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Prepare to face a new set of challenges in this brand-new Pokemon world as you square off against new enemies and rivals, forge new friendships, and create teams to travel the world with on your quest of discovery
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 The Bouncy Tales of a Tympole [Part 2] (The First Mission)

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The Bouncy Tales of a Tympole [Part 2] (The First Mission) Empty
PostSubject: The Bouncy Tales of a Tympole [Part 2] (The First Mission)   The Bouncy Tales of a Tympole [Part 2] (The First Mission) EmptySat Feb 09, 2013 1:37 pm

Waking up after a long sleep the tadpole Pokémon rubs his eyes with his tail. Shaking his head once to wake up completely he looks at hears his stomach rumble. Deciding to sate his hunger before he would start the day Seth bounces out of his room. Remembering the way to the Mess Hall. Bouncing towards the stairs and going up Ray notices the absence of the other teams.

Thoughts wrote:
Everybody is probably out on missions, and I'm just here...

Shaking his head at the thought he puts his attention back on his hunger. Entering the Mess Hall he simply sees some leftover Apples and Berries. Bouncing towards the food Seth looks around wondering whether or not he should wait for that Woobat cook ... what was her name again? His stomach decided to answer that question with growling again. Shrugging and hoping that it wouldn't be too bad Seth grabs a three Apples and an Oran Berry and walks to one of the tables.

Savoring the taste of his food Seth seems to be pondering about what to do first. One one hand he didn't have any money so he probably should take on a mission first. But on the other hand he didn't have any items on his person, making a mission quite dangerous for him. Deciding that earning some money is more important he finishes the last of his Oran Berry, cleans his table as to not annoy the Woobat by having her clean up an extra time 'cause of him, and bounces out of the Mess Hall.

Bouncing towards the two boards Seth seems to ponder between helping someone out or by catching a fugitive. Sadly or luckily, depending on how you look at it, his more logical side was up and awake, reminding Seth that he has just started his career and hasn't had any training yet. This led to him eliminating the thought of going after a fugitive and deciding to simply help someone in need. Looking over the Bulletin Board the tadpole notices a mission that seems to garner his interests. Grabbing it with his tail he takes a closer look to the details of the mission.

Mission: Can someone bring me a Mysterious Gummi wrote:

Seeing that the mission rank allows him to take the mission and that the place where the mission is held isn't that far from the Guild Seth grabs rolls the mission up and bounces to the Guild Master's room. As this is his first mission he didn't know if he HAD to inform the Master but better be safe than sorry. Coming in front of the Master's room Seth knocks the doors twice and calls out for her.

Master? Are you in there?
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The Bouncy Tales of a Tympole [Part 2] (The First Mission)
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