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 Adopting Ho 'Ailona the Seel

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Adopting Ho 'Ailona the Seel Empty
PostSubject: Adopting Ho 'Ailona the Seel   Adopting Ho 'Ailona the Seel EmptyTue Jan 28, 2020 11:15 pm

» Name: Ho ‘Ailona
» Gender: Female
» Species: #086 Seel, the Sea Lion Pokémon
» Affiliation/Rank: Unaffiliated

» Why do you want to adopt them?:
So, this character was supposed to be deleted literal years ago. I never did it because I thought the character was cute and Seel was never in danger of being banned, so it didn’t hurt to keep her around. I couldn’t ever really bring myself to delete her and just kind of hoped someone would come along and adopt her. As you can see, nobody did. Nobody’s expressed any remote interest in her besides somebody who didn't even meet the requirements for adoption so as it goes, Fine, I will do it myself.

She’s a very simple character. There’s no dark secrets or edgy personality to her. She’s just a cinnamon roll who will keep on truckin no matter what life throws at her. She’s happy, outgoing, and overall very different my typical characters despite the simplicity. She’s not shy, she’s not hesitant, she’s just a small puppy child who needs all of the friends.

It would also help to have a water type that isn’t obscenely large or incredibly obnoxious in personality. While Proteus is a nice guy himself, he’s a little difficult to work with others since he was made at a time where I thought pokemon species = personality. Namataki, while she’s a water type, is utterly obnoxious despite how much I enjoy kicking her around and hating her myself. If a character can’t stick it out with her, water-dungeons are pretty much impossible.

Ailona seems like the type who’d get along with just about anybody, thanks to naivety and innocence. Aries used to fit under that trope, but he’s shifted drastically from when he was first made. Ailona would be a good fit to replace his position.

Tldr; i want pupper.

» Sample of roleplay:

It was cold. It was really cold. Despite that, she felt fine. In fact, she’d never felt better! A white bullet shot through the water at a high speed. Occasionally the form would pivot upwards and out of the water, a vast leap straight over the ocean top with a twirl before she fell right back down into the water.

“Woohoo!” She cried at the top of her arc. Once she was back under, a fit of giggles bubbled out above her. The seel danced about in the water, each jump out of the water challenged the last as she strived to last as long as she could in the air. Every time, she fell back down and faced the dark and empty abyss below her. Every time, she didn’t have a single concern in the world over it. She was alone in wide open waters, a sitting duck for any predators that might decide to try a bit of icy cold seel. Despite the lack of company, it didn’t really concern her. This was an open playground for her! She could do whatever she wanted without a single fear of bothering someone else.

Another leap, another splash. This touchdown was different, however. She expected to see a pitch black abyss below, but there was something more to it. It caught her attention immediately. Two red gleamed in the darkness. They stared back up at her with an odd intensity she couldn’t quite understand. Curious, she propelled herself closer, her eyes squinted in the hopes of making out the shape in the water. Just before she could see the definitive features of four fins, the eyes surged forward-towards her.

She cried out in surprise as the creature rocketed straight towards her. She found herself utterly displaced and tossed about as the pokemon passed her. Her flippers flapped about as she recollected herself, though her head still spun with shock and dizziness. She looked up in the direction the pokemon disappeared off to, just in time to see them break through the surface. She swam up as well, but kept herself leveled just enough to have her head out of the water.

She watched in awe at the dark speck in the distance. Woah, that pokemon went so high up! Her jaw dropped at the spectacle, unaware of the fact that the spec in the sky now grew bigger. She blinked, processed the information, before she gave a terrified squeak at the realization of what goes up must come down. A flail of flippers and a propel of her tail resulted in a very narrow avoidance of the stranger’s touch down as they pierced into the water. The ripples were massive, a struggle for a lowly seel such as herself to fight against.

Once the waters settled and she wasn’t being tossed about, she could see that the stranger breached the surface with her. A long ragged fin protruded from the top of the creature who looked as if it were missing half of its body. Her eyes widened. It was a sharpedo! A fearsome creature that was known to tear little pokemon such as herself apart. A very tiny part of her screamed to swim away, but there was a much more prominent-and stupider-part of her that wanted something else entirely.

“Wooooah you jumped so high!” she cried with excitement, her flippers clapped together eagerly as the water splashed violently around her. The sharpedo didn’t respond verbally, instead it tilted its head off to the side, curious. “I don’t think I could ever jump that high! Your landing was so great too! Easily a ten out of ten!” She lurched upward with a twist of her back, a very small back-flip performed before she zipped back into place. The sharpedo’s response was to shrink into the water, a few bubbles spewed from the snout of the creature as it avoided eye contact. Aww...it was shy!

“Hey-Hey! That’s a good thing!” she was quick to explain, “You could totally enter like-a competition or something. I bet you’d have a good chance of winning with that kind of talent.” She giggled. The sharpedo looked back to her, a bit more of a hopeful look in its eyes.  She didn’t need words to guess what it meant, “Yeah!” She swam closer to the sharpedo. “You wanna practice some more with me? I’ve got a few tips you might be able to use!”

The sharpedo hesitated, but nodded. They went on to practice together for hours, an unlikely duo of a mute sharpedo and a lively seal. It utterly exhausted Ailona, so much so that she could hardly swim. Fortunately, the Sharpedo was kind enough to help her back home...only to find that she didn’t really have a home to return to.

Welp, guess they were stuck together.

» Link to the original bio: Ho ‘Ailona the Seel
» Links and page/post count of original threads: n/a
» Levels of existing characters:
Acro the Archeops - 77
Mirage the Zoroark - 60
Aries the Skiddo - 17
Victoria the Tyrantrum - 34
Zera the Houndoom - 24
Jade the Snivy - 10
Kira the Lucario - 37
Chance the Zorua - 23
Namataki the Piplup - 10
Garnet the Charizard - 30
Erebus the Jolteon - 10 (note; this character is being deliberately kept at a low level)
Yera the Deerling - 18
Zadira the Zangoose - 7
Sekita the Eevee - 5 - (Has threads active)
Linus the Honchkrow - 15 (note; character is deceased but plans are made for his “return”)
Shinka the Goomy - 10
Proteus the Gyarados - 32
Veriq the Tropius - 9 (Character is retired/dead, This character is my own creation,)
Morpheus the Drowzee - 10 (Character is retired, This character is my own creation)
Vulcana the Larvesta - 10 (used Happy Meal + in a thread)

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Adopting Ho 'Ailona the Seel
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