The southeastern lands: Why would anyone travel there? Not only is Grima the tale of a trading post lost to hubris and that ended up in ruin, but the surrounding lands are nothing than poisonous mire. Pokémon should forget about these lands and let the outpost die. Needless to say, Pokémon hailing from the southeast will face some xenophobia on Darios's part.

Sloth: Laziness for laziness's sake is deplorable. One may rest, take the time to feed, chat with someone, or even wait for something else to happen, but a lack of drive is truly the greatest of sin.

» History:

Within the Floating Islands long ago, a Heracross set up his shop trying to get a hold of the market there. As Rainfront is too competitive, Grassveil too diverse, the Kingdom too intimidating for a foreigner and dungeons dangerous in general, it was the best option to have a simple life. This proved to be the right decision, as he grew in wealth rapidly, amortizing his project and landing various deals with the guild folk and the residents of the floating islands. Contrary to common sense, the guild didn't end up being the most valuable of contracts. A carpenter, who was also a Heracross, happened to come by and buy materials and tools. The two of them soon became friends, if by kinship alone, but it soon flourished into love. The carpenter put her services to the shop owner and they built a successful enterprise, and a family, together.

Years passed, and the shop grew in size, from a single-roomed shack to a two-story manor, where Darios was born and grew. His father, always a Pokémon that wanted to spare his child of a humble beginning, cherished the young bug as his most prized ware. Instead of heading to school, a teacher was hired to instruct the boy in the subjects of math, finances, adventuring, and etiquette. Once he had proven that he could fly, he'd make a habit of delivering goods to some of his father's clients. While this was helpful to the shop, it also allowed the kid to make his first friends.

As Darios grew and took more of the shop's duties, he noticed that a Pokémon had taken an interest in him in particular. It was a Scizor, well dressed in a foreign style yet recognized by others as a respected and influential Pokémon, who routinely came to ask questions and to request the Heracross's services in some hard-working activities. The motives for this strange behavior were soon revealed when his mother announced that she had arranged his marriage to a Scyther, the stranger's daughter. Far from being a source of concern, she explained that it would benefit all of them, that the Scizor was a veteran of the guild of Aileron who had retired to an estate near Rainfront Town after many years of service. His successes and rank brought him prestige which would benefit the Heracross if they could share some of their wealth with him. A stain in the hard-working Heracross family was that they were outsiders, common folk at that. Amidst the distinguished citizenry, getting married to the daughter of such an explorer would grant Darios the prestige and influence his parents never had.

Understanding that this was to his benefit, Darios agreed and accompanied the Scizor back to his estate by the ocean. The lifestyle within the walls of the mansion was far from what he expected, making Darios feel unwelcomed. Servants greeted him, but the Scizors explicitly made the Heracross take care of his own chores. He was given a room, basic in furniture layout but extravagant in content. For weeks he had stayed, learning the ways of a noble and receiving teachings from his soon to be father-in-law, never having the chance to meet his future fiancé. That was until he was in his late teens, a year after he had arrived.

Arranged as if it was a ball, the two of them met in a great hall. The Scyther looked steadfast in her stance, but her eyes had some uncertainty in them. Darios didn't fare much better, instructed to appear decided and polite, yet almost giving in to his nerves. Bowing to him, she introduced herself as Elena before the two stroke up a conversation, then danced, dined soon after that, and returned to their chambers during nighttime. "Magical" comes short when describing the meeting. All of his doubts about this arrangement banished. She was entertaining, beautiful, and gentle, but clearly sheltered, probably kept away from talking to other Pokémon until recently. She was thinking about becoming an explorer apprentice before she got betrothed to Darios, a decision which she wouldn't admit that disillusioned her. Nevertheless, she seemed glad to be able to talk to someone of her age, quickly growing accustomed to the presence of the Heracross as their encounters became more frequent and unrestricted.

As if fate had it, the arrangement became love bound. The two Pokémon wed at the age of 25. The Heracross merchants provided a large dowry to the family of the Scyther, while the influence of the Scizor would ensure the Heracross would enjoy social power beyond what they had access to. However, all of that seemed meaningless. As bride and husband, they moved to Aileron, where they bought a house in the Floating Islands and enjoyed a year of leisure.

A very important question came up during their time together, the question of lineage. The two worried for a moment, knowing what their duty was but yearning to be free for just some time. To be free and to explore the world on their own terms before committing to starting a family. Seeing eye to eye as usual, they both decided to give themselves three years in which they would enjoy life. Exploring, trading, fighting. With a kiss, they sealed the deal and prepared themselves for one last adventure before settling down.

» Other:

Darios is notably wealthy. His clothing consists of a custom black tunic with dark blue details and open on the backside for his wings to be able to function correctly.

A lack of a notable heritage is the reason why he doesn't have any egg move to show.

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PostSubject: Re: Darios the Heracross   Darios the Heracross EmptySun Dec 06, 2020 1:48 am

This character has been approved!

He looks good! I love his backstory and I'm glad you were able to make it work despite the troubles with the Blacktooth version.

And if you ever want to RP with someone that hits every one of Darios's dislikes hit me up sometime!

Please head over HERE to create your Character Records.  Once you've completed that, go have fun and roleplay!

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Darios the Heracross
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