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 Dreamland Signups

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PostSubject: Dreamland Signups   Dreamland Signups EmptySun Jun 22, 2014 1:33 am

It all began, with a dream.

That is how it is for every Weaver that comes to be, as they like to call themselves. There are not many Weavers in existence, but a new Weaver comes to be every three years. Weavers are the only ones capable of keeping Dreamland in order, since if Dreamland were to shatter, so would the minds of all mankind due to the strong link between the minds of man and Dreamland.

Weavers have a gift though, something to aid them in their fight against the terrors of Dreamland.

This gift is their Riesen.

The Riesen is an entity created by the mind of their Weaver, only able to be created by a weaver. Each Riesen is exclusive to their Weaver though, since a Weaver can only create one Riesen, and can take any form imaginable. With training a Riesen can develop its own mind patterns and personality, though the Riesen is still linked strongly to the mind of their Weaver.

A more experienced Weaver can communicate easily with their Riesen while outside of Dreamland in the 'real world' through thoughts, while the less experienced may feel sudden impulses or hear breezy whispers from their Riesen trying to speak to them. In Dreamland though the Riesen is clearly visible and audible to their Weaver and any other Weaver/Riesen in Dreamland.

There is a problem though. A Riesen and their Weaver share their pain, even though they are of different mind patterns. If a Riesen was to be destroyed in Dreamland, the Weaver would live but lose their ability to have another Riesen. If the Weaver was to die though... both the Weaver and their Riesen would die. Because of this, the most important duty for a Riesen is to protect their Weaver at all costs.

Dreamland is in trouble though, all because of minor terrors overlooked in the dreams started by a child. These terrors soon separated themselves from the child's fears, evolving quickly into a terrible dark force and spreading all around Dreamland, slowly closing in on the core of Dreamland. If the darkness of the terrors reaches the core of Dreamland, Dreamland will shatter along with the minds of mankind. It's now up to the last of the Weavers and their Riesen to save Dreamland and restore the order that was lost.

Character Sheet






[color=#33cc00][b]Riesen (if owned):[/b][/color]




WEAPON (if owned):


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PostSubject: Re: Dreamland Signups   Dreamland Signups EmptySun Jun 22, 2014 9:37 pm

Character Sheet

Name: Scarlet Haze

Age: 21

Appearance: Image!

Personality: Talkative, Doesn't open up easily to others with her emotions, straightforward with opinion, loyal, cold on outside but sweet on the inside.

Bio: She received her dream when she was the age of 12, being of the youngest to join the ranks of the Weavers. She grew up in a poor family, having to learn to do many things on her own, which lead for her to mature emotionally and mentally faster than most children. When she became a weaver, her and her Riesen Roan bonded quickly, the two of them being a close match for each other, their personalities almost exactly alike. She was one of the Weavers who would explore Dreamland, learning about it and finding any terrors that should be dealt with.

Because of this, she feels responsible for having let the terrors from the child's dream go unchecked. Becoming a little more closed into herself than what she normally is.


NAME: Roan

AGE: 24


WEAPON: Arm Blade (x2)

PERSONALITY: Quiet, Dark, Doesn't Easily Open up, Smartellic, Caring on the inside, Loyal, Straightforward
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PostSubject: Re: Dreamland Signups   Dreamland Signups EmptySun Jun 22, 2014 10:03 pm

Character Sheet:

Name: Sir Aurelio Prize

Age: 54

Appearance: Picture!

Personality: Cold, harsh, high opinion of self. Cares little for others except for Amber. Perfectionistic and poignant. Writes extremely minimalistic personalities.


Riesen (if owned):

NAME: Miss Amber Fortune

AGE: 21

APPEARANCE: More Picture!

WEAPON (if owned): Katana!

PERSONALITY: You know Varia
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PostSubject: Re: Dreamland Signups   Dreamland Signups Empty

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Dreamland Signups
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