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 Rex the Onix

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PostSubject: Rex the Onix   Rex the Onix EmptyWed Sep 27, 2017 6:37 am

» Name: Rex
» Sex: Male
» Gender: Male
» Species: Onix, #095, the Rock Snake Pokemon
» Affiliation: Krikka’s Battering Ram/Bus

» Level: 5
» Energy: 14+5
» Ability: Weak Armor
» Moves:
Curse (Level 4)
Bind (Level 1)
Harden (Level 1)
Heavy Slam (Egg)

» Natural Feats:  
Tunnel Snakes Rule!: Onix can travel up to 50 miles per hour while tunnelling.
I have a magnet in my brain: Onix has a magnet in it’s brain which it uses as a compass so that it doesn’t lose direction while tunnelling.
Weak Armor: The outer layer of Rex’s stone armour is weak. When it breaks, his mobility is enhanced.
» Personality: Rex is a violent and cruel character. He is more than willing to pick a fight with anyone and will destroy things in the environment just because he can. He is inherently antagonistic towards kindhearted Pokemon but can become faithfully loyal to those who demonstrate a cruel nature similar to his own. Rex would rather settle things in a fight over a discussion, but when fighting is not an option he will not hesitate to insult his opponent regardless of how detrimental it may be to his situation.

Do not let his violent and brutish behaviour deceive you, though; Rex is intelligent and educated and, occasionally, actually quite clever. Still, he is prone to getting carried away with his hobby—that is, making the lives of everyone around him miserable—and often forgets to consider the efforts of those that work against him which often leads him to be forced to retreat.

» Likes:
Destruction. Smashing structures, toppling trees, and even simply tearing up the terrain are all enjoyable pastimes to Rex.
Fighting. If he’s not destroying the things around him, Rex will happily substitute objects for Pokemon.
Causing Problems. Even if destruction isn’t the way to do it, Rex is happy to put in some serious effort if it means making life harder for others.

Losing. Yes, most Pokemon aren’t fans of losing, but Rex has no honour and will break any and all rules if it means he’s wins. That includes changing the rules so that he won and breaking anyone who would disagree.
Pity and Aid. Rex doesn’t think there is much he can’t do on his own, and when he finds something he can’t do alone he generally resorts to finding alternative (and often destructive) methods to achieving his goals.
Water. Nope nope nope. Rain is irritating, water attacks more so; but bodies of water—lakes, rivers, motes, and especially the ocean—are guaranteed ways to stop Rex in his tracks.

» History: Onix and Steelix tend to work towards one common goal—the construction and expansion of their underground network of tunnels. It is only natural, as tunnels are the optimal mode of transportation for the two species, as well as the means by which they locate food. Rex, however, did not work towards this goal. Rex was more interested in the deconstruction of tunnels, collapsing the old and abandoned ones at first, but eventually worked his way up to newer ones, stunting and stalling forward progress as tunnels were reconstructed. Eventually Rex was threatened with exile and chose to leave of his own volition. Rex’s particular colony didn’t possess much in the way of a normal family structure, meaning Rex lacked any significant ties to anyone particular from his colony.

After leaving his colony, Rex began to demonstrate his destructive ability on that which lies on the earth’s surface, digging near-surface tunnels with thin ceilings which would collapse and cause minor sinkholes given a decent disturbance—such as an onix slamming its full weight into the ground nearby. Rex had no regard for the people he may have been hurting, physically or otherwise, nor the damage we was doing to the once sound areas of earth. Upon being confronted and informed that he was a nuisance and a danger, the onix simply embraced the insults and denouncing as compliments.

When not desecrating the surface of the earth, Rex would seek out other Pokemon to challenge him in combat. Due to the significant size difference between himself and most other Pokemon, he didn’t get many willing rivals. Those who did accept his challenge often did so because they had a type advantage, and many of these fights he would inevitably lose. This failed to teach the onix humility, however, and also lead to a lack of significant combat experience

» Other:

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PostSubject: Re: Rex the Onix   Rex the Onix EmptyThu Sep 28, 2017 6:21 am

Character has been approved!

Rex the Onix MTv2GY

Please head over HERE to create your Character Records.  Once you've completed that, go have fun and roleplay!

Welcome To The End:

Character Records

Oh yeah, and I dabble in pixel art.  If you're interested, check out my shop.

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Rex the Onix
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