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 Mwipsy the Bounsweet

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PostSubject: Mwipsy the Bounsweet   Mwipsy the Bounsweet EmptySat Feb 01, 2020 10:36 pm

» Name: Mwipsy
» Sex: Female
» Species: Bounsweet (#761 - The Fruit Pokémon)
» Affiliation: Currently Unaffiliated

» Level: 5
» Energy: 16 (11 from 210 BST + 5 levels)
» Ability: Oblivious: This Pokémon cannot be infatuated, and is immune to falling for Taunt.
» Moves:
- Splash (Level 1)
- Play Nice (Level 4)
- Synthesis (Egg Move)

» Natural Feats:
- Lovely Aroma: Bounsweet emit a very pleasant scent that is both soothing and attractive to Pokémon of all species, which can work to its detriment when it draws predators. Their sweat is also quite fruity.
- Helicopter Head: It's capable of spinning the sepals atop its head in an attempt to ward off predators - this is usually rather ineffective, however.
- Oblivious: Bounsweet is immune to both falling for infatuation of any kind or being affected by Taunt.

» Relatives:
- Redund the Roserade (Father)
- Pickolo the Tsareena (Mother)

» Personality: Mwipsy is a bit of a ditz, all things considered. Despite her entire body practically being her head, she still somehow manages to have a head full of hot air. Grace and elegance are things far removed from her current disposition, though she does always manage to seem cheerful even in the worst of situations - whether that's because she simply chooses to remain positive or fails to grasp the seriousness of the situation is debatable.

Through all her lack of seriousness, though, Mwipsy possesses a generally kindhearted nature and a willingness to do good. That's not to say she acts entirely out of altruism, though, as she is rather fond of Poké and other shiny trinkets, almost to a fault. She'd rather not have to go out of her way to earn or receive her desires, though, usually finding the work to be too middling or boring to make the rewards worth it. In other words, she's a bit on the lazy side of things.

She's also much more of a follower than a leader, most often trusting others' judgment to be more astute than her own. When it falls to her to call the shots, she oftentimes simply goes with her own whims within the moment and fails to consider most of her responsibilities or possible negative outcomes. That being said, she is quite good at following directions when given them.

» Likes:
- Mwipsy is a big fan of Poké. Both its intrinsic value and its illustrious shine are both alluring and endearing to her, to the point where she'll often end up hoarding the stuff rather than actually spending it, much of the time.

- Being practically a sentient plant herself, Mwipsy loves sunshine and the outdoors, much preferring to spend a day basking in the light rather than being cooped up anywhere else.

- That warm feeling you get inside when you help someone out of a pinch. Though she often fails to properly size up a situation enough to actually help out in a meaningful way, when she does succeed, it's almost as good as Poké.

» Dislikes:
- Mwipsy isn't much of a fan of birds, or namely bird Pokémon. Thanks to an unfortunate experience in her childhood, she's developed something of a phobia of them, and has a hard time relaxing around even friendly ones.

- Somewhat in correlation with her first dislike, Mwipsy is not a fan of heights at all. Being dangled thousands of feet in the air with little to nothing between herself and becoming a splat on the ground is unappealing, to say the least.

- Lastly, Mwipsy is a bit claustrophobic. She definitely hates tight spaces, least of all anywhere where she's both in a tight space and can't see the sky anywhere. Chalk that up to her mostly lacking the arms required to wriggle herself free.

» History:
Mwipsy was born in a small forest village near the coast, to a pair of parents who were fated to be in love their entire lives - or, so they claimed. They got divorced when Mwipsy was a few years old. It wasn't too hard on her, all things considered, as they were quite adult about it and shared their visiting time with her generously. Her mother often taught her about being kind to other people, and would take the little Bounsweet along for certain charity events their small forest town would host.

Her father, on the other hand, ran the town's bank, and that was where Mwipsy learned the value of Poké. Seeing the little golden discs of great value being handed about and treated as though they were the greatest treasure in the world truly struck a chord with the young girl, and owning a pile of her own to dive into sounded like a dream worth striving for.

One day, while out on a stroll in the nearby forest with her mother, disaster struck: A bird Pokémon swooped down while Mwipsy's mother's back was turned, and scooped the Bounsweet right off the ground with its talons, carrying the little Pokémon hundreds of meters up into the sky with it. Though initially dazed, when Mwipsy came to her senses, she got the best view of the world she'd ever seen: Sprawling mountains miles off in the distance, the ocean off to the left that seemed to stretch on for eternity, and untold miles of forests and meadows that sprawled as far as the horizon.

However, then she looked down, and saw how high in the air she was. Which prompted a scream. Which surprised the bird carrying her. Which made him drop her.

Mwipsy entered helpless freefall for about ten seconds or so until the bird, which she now saw to be a Pidgeot, raced down and swooped her back up, before carefully returning her to where she'd been picked up, with Mwipsy's mother in a frantic outrage. Despite the Pidgeot's profuse apologies and insistence that he had 'thought the Bounsweet was a Pecha Berry', those apologies couldn't save him from being whacked repeatedly on the head with a tree branch.

While initially, Mwipsy was somewhat traumatized from the experience, once she'd calmed down, she had developed a new sense of wanderlust from the views she'd seen. She wanted to reach those far off mountains, to see what lay beyond the endless ocean, and to cross those rolling meadows with her own two feet. Just, you know, at ground level. Once she was old enough, Mwipsy made her aspirations known to her parents, who, though reluctant to see their child go, gave her their blessing, so long as she wrote back to them whenever possible.

And after a small going away party thrown by the town, the Bounsweet set off to new horizons, eager to see what awaited her in the world - and how much Poké she'd end up coming back home with!
» Other:
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PostSubject: Re: Mwipsy the Bounsweet   Mwipsy the Bounsweet EmptySat Feb 08, 2020 3:43 pm

This character has been approved!

Mwipsy the Bounsweet Fbb

Please head over HERE to create your Character Records.  Once you've completed that, go have fun and roleplay!

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Mwipsy the Bounsweet
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