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 Icarus the Torchic

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PostSubject: Icarus the Torchic   Icarus the Torchic EmptyTue Dec 31, 2019 4:15 am

» Name: Icarus
» Sex: Male
» Species: Torchic
» Affiliation: Explorer/Speedrunner

» Level: 5
» Energy: 19
» Ability: Speed Boost
» Moves:
- Scratch
- Growl
- Ember
- Low Kick

» Natural Feats:
- Body is always warm like a hot-water bottle due to an internal fire.
- Launches fireballs of up to 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit.
- Speed Boost allows him to gradually gain more and more speed when he's moving about.

» Relatives:
- Gurdurr: Father, a construction worker.
- Combusken: Mother, previously a traveling martial artist that is now settled down.

» Personality: Hyperactive and non-stop, this Pokemon can't seem to stop moving. He hops from foot to foot, tilts his head around, and jabbers on and on if you let him. On top of that, he can't stand getting caught in a routine, which is why he's always moving, trying to see new things. During times of awkward silence or inaction, Icarus will often fidget about or simply bolt to the next objective.

Not only is Icarus a hyper child, but he's also a joker and a prankster. He's a typical troll, messing with both his friends and his enemies, though he's much more playful about it with his friends. This unfortunate quality of his makes him seem like he's trying to be annoying, but he's only vying for attention. When he's calmed down, he's actually a nice kid who simply thinks quickly on his feet.

» Likes:

- Speedrunning: Though it seems like a silly thing to do, Icarus sees his 'speedrun' attempts in dungeons as mastering them, showing off how quickly he can do it without mistakes. It's exhilarating to him when he gets to do something he's mastered to other people. He also loves exploring every nook and cranny of the dungeons he comes across, no matter the danger, so he recklessly runs through them many, many times naturally.

- Strategy Games: Fun little games that require the use of one's head are one of Icarus' favorite pastimes. He especially loves tests of skill that he can show off on. Other than dungeon spelunking, this is one of the ways he keeps his hyper mind occupied.

- Pranks: Icarus loves to mess with people with silly jokes, usually by sassing them, but he'll occasionally set up a practical joke to show dominance. He finds it rewarding when he comes up with things that no one expects. It's how he gets to know people.

» Dislikes:

- Stagnating: Seeing the same scenery, doing the same thing when he wakes up every morning, and even taking the same route on his dungeon runs gets boring to Icarus after a time. He needs constant change to stay motivated to get out of bed.

-  Looking Back: What happens in the past should stay in the past. That's what Icarus believes. He realizes that he'll make mistakes, and that things will be tough. But if he focuses on that instead of learning from it and moving forward, he'll never be fast enough when it counts.

- Authority: Icarus dislikes being told what to do. It usually leads to him being controlled and stuck in a routine again. He tolerates people in higher authority when he has to, but he'd never submit himself to being a civil worker like his dad. And when he believes he's right, there's no higher authority out there that can convince him otherwise.

» History: Icarus was raised mostly by his mother, who was an adventurous and kind-hearted Pokemon that taught him things like believing in himself and doing what he loved to do. His father was usually working, and when he did spend time with Icarus, he was always stone-faced. While his time with his mother would be fun and exciting, Icarus felt like he had to be rigid and soldier-like with his dad, which never worked for such a fidgety kid. Something his father had planned for him was to eventually take over the business, which meant having to do the same kind of job every day for the rest of his life. While Icarus respected that it was a wise decision, it never sat right with him. He wanted more, to explore the world and see everything in it. His father scolded him, saying that for one, it was a dangerous life to explore unknown territory. And also, he'd never be able to explore every corner of the world in his lifespan. Icarus countered both of these with his natural born talent: Speed.

Icarus often left the house to enter the Pecha Forest, where he'd try and race through it as fast as possible to get a 'record time'. He didn't collect any treasures, since that would take away from his best time. Avoiding encounters was also a staple of his style, and he'd often come up with clever ways of stopping enemy Pokemon that didn't involve a straight fight. Setting up pitfall traps, taking secret routes, or having two enemies fighting each other! He was a clever little rascal that never failed to have a smile on his beak. This was practice, child's play compared to the techniques he'd have to refine to accomplish his dream!

But life wasn't always sunny for Icarus. Often times, he'd get beaten up and knocked out of a dungeon because of a few stupid mistakes or his own recklessness, which would, of course, end up in him having to come home. This made it obvious where he'd been, and his dad was livid every time he saw his son hurt. He was often the target of this rage, which led him to believe that his father hated him, despite his mother trying to reassure him otherwise. Any time they had a fight after Icarus came home bruised up, his mother would often tell him, "Let bygones be bygones. It's no use dwelling on the past, you need to keep looking forward."

Even so, it was hard for him to not dwell on his mistakes. Not with his father constantly drilling it into his head that he shouldn't pursue his chosen path. It only made Icarus all the more sure that what he was doing was right, though. Though the path was a long, tough one, he needed to run straight ahead without looking back.

» Other: Icarus wears a black bandanna with flames on the end around his neck, because he's a hot rod. He also has a bit of a nervous tick, and can't sit still (think of a real chicken when you think of this).
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PostSubject: Re: Icarus the Torchic   Icarus the Torchic EmptyFri Jan 03, 2020 11:45 pm

This character has been approved!

Icarus the Torchic 7f02438d3b5d3d1bbf09c2f2cb5d1f2a7dc41795_hq

Please head over HERE to create your Character Records.  Once you've completed that, go have fun and roleplay!

Icarus the Torchic P5_sty10xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxIcarus the Torchic Skiddo
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Icarus the Torchic
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