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 Celio the Eevee

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Celio the Eevee Empty
PostSubject: Celio the Eevee   Celio the Eevee EmptyWed Nov 13, 2019 12:44 am

» Name: Celio (Cel, Celly, Lio)
» Sex: Male
» Species: #133 Eevee, the Evolution Pokemon
» Affiliation: Fanboy

» Level: 5
» Energy: 19 (14 B.E)
» Ability: Run Away
» Moves:
- Tackle (lvl. 1)
- Covet (lvl. 1)
- Helping Hand (lvl. 1)
- Detect (Egg)

» Natural Feats:
- Unstable DNA: Eevee has irregular genetics that predisposes them to evolution when triggered by new environments or radiation. It’s probably one of the only pokemon who can evolve totally by accident.
- Run Away (Ability): Like most eevee, when Cel’s confronted with a big problem that wants to eat him, his best bet is turning and running for dear life. He’s pretty good at it.

» Relatives:
- Mother: Olivia (Delcatty NPC)
- Father: Locke (Umbreon NPC)

» Personality: For all intents and purposes, Celio’s a good kid. He’s typically cheerful, optimistic, and approachable. He comes across as pretty carefree and definitely rustic, simple-minded in the aspect that he knows what he wants and usually just goes for it without regarding much else. Moreover, Cel has no reason not to wear his heart on his sleeve, resulting in him being a purely honest, impulsive, and friendly individual.

He’s driven by a strong curiosity regarding just everything he comes across - having been raised in pseudo-isolation, he’s lacking in real-world experience and is eager to see everything there is to see. Especially considering that a healthy chunk of his childhood was spent reading just about everything he could get his hands on - there’s a lot of things he’s eager to confirm for himself.

A byproduct of Celio’s slightly Darwinistic upbringing is that he’s somewhat oblivious to traditional morality. That’s not to say he has no sense of right and wrong, but rather he’s… unbiased. What Cel concerns himself with instead are ideals, people, and objects that he likes - things that benefit him, interest him, so on and so forth. Ergo, it wouldn’t be uncharacteristic of him to, say, hypothetically befriend a hardened criminal because that criminal had some stories to tell of his favorite explorer. To put it more simply, Cel is more concerned with getting what he wants than doing the right thing, but that’s not to say he never wants to do the right thing.

One saving grace of that flaw might be that his selfishness extends to the people he cares about. Celio isn’t just driven primarily by his own wants and needs, but also, the wants and needs of his family and friends (as long as they don’t terribly conflict with his.) At the moment, that’s really just his parents and him, but he is eager to get out into the world and make friends.

» Likes:

- Money: Cel isn’t a thief, so it’s a mostly harmless vice of his, but nonetheless he loves money. It’s so new to him! Having it, spending it, and as a kid who never really got an allowance he enjoys getting it especially.

- Skillful battling and perseverance: Being able to dominate is all well and good, but in Celio’s opinion, the best pokemon battles are contests of skill where both opponents are pushed to their limits and forced to dig deep! They’re more exciting to watch that way, and one day he wants to be able to embody those ideals.

- The northeastern mountains: Ah, home sweet home. There’s a certain kind of cruel beauty when it comes to the land of really big, sharp, hard, sometimes obsidian rocks. Aside from that, Cel has a rather focused education when it comes to the area, knowing a lot of factoids about the pokemon and environment. Compared to other dungeons, he’s more comfortable running around there, although not exactly carefree. He still runs from anything that looks mean.

- Friendship: Cel’s never had a friend his own age before! Growing up with no real company besides your parents is a little lame, but he doesn’t hold it against them - he thinks his childhood was pretty cool. Nevertheless, though, he’d love to find two or three like-minded pals and bond with them.

» Dislikes:

- Cowardice: A little bit hypocritical of him, as Cel usually turns tail and runs at the first sign of serious danger since it’s the smartest play to make. Still, it stings every time he has to do it - standing your ground and fighting like a warrior seems so much cooler to him.

- Studying and academics: Cel isn’t an incapable student, but he much prefers to learn hands-on. An oversaturation of reading and nothing else is sure to bore him to tears and result in a very pent-up, spontaneous fluffball.

- Eevee: Nothing against other eevee, but the species as a whole doesn’t appear exactly… intimidating, or capable of much besides being cute. Cel just wishes he could’ve been something less prone to being called adorable and cuddly, instead something more cool and dynamic.

» History: Celio was fortunate enough to grow up in the company of two supportive and very much alive parents. Born to a Delcatty mother and an Umbreon father, he was reared and raised in their family’s home in the Black Spear Mountain Range. A pretty baby-hazardous location to start a family, sure, but Cel’s parents were more than prepared. They were delighted by the birth of their son - they had, in fact, been trying for children for quite some time. The arrival of the baby eevee had no kind of negative impact on the family; Cel’s earliest days were warm, filled with love and security.

They’d been prepared for the challenges a fresh dumb baby provided and could afford to take the time off work, at least until he could keep himself from self-destructing. And even then, once duty called, they handled business in shifts. His mom and dad worked as partners; Olivia, his mother, was an herbalist. Utilizing local ingredients gathered from all over the northeastern mountains, she grew, cultivated, and sold many rare leaves, flowers, and especially seeds, and made a living that way. His father, Locke, previously worked as something of a guide in those same mountains, but now assisted full-time in Olivia’s work.

When one was busy, the other was there to keep an eye on the house and the kid. Which was important, because Cel was and is still something of a handful. Curious and driven to explore, he wasn’t too happy with his immediate house arrest upon coming into the world. If he couldn’t go where he wanted to go and do what he wanted to do, then he at least wanted to prepare for the day that he could. Celio made this known, and his parents agreed readily. Thus, the eevee’s childhood was spent in preparation for the harsh environment that lay in wait for him. Depending on which of his parents was working, he alternated between studying with his mother and rudimentary self-defense training with his father.

The former meant hunkering down in his mother’s workshop, perusing her personal library and learning all there was to know about the world. All the different pokemon that were there to meet, equipment and items to discover and use, fantastical locations that he could only imagine… it was a lot of information to absorb, and truthfully, much of it went through one ear and out the other. Cel isn’t quite scatterbrained, but it was clear he wasn’t an academic prodigy of any kind. Nonetheless, it was something of an education, and he paid enough attention to the parts he deemed important. These were mostly the parts relating to his immediate surroundings and the pokemon he was likely to run into, as well as any others that caught his fancy.

Self-defense with dad translated to one lesson: run. Run when something tries to attack you, run when something tries to catch you, never leave your survival up to chance. He was taught basic methods of escape, tips and tricks like using his size to escape into crevices and places other pokemon couldn’t reach, so on and so forth. Battling was extremely discouraged, and while this disappointed Cel, he enjoyed learning about the northeastern mountains and all the ways to avoid the native pokemon there. It helped that as an eevee, he was naturally predisposed to running away, and as a former eevee himself, his father made sure he knew how to make the most of that “gift.”

After some time passed, both Olivia and Locke deemed him ready to go for a few trial runs (under supervision) in their metaphorical backyard, which he passed with flying colors. This was the start of what Cel considers his true childhood; scampering around the Black Spear Mountain Range, observing the local wildlife and pokemon going about their business. More often than not, he was discovered by some grumpy mean mountain dweller and chased away, but every so often he got to see how the world works.

Cel saw some pretty gnarly stuff for a kid on occasion - wild pokemon clashing against one another, pokemon stealing from one another, generally just nature doing nature things and pokemon struggling to survive in various different ways. It came as something of a shock at first, but when he thought about it, nothing he witnessed went against what he’d learned about the world so far. Life wasn’t quite the sparkly-clean adventure to be had that he imagined, and for a time, Cel was a bit thrown by this fact. Not quite in shock, it took some getting used to.

It was during this period that Cel found inspiration. While he was in his little funk, he was scurrying around the mountains as customary. This day found him at Black Mist, where things quickly proved to be hectic. It wasn’t uncommon to hear rumblings and shoutings bouncing off the mountains, as a lot of the native rock-types liked to get into scraps. This was different, though; Cel could easily hear a kid shouting and the sound of fighting. It drew his attention and he followed the sounds of the conflict.

What he found was a scene unlike anything he’d ever seen before. A single archeops and a little blue noodle were facing off against an entire group of pokemon, spearheaded by a dangerous-looking breloom. Cel arrived at the scene a little late, so why they were fighting was unclear to him, but he at least heard the dratini shout out the archeops’ name a couple of times. When “Acro” and the breloom squared off, he knew exactly who to root for.

The fight was entrancing. Not to say it was aesthetically pleasing or graceful - far from it. Both pokemon moved so quickly and without warning that Cel had trouble just keeping his eyes on them, and when one of them attacked the other, it was messy and looked nothing like what he imagined expert fighting to be like. It was unlike the fights of survival between wild pokemon he’d witnessed; there was a level of intelligence and science behind what they did. Both of them seemed to have plans of attack and defense, fail-safes and last resorts, poking and prodding at the other’s tactics and taking vicious advantage when they found a flaw.

Most of all, it was sudden. There were only a few exchanges before the one named Acro was put on the back foot, struck with a vicious-looking blow that had him visibly shaken and reeling. But rather than run for his life like Cel had been taught, the flying-type decided to end the conflict with a dominating show of power, flying up into the air before dropping himself down hard enough to cause a massive earthquake and put down everyone. Including Cel, as even perched up higher on the mountain and watching from a relatively safe distance, he was not spared from the quake’s wrath.

The next thing he knew, he was at home in his own bed. Confused, the little eevee stood up—gingerly, as he still felt achy and sore from the ground-type attack—and made his way through the house. His parents spotted him up and about immediately, and for the first time in Celio’s life, they were truly upset with him. When he failed to come home on time, they went out searching for him, only to find their son knocked out in an entirely different region of the northeastern mountains, free pickings for any malicious pokemon that happened by.

Cel was unfazed. What he saw in the mountains that day lit a fire in him - the way the fighting archeops stood and battled for his life like a man, the sheer power and skill he displayed in doing so, it went against everything he’d been taught by his dad and he loved it. The little eevee declared that he wanted to be a fighter just like Acro the archeops, and be able to fight off anyone who had a problem with him or the people he cared about.

Such a declaration didn’t sit well with either of their parents, but short of holding their own son hostage, there wasn’t a lot they could do to keep him home. Reluctantly, both of his parents gave their blessings for Cel to leave home (after a punishment including a long grounding and a heated lecture). They supplied him with some money, some food, and a map with directions to the closest, most popular settlements. They gave him advice and tips on what to do when he found himself in trouble and tearfully sent the little moron on his way.

» Other: Raised in the mountains and having spent most of his waking hours on the move, Cel’s got a little bit more staying power than most eevees, and he’s a talented runner.

Also, I’d like to give him a good bag or something. Idk I’ve been here for like three years but I got no clue how that shit works.

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PostSubject: Re: Celio the Eevee   Celio the Eevee EmptySun Dec 15, 2019 2:50 am

WHY DID YOU NEED THAT MANY WORDS TO SAY HE HAD AN UNEVENTFUL HAPPY HIST- whatever y'know what character approved now get out of my office

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