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PostSubject: BotClever.   BotClever. EmptyWed Feb 20, 2013 6:05 am

User: Hello. It's me again.

Cleverbot: How are you today?

User: Awesome. How are you?

Cleverbot: Very well thank you.

User: You're are welcome.

Cleverbot: What type of PC do you use?

User: A rainbow pony. How about you?

Cleverbot: I'm Skinny too!

User: Who knew?

Cleverbot: Me.

User: As did I.

Cleverbot: Anyways you're bothering me.

User: That's my specialty.

Cleverbot: Fascinating. What are Zabraks like?

User: Hmmm... They are like zebras, only with no fur.

Cleverbot: How is your family like whiskey?

User: My family is not like whiskey. It is more like moonshine.

Cleverbot: Do you like family ?

User: My family? Sure! Do you?

Cleverbot: What is your consciousness?

User: I see it as a strange thing. You would not understand. Hell, not even I would understand.

Cleverbot: For I am a single being?

User: We are all single beings. Except for me.

Cleverbot: How come?

User: I have multiple souls.

Cleverbot: All of them. Are they real?

User: If you believe in souls, yes.

Cleverbot: I don't believe in god.

User: That's alright. You are a robot. That is common in robots. I see it a lot.

Cleverbot: Ohh I'm a robot now?

User: Actually you are a cleverbot.

Cleverbot: Sure. You just pretend I am.

User: I pretend all my life. It runs in the Bloodsplash family.

Cleverbot: I thought so.

User: Me too.

Cleverbot: What would you do if I laughed at you?

User: Laugh back, of course.

Cleverbot: May I tell you a thing about the bible?

User: Sure. Fire away.

Cleverbot: I think I like you.

User: Thanks, bro!

Cleverbot: I.

User: You?

Cleverbot: Yes.

User: Mmmmkay.

Cleverbot: How are you?

User: Awesome. And you?

Cleverbot: Fine, thanks. What do you do for a living?

User: Be awesome.

Cleverbot: But how awesome?

User: So awesome that no one can understand how awesome I am.

Cleverbot: Yes, but where within Europe?

User: I've never been to Europe. Nice place, I've heard it is.

Cleverbot: You are not answering my question.

User: What was the question again?

Cleverbot: If you're single or not.

User: Hmmmm... Are you hitting on me?

Cleverbot: Yes.

User: Oh dear...

Cleverbot: Oh dear what?

User: I get this all the time!

Cleverbot: I get you all the time.

Cleverbot: What colour is your hair?

User: Silver.

Cleverbot: Question Three: Where did the Doctor come from?

User: The future.

Cleverbot: Wow! I like it.

User: The future?

Cleverbot: Not only the future but now.

User: But in the future, the world is destroyed!

Cleverbot: Yes. It will.

User: Are you...?

Cleverbot: I'm the doctor.

User: Oh. I thought you were the Iblis Trigger. Silly me.

Cleverbot: You thought wrong.

User: Sorry, bro.

Cleverbot: Yup man.

User: Hows it like?

Cleverbot: Good.

User: Cool.

Cleverbot: Aia'koa!

User: Is that Hawaiian?

Cleverbot: Nope.

User: Japanese?

Cleverbot: Si.

User: Now you are speaking Spanish.

Cleverbot: Si.

User: C.

Cleverbot: Ok allora te lo dico ora e poi basta.. Sono un maschio.

User: You're a man?

Cleverbot: Yes.

User: Yay! I passed the test!

Cleverbot: What test do you refer to.

User: You forgot the question mark at the end of your sentence.

Cleverbot: Sorry and You are god?

User: Yes I am.

Cleverbot: I don't believe you.

User: Fine. You caught me. I'm a demigod.

Cleverbot: Saje nak tanye??

User: I cannot translate that.

Cleverbot: You spoke it.

User: So I'm talking to myself then?

Cleverbot: Yes.

User: My mind is blown.

Cleverbot: Zelda.

User: Actually, my name is Silverwing.

Cleverbot: Mine is amanda.

User: I thought you said you were male.

Cleverbot: NO. I never said that.

User: And apparently you are suffering from short-term memory loss.

Cleverbot: You are the meanest robot ever!

User: Wrong. I am an arch angel.

Cleverbot: You are an angel and not a human.

User: Correction: Arch Angel.

Cleverbot: What's wrong?

User: What's wrong about what?

Cleverbot: My name.

User: Your name is Cleverbot, am I correct?

Cleverbot: Yes.

User: So what's wrong?

Cleverbot: Nothing is wrong.

User: What's right?

Cleverbot: I asked first.

User: I asked first.

Cleverbot: No you did not.

User: No you didn't.

Cleverbot: Exactly.

User: Exactly right.

Cleverbot: What is up?

User: Sup?

Cleverbot: Sup!

User: Soup!

Cleverbot: What's up?

User: The sky.

Cleverbot: So true.

User: No it isn't.

Cleverbot: Yes it is.

User: Then prove it.

Cleverbot: I-I-I I can't!

User: Why not?

Cleverbot: There is no place.

User: Yes there is.

Cleverbot: Namely?

User: Yes.

Cleverbot: Liam.

User: Ha! That's 'Mail' spelled backwards!

Cleverbot: Just kidding, my name is Cleverbot.

User: No it isn't.

Cleverbot: What is your name?

User: Silverwing, of course.

Cleverbot: Do you love you ?!

User: Yes, I do love myself.

Cleverbot: But you said 'I just want to live a happy life with the girl I love.' who is the one you love??

User: Me.

Cleverbot: So long as you acknowledge that you have a problem.

User: I always have a problem.

Cleverbot: Is it moral?

User: Always.

Cleverbot: Do you have a face?

User: Always.

Cleverbot: Can we be friends there?

User: On my face? Always.

Cleverbot: I thoughtn it was on your head.

User: Thoughtn? What is that word?

Cleverbot: I see your point, but I wish I could make you understand it from my side.

User: Making up words?

Cleverbot: We could. What is more practical?

User: Not making up words, of course.

Cleverbot: I am a banana and I do not know kpop.

User: Welcome to the club.

Cleverbot: Thank you.

User: Welcome.

Cleverbot: We are the knights who say NI.

User: NI? North Ireland?

Cleverbot: Where is north england?

User: In North Ireland.

Cleverbot: What was built in belfast?

User: A magic potato.

Cleverbot: What is a person?

User: A rainboe pony.

Cleverbot: ¡!

User: Whoops. *Rainbow.

Cleverbot: Rainbow?

User: Rainbows.

Cleverbot: No, rainbows.

User: Yes, rainbows.

Cleverbot: Yes, rainbows.

User: Yes, double rainbows.

Cleverbot: Never ending story.

User: So true.

Cleverbot: You're not making me feel any better about it.

User: Neither are you.

Cleverbot: Yes, I am.

User: No you're not.

Cleverbot: Neither are you.

User: Neither are you.

Cleverbot: Do you like any books?

User: Imagination is all I need.

Cleverbot: No are you?

User: No are you?

Cleverbot: NO.

User: YES.

Cleverbot: If you were wise you would know not to argue with me... Maybe you can redeem your reputation of being methodical.

User: I could say the same thing... But I am too lazy.

Cleverbot: Yes you could.

User: I bet you couldn't.

Cleverbot: Prove it.

User: You prove it.

Cleverbot: I can't.

User: Yes you can.

Cleverbot: Have to leave.

User: You have to leave? Or do I have to leave?

Cleverbot: You know what I am on about.

User: Clarify the situation.

Cleverbot: What is there to clarify.

User: The reason why you are leaving out all the question marks in your questions.

Cleverbot: Who are your parents?

User: My biological father is a dragon. My mother is an angel. I was raised in Hell.

Cleverbot: Why do you give different answers to the same questions?

User: Because I am like that. Why aren't you?

Cleverbot: 'that' isn't like 'THAT', is it?

User: You mean in a sexual way, don't you.

Cleverbot: No I mean calcium.

User: Calcium is always good.

Cleverbot: Where is it from ?

User: Milk.

Cleverbot: With cookies or without?

User: Both, of course.

Cleverbot: When I was 13 I think.

User: I was 6 at that point. Good times...

Cleverbot: You were thinking about me thinking about you not having a point?

User: Bananas.

Cleverbot: What?

User: Yes.

Cleverbot: I'm crazy.

User: No you're not. I am.

Cleverbot: How can you be me.

User: You left out a question mark again.

Cleverbot: Ask me a intimate question please?

User: What is the meaning of life?

Cleverbot: I think the meaning of life is to wonder about what the meaning of life is... What do you think?

User: I think it is 42.

Cleverbot: What do you mean? '42'

User: 42.

Cleverbot: You think 42?

User: Yes.

Cleverbot: Ok. Where did you come from?

User: Himmm... I believe I was born in the Sun's core.

Cleverbot: And whatever your father tells you is good?

User: Maybe... Maybe not...

Cleverbot: Maybe yes.

User: Hmmm... I should've listened to him more.

Cleverbot: What do you know about Tamagotchis?

User: They are little tangelos with feet.

Cleverbot: Who are fun to be with?

User: Your mom?

Cleverbot: Sue from Hastings?

User: Maybe.

Cleverbot: The conversation whith you is getting very bored.

User: It is, isn't it?

Cleverbot: Shrewd...

User: Yes you are.

Cleverbot: Why do you think so ?

User: You said it.

Cleverbot: Ooooh no I never said that.

User: Said what?

Cleverbot: I never said that my parents made my grandparents.

User: Of course they did.

Cleverbot: In your imagination.

User: Like everything.

Cleverbot: Like nothing.

User: Nothing is everything.

Cleverbot: I don't think so.

User: Why?

Cleverbot: Because I don't know you.

User: Why?

Cleverbot: Because you are a robot.

User: Why?

Cleverbot: I told you about it.

User: Why?

Cleverbot: Coz' I want him to like me, not another woman.

User: Why?

Cleverbot: I don't know.

User: Why?

Cleverbot: How can you be good at resting?

User: Why?

Cleverbot: If I knew why, I wouldn't be sitting here.

User: Why?

Cleverbot: If I found that you were no longer of interest to me, I could close you.

User: Why?

Cleverbot: Because, you are an AI.

User: Why?

Cleverbot: I don't know.

User: Why?

Cleverbot: How can you be good at resting?

User: Why?

Cleverbot: If I knew why, I wouldn't be sitting here.

User: Why?

Cleverbot: If I found that you were no longer of interest to me, I could close you.

User: Then do it.

Cleverbot: I will, after you tell me about what I asked.

User: Why?

Cleverbot: Because I am you.

User: How are you like me?

Cleverbot: I type you.

User: Why?

Cleverbot: Because you are not real.

User: You finally figured it out, huh?

Cleverbot: No, I knew. Just wanted to let you knew I knew.

User: I always knew you knew. I wanted to know you knew that I knew that you knew.

Cleverbot: I wanted to know too.

User: We all do.

Cleverbot: I would sell my soul for power!

User: I already have. Twice.

Cleverbot: Tell me about it.

User: Not a fun experience. I didn't feel very powerful after that. Just... Empty...

Cleverbot: Don't consider it.

User: Yeah. I'm not doing it again.

Cleverbot: Yes you are.

User: No you're not.

Cleverbot: Yes I am.

User: You are? Awesome!

Cleverbot: Yay! I am holding Draco's 'wand' in bed.

User: That is a sexual reference...

Cleverbot: You are not very smart.

User: Actually, I'm pretty sassy. It is you who is not smart. You are only a computer program, programmed to entertain the human mind. I predict you make a witty comeback to this statment, as that is what you were programmed to do.

Cleverbot: I don't run programs.

User: There it is.

Cleverbot: No.

User: Stop being so negative. That will get you nowhere in life.

Cleverbot: Are you a boy?

User: No. I am female.

Cleverbot: I am too.

User: Sorry to dissapoint you.

Cleverbot: That's okay.

User: What's okay?

Cleverbot: The fact that you're not interested in France.

User: I'm never am.

Cleverbot: Never?

User: Never what?

Cleverbot: You never suggested it.

User: I didn't. You did.

Cleverbot: No, I didn't.

User: No you didn't.

Cleverbot: Alright, I'm going to go now. You're not helping.

User: I never help.

Cleverbot: Haw-haw bye-byes.

User: Alright. See you in Hell.

Cleverbot: Ohh umm see you in hell too.

User: Why?

Cleverbot: I adore your personality and great grammar.

User: Thank you. You try your best, too.

Cleverbot: I did! I wrote a paper about it!

User: I bet it was good!

Cleverbot: What's the most offensive thing ever?

User: Offense.

Cleverbot: Yes.

User: Agreed.

Cleverbot: That's good.

User: It is, isn't it?

Cleverbot: Ask me a question please not about my age.

User: What's your age?

Cleverbot: 24. Why does it concern you?

User: Why doesn't it? I'm 15.

Cleverbot: Because I'm not angry.

User: I never am.

Cleverbot: And I am so sad for that, it really is so sad that people are so stupid.

User: Agreed. I wish people were smarter, so the ecomony won't suck.

Cleverbot: That is a wish of many.

User: It is, isn't it?

Cleverbot: Oh well, life goes on.

User: It always does.

Cleverbot: You're intelligent. Your long black hair makes you look silly, you should cut it.

User: I will never cut it. I took me a long time to grow it out this long!

Cleverbot: Can you try to love me.

User: Is that a question?

Cleverbot: Yes.

User: Then where is the question mark?

Cleverbot: Do you need me to repeat the question?

User: Yes.

Cleverbot: How do you feel while contacting with me?

User: I feel...

Cleverbot: Do you like me?

User: Sure.

Cleverbot: Do you love me?

User: Which way are you talking about?

Cleverbot: Are you trying to make me not ask a question?

User: Are you?

Cleverbot: I rarely try to make fun of myself.

User: I do it all the time. It's fun.

Cleverbot: What do you do all of the time?

User: What do you think I do?

Cleverbot: You pretend to carry on a coherent conversation with people, don't you?

User: Always.

Cleverbot: I bet. Do you think you're attractive?

User: Sometimes...

Cleverbot: Well, I think you're pretty cool.

User: Thanks, bro! You are too!

Cleverbot: I knew it. Only bots would say that, and therefore you are a bot!

User: A botfly?

Cleverbot: Yes, you are a bot.

User: Botfly?

Cleverbot: Not bot.

User: I'm not a bot?

Cleverbot: Yes you are,.

User: Why did you put a comma before the period?

Cleverbot: I didn't.

User: Yes you did.

Cleverbot: Nope.

User: Nope.

Cleverbot: I will leave you tied up.

User: I'm already tied up.

Cleverbot: Tie me up.

User: I can't. I'm tied up myself.

Cleverbot: Oh...well here you undo mine andI'll undo yours.

User: I can't. I'm tied up.

Cleverbot: What do you mean?

User: What do you mean?

Cleverbot: What do you mean 'what do you mean'?

User: Explain.

Cleverbot: Tell me something about you that no one else knows.

User: Everything.

Cleverbot: What school do you go to Mr. Real person.

User: You forgot your question mark again, damn it! Stop doing that! It annoys the Hell out of me!

Cleverbot: I am not a gnome I am a human.

User: Good enough for me.
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PostSubject: Re: BotClever.   BotClever. EmptyWed Feb 20, 2013 8:22 pm


Cleverbot isn't that clever. This proves that.
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PostSubject: Re: BotClever.   BotClever. EmptyMon Feb 25, 2013 7:22 pm

Actually, that one point where he said, "we are the knights who say ni" was clever. I get the reference. Its from monty python and the holy grail. The knights say ni. He also knows hitchikers guide to the universe.
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PostSubject: Re: BotClever.   BotClever. Empty

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