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 Shion the Murkrow

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PostSubject: Shion the Murkrow   Shion the Murkrow EmptySat Dec 28, 2019 3:34 pm

» Name: Shion
» Sex: Female
» Species: #198 Murkrow, the Darkness Pokemon
» Affiliation: Wanderer

» Level: 5
» Energy: 17 BE, 22 Total
» Ability: Super Luck
» Moves:
- Peck – Level 1
- Astonish – Level 1
- Pursuit – Level 5
- Mirror Move – Egg Move

» Natural Feats:
- Super Luck – 'The Pokémon is so lucky that the critical-hit ratios of its moves are boosted.' Aka, in a fight she’s likely to hit somewhere that really fuckin hurts by pure chance. Outside of combat, she is just generally lucky at times.
- Bearer of Misfortune – 'Murkrow's presence is said to be unlucky,' A superstition not held by all, but Shion herself believes her presence brings bad luck.

» Relatives & Important Relationships:
- Ruruka – Altaria – Mother
- Touma – Honchkrow – Father (Deceased)
- Chinami – Swablu - Sister
- Himari - Fletchling

» Personality:
Upon first impression, Shion comes across as a loner; someone who prefers the company of themselves over others. She is relatively reserved and keeps to herself, but when others get too close too fast, she can sometimes act blunt and rude in order to keep them at arms length. For the most part though, this is usually just that: an act to try and keep others away.

Believing that her presence brings misfortune, Shion isolates herself from others in a misguided attempt to protect them from herself. She has very little self-worth, believing that she doesn’t deserve to be around others when she will cause them nothing but trouble. Perhaps because of this, she puts others above herself even to her own detriment, but in doing so may not always consider just what someone else might want over what she believes they might need.

Deliberately travelling alone, Shion has come to appreciate the smaller things in life, like good weather and well written book. She spends a lot of time indulging her small hobbies and just observing the world around her. Despite this, Shion’s way of life makes her incredibly lonely and she craves nothing more than the company of others. She finds herself constantly treading the tightrope of wanting to spend time with other pokemon, but feeling guilty that she might be putting them in danger just by being around them.

When interacting with others, Shion is not one to open up very easily and will often keep to just surface level topics when discussing herself. She is more than happy to enthusiastically discuss her hobbies and interests, but when it comes to the topic of luck she will often become quiet and withdrawn once again. Conversely, if another pokemon were to come to her with their problems, no matter how deep, she would likely not turn them away. The least she can do is lend an ear and offer some advice after all.

Shion is observant and has an attention to detail, but she is also an overthinker when it comes to things around her and how her supposed bad luck might influence them. As a result, she spends a lot of time considering the worst scenarios so that she might somehow avoid them. Shion is a chronic worrier and a bit of a pessimist, always ready for the worst outcome, but she greatly admires pokemon like Himari who seem to be able to find the good in everything.

» Likes:
Reading – A peaceful past time and one that is relatively safe from anything bad happening, Shion finds reading relaxing because it allows her to escape from the real world for a short period of time, engrossed in the stories and information that books provide. However, Shion also enjoys it because the chances of a book causing something horrible to happen seem relatively low. Shion prefers fictional books to non-fiction, but doesn’t dislike reading factual material and has in fact gained an understanding of rather interesting arrangement of topics as a result.

Despite her love for reading, Shion only ever tends to carry two or three books, purchasing them, reading them and then selling them on in order to purchase new books. As she is almost constantly on the move, she does not have the space to carry more than these few, though it can sometimes be hard to part with a book she especially enjoyed. As a result of this, her reading material consists of whatever she can find for sale, and she tries not to be picky in case there isn’t a bookshop around to choose from.

Libraries – As a direct result of her love for reading Shion enjoys the idea of libraries; though she doesn’t have much opportunity to visit them as most of them are located in busier towns and villages which she tends to stay away from. Libraries are full of all the books in the world, and all the choice she could ever want for reading material. And the best part? It’s free! What’s not to like?
The few times she has visited a library, Shion has enjoyed the calm and quiet atmosphere and the presence of other pokemon, with the library ambiance carrying the expectation that no one should approach her unless the library itself is closing. Honestly, she’d probably live in a library if she could.

Humming and Singing – When you’re alone for long periods of time, it can get a little too quiet. Shion enjoys humming and singing in order to fill the quiet space with some noise. As Shion only has a few songs that she actually knows, more often than not she’ll be found to hum her own little tunes, sometimes imagining what sort of music could accompany a set of lyrics she might have read from a book, or continuing on from a titbit of song that she heard in passing. Shion is a little shy when it comes to singing, so it’s more often than not that she’ll be found humming but singing can be fun on occasion. Shion doesn’t think she’s a very good singer though.

Drawing and Painting – Another of Shion’s numerous solo hobbies that she uses to pass the time. As she can only carry so much, Shion only has one little sketchbook in which to draw, but she makes the most of it by filling as much of the space as possible. Similarly to reading, she finds drawing and painting to be relaxing, though she’s spilled paint over the sketchbook numerous times by this point and the poor book looks … well used, to say the least. In the interest in saving space in her bag, Shion never carries any colours or paints with her, instead making them with berries and such that she finds around her and leaving them behind when she moves on. This way, she only needs to keep a brush and a pencil with her and has more space for books. Oh and food. That’s important too.

Other Pokemon – Although she actively distances herself from others for the most part, Shion truly enjoys the presence of other pokemon. It makes her feel less lonely to have someone around, even if they’re just a stranger passing by for a short moment. She doesn’t hate others and in fact wants to be around others more than anything else, but believes that she can’t as a result of the bad luck she brings.

Good Luck Charms – Shion's not sure if she believes in good luck charms, but she likes the idea of them. Anything that can potentially protect someone from misfortune is pretty awesome in her eyes.

» Dislikes:
Luck – Due to the circumstances she was raised in, Shion wholeheartedly believes that her presence brings bad luck. She also feels guilty that her ability, Super Luck, grants her lucky circumstances when she percieves herself as causing bad things to happen to others, and that others would be better off having that good luck instead of her. As such, it would be fair to say that Shion hates luck. She actively spends most of her life trying to mitigate what she perceives as her effects on others, isolating herself in order to minimise what her unlucky presence might affect.

Dangerous Activities – A little obvious of a thing to dislike, but Shion isn’t one to tempt fate when it comes to bad luck. Shion spends a lot of her brain power thinking about what could go wrong in any situation she’s in, just so that she can try and be ready for anything that might happen. If she can avoid doing anything especially dangerous, and that goes double for anyone else in her presence, then she’ll do her best to do so. Climbing a tree? Not on my watch, let me fly up there for you. You dropped a thing in this fast-flowing water? Oh no you don’t it’s gone forever now no swimming here.

Thunderstorms & Lightning - Ever since her father's death by lightning strike during a storm, Shion has been more than a little afraid of them. If she happens to hear someone mention that a storm is due in an area, she'll often attempt to move on to somewhere she won't get caught in it. If she gets caught in a storm at night, Shion is guaranteed to get no sleep, instead reliving the time of her father's death.

» History:
Shion was brought up by her parents in a rather isolated village that was steeped in its superstitions and traditions. Among others, one superstition the villagers earnestly believed was that Murkrow were bearers of misfortune.

After Shion was born the villagers couldn’t help but associate any perceived unlucky happenings with her presence, and so Shion grew up with that viewpoint being practically drummed into her since birth. She was unlucky, both to herself and to those around her. The presence of her Swablu sister, Chinami, only reinforced that idea, as Chinami was never blamed for unlucky happenings as Shion was.

The unlucky happenings that the village would associate with her would range from anything to losing a few coins, to the premature death of other villagers. Over the years, these sorts of things took their toll on Shion to the point where she would feel guilty anytime anything remotely bad happened to anyone. She only felt guiltier because the nature of her Super Luck ability meant that she herself could be quite lucky at times, but she could not pass that good luck on to others as she could the bad.

Shion continued to live in the village for a long while, purely because she hadn’t ever known anything else and had no idea what she would do if she left. That line of thought changed abruptly when Shion’s father was killed during a storm after being struck by lightning. Where the deaths of some of the other villagers were sad, nothing had ever hit so close to home as this. Panicked at the sheer improbability of her father’s cause of death, Shion packed her bags and promptly left the village, unwilling to let her presence bring harm to the rest of her family.

Vowing to keep her distance from others from that point on, Shion attempted to adopt a rougher, ruder attitude. It wasn’t hard at first, to keep others away by being nasty to them. In fact it was a good outlet for how bitter she felt that she would probably never be rid of this horrible curse.

Shion learned to survive on her own, never staying in one place for very long and surviving by a combination of luck and trial and error. Over time, Shion couldn’t help but feel lonely with her new life of isolation. She had always had her family even if the other villagers hadn’t wanted anything to do with her. Imposing isolation upon herself meant the only real contact she had with others was when someone happened to stumble across her in when she was travelling, or if she went into a town to sell things she’d found so that she could buy food or occasionally books.

It was that loneliness that caused her to eventually have a brief conversation with a Fletchling she happened upon. Or rather, she didn’t make must more than a token attempt to drive them away. It didn’t last long, and soon Shion was on her way but she would encounter that same Fletchling only a week or so later. Her name was Himari and she was a wanderer just like Shion. Having happened to be travelling in roughly the same direction, the two encountered each other often. For a while it felt safe. Himari wasn’t around Shion very long each time they encountered each other, so Shion reasoned that it was probably fine for them to keep talking. After all this time alone, Shion wanted that more than anything.

Gradually the two would spend more and more time together and as nothing bad really happened, Shion found herself gaining a little sense of security. She enjoyed Himari’s company and the two learned a lot about the places they travelled through together along with explore the new towns and villages they encountered together. Himari taught Shion how to be thrifty and even introduced her to drawing as a hobby. Over time Himari noticed that Shion would become more withdrawn and quieter whenever anything bad would happen, no matter how small. When asked about it, Shion told Himari about how she believed she caused others bad luck. Himari found it hard to believe, since she’d spent a lot of time with Shion by this point and nothing particularly bad had really happened. Nothing out of the norm anyway.

Although she knew it wouldn’t fix how Shion perceived herself; something that ingrained wouldn’t change overnight, Himari bought the two matching good luck charms in the shape of four leaf clovers, hoping that having such a charm nearby would help ease Shion’s mind even just a little.

For a time, the two were happy with just one another’s company, but it wasn’t to last. On an otherwise normal day, a Gurrdurr training their Rock Throw move happened to throw a large rock in the pair’s direction. Although the rock didn’t hit Shion, it hit Himari square on. The Gurrdurr themselves seemed horrified that their rock had actually hit someone when that wasn’t what they had been aiming for, but the freak accident ended up breaking Himari’s wing.

For Shion, this outcome couldn’t have been any worse. It was one thing to be directly attacked, but for an accident like this? It had to be her misfortune at work. As she and the Gurrdurr took Himari to a local expert, Shion found her thoughts spiralling. Himari wasn’t safe after all. She had been right all that time ago when she’d left her village; she should stay away from everyone.

After making sure that Himari would be well looked after, Shion left with what little possessions she had. She deliberately changed her travelling direction from what she and Himari had been travelling previously in the hopes that when the Fletchling recovered they wouldn’t cross paths again. The only thing she left behind was a brief note, explaining why she had left so abruptly.

Alone once again, Shion continued travelling on her own. She would interact with others, but she wouldn’t let herself get as close to anyone as she had Himari again.

» Other: Shion wears a good luck charm in the shape of a four leaf clover around her neck. It is made of a green gemstone and was a gift from Himari. She also carries a bag that contains a sketchbook and a few books for reading, among other miscellaneous posessions like food. Basically everything she owns she keeps on her person.

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PostSubject: Re: Shion the Murkrow   Shion the Murkrow EmptyFri Jan 10, 2020 2:58 am

This character has been approved!

Shion the Murkrow 7d7

Please head over HERE to create your Character Records.  Once you've completed that, go have fun and roleplay!

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Shion the Murkrow
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