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Prepare to face a new set of challenges in this brand-new Pokemon world as you square off against new enemies and rivals, forge new friendships, and create teams to travel the world with on your quest of discovery
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 Lumin's Character Records

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Lumin's Character Records Empty
PostSubject: Lumin's Character Records   Lumin's Character Records EmptyTue Mar 11, 2014 12:04 pm

Link to Original Bio
Cracker the Aipom



#190 The Long Tail Pokémon



Run Away

Agility (egg move)
Scratch (starter move)
Sand Attack (level four)
Astonish (level eight)

Forgotten Moves
Tail Whip (starter move)

(Italicized - Not for trade | @ - Equipped)

@Joy Ribbon (page 2 of here)
Special Band
Gold Ribbon x2
X-Eye Seed
Max Elixir
Sleep Seed
Quick Seed
Petrify Orb
Wiki Berry
Cheri Berry x2
Blast Seed x4
TM Echoed Voice
Trap Scarf x3
Orange Gummi x2
Sun Ribbon
Trawl Orb
Thunder Stone
Mysterious Stone

Used Items
Lum Berry (here)

Total Page Count
Pre-ribbon: 35
Post-ribbon: 10
To next level: 1/3
Total: 45

Completed Threads
1To The Monochrome Ruins! - Completed (4 pages)
1The Unlikely Trio - Completed (4 pages)

Incomplete/Locked Threads
1Healing Mirage The Zorua! - Locked (3 pages)
2Mapping Up The Mountain - Locked (4 pages)
3A Prankster In The Woods - Locked (2 pages)
4Queen Of The Hill - Locked (1 pages)
5Pit-Stop - Locked (2 pages)
6Berries And Shenanigans - Locked (1 pages)
7The Berry Hunt - Locked (0 pages)
8The Island Mystery - Locked (10 pages)
9The Island Mystery: Into the Shrine - Locked (1 page)
10Something About Anything - Locked (3 pages)
11New Happenings - Locked (5 pages)
12A Joyful Jaunt - Locked (0 pages)
13Monkey Business - Incomplete (1 page)

Active Threads

14The Robbin' Hood of Pecha Forest - Active (0 pages)
15Rotten Fun - Active (2 pages)


Akuroma the Gallade | Played by @Dracorexion
Once a wise-cracking bookworm of a Ralts that Cracker met in Shadowhue Forest,
now a fully evolved Gallade with an electric personality and a bad side. Recently
he's become an outlaw.

Mirage the Zorua | Played by @BlueKat12
A troubled outlaw by trade, with a bit of a short temper. She's slow to make new
friends but has a soft side once you get to know her.

Base Energy 14          Energy 28

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Posts : 404
Poké : 6581
Join date : 2014-03-09
Location : Hamilton

Lumin's Character Records Empty
PostSubject: Re: Lumin's Character Records   Lumin's Character Records EmptyMon Jan 26, 2015 12:10 am

Link to Original Bio
Tina the Fennekin



#653 - Fennekin, Fox Pokemon

Looking to apply to the Grassveil Guild


Boosts fire power when in a dire situation.

Scratch (Start)
Rakes an enemy with hard, pointed, sharpened

Tail Whip (Start)
Wags a tail cutely, making enemies less wary
and lowers their guard.

Ember (Level 5)
Spits small flames at enemies, with a small chance
of causing burns.

Magic Coat (Egg Move)
A magic barrier is deployed; any status-inflicting
move is reflected back at the user.

Forgotten Moves

Green Gummi
Pink Gummi


Total Page Count

Threads Before Adoption
1On The Pecha Trail - Locked (3 pages)
2Around The Town - Locked (1 page)
3First Visit To The Guild - Locked (1 page)
4Friendly Venture - Locked (0 pages)

Threads After Adoption

5Dark Business in Shadowhue - Active (3 pages)
6Spooky Scary Forests -Catalyst- - Active (1 page)
7On The Run - Active (0 pages)


Jinn the Delphox | Non-Player Character
Tina's Father. May seem a bit rough around the edges, but is otherwise
rather jaunty and generally means well, especially for his daughter.

Brahne the Lopunny | Non-Player Character
Tina's Mother. Her ideologies revolve around beauty and nondiscrimination.
Well-versed, caring and open-minded, but packs a mean punch if she gets huffy.

Varda the Swablu | Played by @Bird
A small, fluffy bird Tina first found stuck in a bush. Ultimately cheery and
optimistic, he tries to see the best out of any situation. Not too keen on
fighting, though.

Lance the Riolu | Played by @Riolu
The leader of Team Mystical. Fairly welcoming, but hesitant of newcomers given
certain tendencies he's witnessed. He wishes the best for his team and everyone in it.

Base Energy 14          Energy 20

Useful Codes:
Character Records
Cracker BioTina Bio
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Lumin's Character Records
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