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 Made in Abyss RP interest check!

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Made in Abyss RP interest check! Empty
PostSubject: Made in Abyss RP interest check!   Made in Abyss RP interest check! EmptySat Aug 18, 2018 3:50 am

Hello! I'm trying to see if there's interest for an rp based on Made in Abyss. I'll explain my general idea around here.

If you don't know anything about the world, feel free to read the whistle and curse of the abyss segments to read up on some of the history, alongside the Abyss segment for information about the abyss and its surroundings!

~~~~THE ABYSS~~~~
This is a recap on the Abyss and its surroundings. You can skip this and the next three segments, if you wish.

Essentially, the Abyss is a really deep pit. The deepest area of the Abyss that any information is on is about 15,500 meters deep, or rather just below that by people looking down from above. However, there are lots of dangerous beasts and the such in the area, making it hard for anyone to properly spelunk down it without intense training and preparations. There's many different kinds of monsters, ontop of different kinds of relics, and all of that kind of thing.

However, it's not all suffering. On the surface around the deep, deep hole known as the Abyss, there's a city known as Orth on its corners. It has an atleast somewhat thriving city, full of people ready to go down into the Abyss and search for hidden artifacts, and unique new things that no-one's ever seen before!... And also, people who wish to simply live on the surface, not going into the Abyss once in their life.


Basically, Whistles are a marking. They're your rank in the world, and they're also a marker of how far you're allowed to go into the abyss legally. I'll describe the whistles, what makes them stand out, and what layers they're allowed to go to.

Bells are the lowest level of whistle. They're conserved for studying delvers who haven't entered the abyss even once. They're only allowed to enter the abyss on their own given express permission.

The lowest actual whistle available. Only legally allowed to go down to the first layer, these are normally given to children that have gone down into the abyss and came back up atleast once on their own. I must note, while allowed to go down to the first layer, they're only allowed to descent to a maximum of 550 meters. If they go down below the first layer, they're marked as having commited suicide. They tend to be atleast somewhat knowledgeable on the depths of the abyss, despite having only first layer experience.

They're the adepts, the mediocrity, whatever you want to call them. Most tend to achieve this at 15, and they're legally allowed to go down to the 2nd layer. Just being 15 doesn't allow you to have a blue whistle, however. You have to prove yourself of being able to spelunk that far, able to fend off the mosnters of the second layer without too much of a struggle. They tend to be fairly knowledgeable, as well.

Another possible name's purple whistles. These tend to be the teachers of the next generation, legally allowed to dive up to the 3rd layer of the abyss. They tend to be way more experienced than the blue whistles, with you having to have proven yourself in a major way. They also tend to be incredibly knowledgeable on the abyss.

These are the experts of the whistle. Allowed to dive up to the fourth floor of the abyss, they're some of the best delvers out there. They reach the limit of their sanity, and tend to be amongst the strongest of the delvers. They also tend to work under the next class...

These are the best of the best, the legends amongst legends. Their whistles are a bone white, and are legally allowed to go as deep as they can. Their whistles are only able to be blown by the one it's been made for, and they're normally irreplaceable divers at that. However, they have been known to make dives past 5, where normally most would stop... That dive is known as their last dive. They make the dive beyond floor 5 into 6. The reason why this is so important will be known upon reading the curse of the abyss section. No white whistles have ever returned from diving past 5.

Artifacts are a fairly self-explanatory concept. They're artifacts from civilizations gone by, with them having been wiped out one way or another. They go down a far, far amount, hinting at what used to be in the Abyss, with people living either inside of the huge hole, or on what could've previously been the surface. Those who find rare artifacts are normally praised, ontop of the fact that the old technology tend to be researched. There's been many finds, from a bell that can temporarily stop time, to a cube that can bring back anything dead inside of it back to life. They're pretty much the backbone of society around the Abyss.

On the whole topic, there's a little problem with the rp called the curse of the abyss. Basically, if a character starts ascending too much, the curse of the abyss will kick in. It gets worse and worse as you go deeper.

In the first layer, it's simply dizziness and nausea. Not too bad, but still enough to get beginners to get nauseous enough to vomit at times. This layer goes up to 1,350 meters down. It is known as "The edge of the Abyss."

Second layer, you start going numb, getting headaches, and even worse nausea. It's worse than the second layer, but it's still not the absolute worst. You can keep going through it, despite the pain. This layer goes from 1,351 to 2,600 meters down. It is known as "Forest of Temptation."

Third? Well, it'll give you vertigo, ontop of hallucinations. This is where your sanity will start straining as you go deeper and deeper into the abyss. This goes from 2,601 to 7,000 meters down. It is known as the "Great Fault."

Fourth? Well, fourth gives you full-bodied physical pain so bad you start bleeding from all of your orifices. Eyes, ears, mouth, the whole shebang. This layer goes from 7,001 to 12,000 meters down. It is known as the "Goblets of Giants."

Fifth starts effecting your sanity even more than the others. You can lose your senses--- Touch, Vision, Hearing, Taste, Smell... All gone. You'll have a heavy sense of confusion about everything, ontop of self-harming behavior, intentional or not. This layer goes from 12,001 Meters down to 13,000 layers down. It is known as the "Sea of Corpses."

Assuming you make it past the fifth layer without losing yourself, the sixth layer is so much worse. You can lose your humanity. The thing keeping you contracted with the rest of your group and any of your family, is gone. Be it becoming an immortal blob with no sense of self, to simply becoming a furry with enhanced vision, smell, and hearing. Even if you survive losing your humanity, there's also the chance you will just drop dead if you climb far enough, the pressure from the curse killing you. It goes from 13,001 Meters down to 15,500 Meters down. It is known as the "Capital of the Unreturned."

And the seventh layer? Well.. Who knows, on that front? It's possible that anything could happen. It could do nothing--- which is unlikely--- Or it could simply leave you in excruciating pain and suffering before you die. It could also just not allow you to leave, physically preventing you from going up from it. There's no way of knowing. It's rumored to go from 15,501 to at some point below 20,000 meters. However, it's purely speculation. It is sometimes referred to as "The Final Maelstrom."

Basically, it would consist of around 4 people slowly spelunking farther and farther into the abyss, relying on eachother to survive. Basic, beginner stuff, right? They're all red/blue whistles, going deeper in the abyss than they should. Reasons why can be fleshed out by all of you, but the general idea behind their motivations should be this: They want to get to the bottom of the abyss, for one reason or another. Be it they want to know what's down there, or that they're going because their friend was going, or simply because they don't have any will to live, and want to try to do something with their lives. Anything along those lines, or even beyond that I couldn't think of..

Character motivation isn't the only important thing though. I'll probably specifically point out different things that some characters won't know, and P-message info about the thing being heard to one of the four in the party, to represent lack of information. They're all children getting themselves into humongous trouble by going into a dangerous area, and not all of them will have the information others do.

Character death WILL be a threat, but only under certain circumstances. Made in Abyss is in no way friendly to its characters, and this rp will seek to represent that. Your characters will be hurt, there will be death. There may even be limb loss. I won't go out of my way to kill everyone, but I won't try to avoid it either.

The beasts are the most dangerous part of the abyss. We've seen plenty in the anime and manga, but we still haven't seen as many as there are. That's why I'm gonna be doing alot of describing monsters and beasts that you come across in the abyss. They're dangerous, and only get more and more dangerous as you go deeper. There's even beasts that have limited future sight, being able to see into the future a sort distance to gain an advantage on their prey, alongside poison that can quickly kill a person. The things along those lines are the most dangerous beasts in the abyss, and it only gets worse and worse the farther you go--- The future-sight beast was only in level 4.

Basically, I'm gonna set up a basic little character creation thing. You can have a bit of backstory, and if you want a unique backstory, I'll have a look at it and see if it's understandable! Like, being born in the abyss is unlikely unless under certain circumstances, unless you haven't gone deeper or farther up in your life. All that jazz.

Also, it's not necessary to have a fully fleshed out personality yet. Just a basis that you can use to grow your character into a better example!

[size=11][b]» Name:[/b]
[b]» Sex:[/b]
[b]» Age:[/b] (Lowest age allowed is going to be 11, oldest is going to be 17.
[b]» Height:[/b]
[b]» Whistle Color:[/b] (Red/Blue--- Either or. Only give yourself a blue if your character's 14 or over.)
[b]» Looks:[/b]

[b]» Personality:[/b]

[b]» Backstory:[/b]

[b]» Other:[/b]

In the end, this rp is based on conjecture and predictions about what may be coming in Made in abyss. I don't know where it's going, and this is simply an rp I wanted to try to write about a good anime/manga.

The end goal is to reach the bottom of the abyss, and see what was waiting. I'm gonna plan a bit more before I start anything, and it's more of a general idea than a fully fleshed out plan so far, but this is what I have so far! Thank you for reading through this exposition dump!
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Made in Abyss RP interest check!
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