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Prepare to face a new set of challenges in this brand-new Pokemon world as you square off against new enemies and rivals, forge new friendships, and create teams to travel the world with on your quest of discovery
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 Little FireFoxy

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PostSubject: Little FireFoxy   Little FireFoxy EmptyThu Sep 20, 2012 11:45 pm

[18:32:04] * FoxFireAlchemist "Little FireFoxy, raging through the forest; Aura Sphere-ing the Feral Rattata and beating them until they're dead. "

[18:32:24] Pikashock : LIKE A SIR/MA'AM

[18:33:06] * Wistuffly "And then, the great fairy came down at said, "YOU, KEEP IT DOWN GUUURRRL. DO DAT AGAIN TWO MORE TIMES, AND I'LL SMACK YA".

[18:33:53] * Pikashock "And then a wild Pika appeared in the grass and yelled something about his tacos before flying away on a rainbow."

[18:34:35] * Wistuffly "The End."

[18:35:17] * FoxFireAlchemist "Little FireFoxy, flipping off the fairy. Nuking all the Flash Drives and mkilling the Ratatta dead.

[18:35:33] @ FoxFireAlchemist : LOL XD

[18:35:47] Pikashock : XDD

[18:36:13] * Wistuffly "And then, the great fairy came down once again. "OI, I TOLD YOU TO KNOCK DAT SHEET OFF. IMMA GIVE Y'ALL ONES MORE CHANCE. I AIN'T KIDDING, SO CUT IT OUT PUNK."

[18:38:07] * Pikashock "And then a rocketship crashes into the Fairy, and two Aliens pop out of it before teleporting back to space."

[18:38:15] * FoxFireAlchemist "[i]Little FireFoxy, not giving a bidoof dam. Banhammering all the haters and endangering the Rattata's species.

[18:38:39] @ FoxFireAlchemist : CRAP THAT'S A FAIL. THAT'S AN ITALICS SCREW-UP FAIL!

[18:38:47] Pikashock : LOL

[18:39:16] @ FoxFireAlchemist : SOMEDY SAVE THIS CONVORSATION XD

[18:39:31] @ FoxFireAlchemist : I WOULD, BUT I CAN'T ON MY PHONE T___T

[18:39:43] Pikashock : I WILL TAKE IT

[18:39:50] Pikashock : I WILL SAVE THIS CONVERSATION

[18:39:56] Pikashock : BUT I KNOW NOT HOW

[18:40:01] @ FoxFireAlchemist : YAAAY! 8D

[18:40:07] @ FoxFireAlchemist : OH CRAP.

[18:40:18] Pikashock : JK IT'S A REFERENCE XD

[18:40:25] @ FoxFireAlchemist : You highlight the conversation and then hit "copy"

[18:40:27] Pikashock : How far back do I go?

[18:40:31] @ FoxFireAlchemist : OOOH XDDDDD

[18:40:42] Pikashock : I'M IN A HOBBIT MOOD

[18:40:43] @ FoxFireAlchemist : I TAKE THAT BACK THEN XD

[18:40:43] * Wistuffly And then, the great fairy came down, very angry at Little FireFoxy. "ALRIGHT, I GAVE YOU A CHANCE, BEACH. NOW YOU GON GET ME ALL ANGRY. FEEL THE WRATH OF CANADIAN LUMBER, FOOL!" And with that, the great fairy smacked Little FireFoxy with her Canadian Nunchucks, and smacked Little FireFoxy in the noggin. She was then transformed into a Rattata.

[18:40:49] Pikashock : NO JUDGEMENT.

[18:40:59] Pikashock : OH SNAP

[18:41:05] Wistuffly : FAIL

[18:41:47] * Pikashock "And then Pika flies back on his rainbow with tacos, before flying into space and flying around the earth so fast time rewinds all superman style, and crashes into the Great Fairy before it can turn Fox into a rattata."

[18:42:31] * FoxFireAlchemist "Little FireFoxy, had you all fooled. She floats into the air and transforms into a Mew." YOU CAN'T TRANSFORM ME FOOL, I DO THAT MYSELF.

[18:43:13] * Wistuffly "And that's how babies are born, Timmy" Timmy's grandfather said, closing the story book.
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PostSubject: Re: Little FireFoxy   Little FireFoxy EmptySat Sep 22, 2012 3:45 am

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PostSubject: Re: Little FireFoxy   Little FireFoxy EmptySat Sep 22, 2012 3:49 am

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PostSubject: Re: Little FireFoxy   Little FireFoxy Empty

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Little FireFoxy
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