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 Red Hues of Sunset

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Red Hues of Sunset - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Red Hues of Sunset   Red Hues of Sunset - Page 2 EmptyWed Sep 02, 2015 10:20 pm

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Russell 16

No notes.

Bright like fire and dark like embers. Yellow like the sun at it's highest point of the day, and orange like the last dregs of light before the night.

Russell couldn't help but stand and stare in awe of the brightly coloured leaves of Fallen Leaf Copse, every time he came here. There was something so beautiful and moving about the harmony of so many hues that was so stunning. Just when you thought you'd spotted all the possible hues of red and yellow, you'd find another within the leafy branches.

The young Burmy hung from one of the forest's trees, his coiled antenna curling around the wood of the branch to prevent him from falling off. From here, he held his notepad in two of his stubby legs, using the psychic type hidden power he possessed to hold the pen, scribbling down all of the metaphors and descriptive comparisons he could think of to describe the leaves.

Like all Burmy, Russ had taken on a cloak based on the environment he was in, his leafy plant cloak being made up of reds, yellows and oranges rather than greens as that was what was readily available in the autumn paradise.

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PostSubject: Re: Red Hues of Sunset   Red Hues of Sunset - Page 2 EmptyWed Mar 16, 2016 8:37 pm

Giles was about to dive head into his search of the leaf, but then realized that he came rather ill prepared. He probably did not have the daylight to start his search. He gave a long sigh and said, “In case you haven’t realized, shuckles are not the fastest species, so it would probably be night if I started my search. But don’t you worry Russel, I will be back here, and then I’ll show you my leaf!” he said. He turned around and headed back the way he came to prepare for his journey back out here.
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Red Hues of Sunset
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