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Prepare to face a new set of challenges in this brand-new Pokemon world as you square off against new enemies and rivals, forge new friendships, and create teams to travel the world with on your quest of discovery
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 Update Recap and Sword/Shield News

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Would you rather have more new dungeons or updates to old ones?
I don't mind either way.
Update Recap and Sword/Shield News I_vote_lcap7%Update Recap and Sword/Shield News I_vote_rcap
 7% [ 1 ]
More Dungeons!
Update Recap and Sword/Shield News I_vote_lcap43%Update Recap and Sword/Shield News I_vote_rcap
 43% [ 6 ]
Update the old ones!
Update Recap and Sword/Shield News I_vote_lcap50%Update Recap and Sword/Shield News I_vote_rcap
 50% [ 7 ]
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Update Recap and Sword/Shield News Empty
PostSubject: Update Recap and Sword/Shield News   Update Recap and Sword/Shield News EmptyFri Nov 15, 2019 7:25 pm




     It's been a while since we've had a proper update like this. There's been plenty of changes happening on the site that were announced on the discord, but none of them ever really made it to being officially announced on the site. I'm going to take this opportunity to give a short summary as well as update everyone on the current status of the site in regards to Sword an Shield.


Sword and Shield


     Literally just yesterday for most people, Sword and Shield was released to the public. While all data for it is currently present and being placed onto informative sites as we speak, we will not be making the change until much later on out of respect for those who wish to avoid spoilers. This embargo has no set ending date, but expect it to last at the very least until the New Years so that people have time to get the game and play it for Christmas.




    Old Dungeons are now being expanded. The list is slowly being sorted through, but currently the following dungeons have received an expansion:

  • Venen Gulch
  • Pecha Forest
  • Shaodowhue Forest
  • Cattail Marsh
  • Fallen Leaf Copse
  • Misty Mire
  • Black Spear Mountain Range
  • Black Mist Mountain
  • Serene Cave
  • Monochrome Ruins

    Eventually all of the older dungeons will receive an expansion, but it'll be a slow process. All completed updates will be announced in the discord as soon as they're done.

    Another noteworthy change to dungeons that'll slowly be happening over time is a new look to the dungeon's dice. Instead of the large clunky images we currently have, we'll be switching everything over to a much cleaner and more compact look:

Update Recap and Sword/Shield News Ehq01DPUpdate Recap and Sword/Shield News 2rntvDa

    Dungeons completed will be announced on the discord as they're done. A poll was also placed on the discord, but I'd like a more official poll to be put into place so everyone participates. Place a vote on the poll attached to this thread for what you'd like to see in the future. Keep in mind that both will be done eventually, I just want an idea of what you would prefer sooner.


Guild Mission Boards


     As you might have already noticed, the guild mission boards look a little different. Each board is now sorted based on rank rather than type, so that you can find missions relevant to you and your team and to help mods keep track of what teams need more missions.

     Another update to missions is that the rewards are now on a per-person basis with a reward minimum placed on them based on the rank of the mission. Old missions accepted before this change (10/22/19) will not be changed or affected by this. Those not in the guild also are now guaranteed a reward for helping the guild member complete the mission, however, it's only half of the whole reward unless the guild member wishes to split their share with you. It doesn't matter if your team didn't take the mission or if you're from a different guild, a guild member will still receive the full reward for the mission they participated in.




     A recent decision by the staff has opened dyeing to the public! You can apply dye colors to your pokemon as you see fit for no cost, as long as you take proper notes in your records and as long as you have the necessary materials(berries, seeds) to complete the dye!! As you might expect, a berry's color corresponds to what color dye it would make. For example: Oran and Rawst berries are blue, Aspear and Sitrus berries are yellow, and Cheri and Roseli berries make red. Berries of secondary colors, such as Lum berries, can be substituted when making secondary colors- meaning you can use a Lum berry in place of an Aspear berry and a Rawst berry when making green. Seeds, such as plain seeds, can be used to create white and black dye, and they can also be used for lightening and darkening. Plain seeds are obtained by using reviver seeds in RP.

    Please keep records of ALL dye history in your character records- such as what thread your character began being dyed in (you do not have to roleplay the dyeing, just make a note of when in their timeline they began looking different) and what colors they are dyed with. If you cannot or choose not to include updated dye art in your character records, please also specify what specific areas on your character are dyed with which specific colors.

    If you need help finding hexadecimal codes for the colors you want, use this website to help you locate the appropriate colors and then take the hexidecimal code listed:

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Update Recap and Sword/Shield News
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