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Prepare to face a new set of challenges in this brand-new Pokemon world as you square off against new enemies and rivals, forge new friendships, and create teams to travel the world with on your quest of discovery
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 Flight of the Blades

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Flight of the Blades Empty
PostSubject: Flight of the Blades   Flight of the Blades EmptyThu Oct 08, 2015 3:39 am

The wind whined as it passed through the Frozen Stream, as if uncomfortable moving in such a cold environment. It was not alone in that regard. Akuroma stepped across the ice, his flat feet sounding almost like hooves on the hard surface. The Gallade peered around, his body almost completely hidden by his dark cloak, like a lone black sentinel of the white landscape surrounding him.

He was hunting today. Though, not like normal. He wasn't looking for a poor Pokemon to defeat and rob of their items. No, today he was hunting...on commission, in a sense. The Gallade had met a Burmy not long ago. After some discussion, the Burmy had managed to convince Akuroma into reforming from his less than savory acts and join the bug type's organization. That is, if Akuroma could complete an initiation test of sorts. His was apparently to find and collect the feathers of two bird Pokemon.

The Psychic type huffed at the request. No rare treasure, no secret knowledge, simply feathers. It almost felt like an insult, but Akuroma would feel even more insulted if he didn't complete the task, and as such was now stuck with it.

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Flight of the Blades
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