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 (Reclaimed) Akuroma the Ralts

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PostSubject: (Reclaimed) Akuroma the Ralts   Sat Aug 04, 2012 6:28 am

» Name: Akuroma
» Gender: Male
» Species: Ralts, Feeling Pokemon #280
» Affiliation/Rank: Normal pokemon

» Level: 7
» Ability: Synchronize
» Moves:
- Growl (Start)
- Confuse Ray (Egg)
- Confusion (Level 6)

» Likes:
Reading- He loves the worlds books take him to.
Quiet- When it's quiet he has time to think.
Gardens- Caring for plants is calming to him.
Orchestral Music- The emotional effect orchestral music makes just appeals to him.

» Dislikes:
Loudness- Disrupts his thoughts, and if it's too loud he'll get a headache.
Intentional annoyance- Obvious why.
Crowds- He feels very nervous around more than 3 or 4 people.
Talkative people- Again, he likes the quiet a lot, so anything that disturbs the quiet in a non-soothing way irritates him.

» Personality:

Akuroma is normally calm and collected, analyzing the situation he's in with a rather bored look. This stems from his excessive knowledge gained through pouring over the books and other such writings he's encountered and the disappointment he gains when he finds the actual experience little different from the text.

Despite his species natural liking to those with positive emotions, and thus usually being positive themselves, Akuroma normally comes off as cocky and somewhat aloof. This could either be to him hanging around more emotionally neutral Pokemon or simply not reacting to the emotions he can pick up.

» History:

Akuroma was raised in a small village somewhere near Scorchfall Desert. The village was ruled by his father, a Dusknoir. When Aku hatched, it was during a time of civil unrest in the village, and his mother and father tried to shield him from the unrest by getting him interested in books. This worked for a time, until there was nothing left to read. Aku began to wander around the village, and found it different from what his mother and father described and what he had read.

The civil unrest did not seem to change Pokemon's views of the Ralts. He was to be the leader, as the only child of the current, and was thought to be a much fairer leader than his father, due to his more happy attitude and compromising ideas. Though it would only occur when he became a Gallade, as his parents had planned. However, what no one suspected was how distracted the Ralts got when reading. This led to his unintended travel to Grassveil.

The unrest in the village grew too great, and a large caravan of the non-humanoid Pokemon was preparing to travel to the towns of Rainfront and Grassveil, with some of the avian Pokemon going to Aileron. Akuroma, finding a nice wagon to sit in as he read, unwittingly joined the part of the caravan heading to Grassveil. When he had finally noticed what was occurring, it was too late. The caravan was unable, or more of unwilling, to turn back for the Ralts, and continued onward. The trip was several months long, and during those months Akuroma grew to be cold, calculating, and uncaring.

When they finally arrived at Grassveil, he left the caravan without a word, not even planning to return home if he found a way. Finding a home at the town's Library, he spent several months inside reading and writing, until one day when he ran into a rather odd Meowth named Keyami.


Administrator's note: The information below is the progress made by the original RPer that could not be edited into the bio template (Items and threads.) Any prospective adopters may want to look through the threads linked below to see if any are open and the relationships this character had with other before filling out an adoption application.

This information has been taken from the Character Records thread created by the original RPer; Link

» Inventory:
Sitrus Berry
Cacnea Spike
Unusual Box (gift from Tom the Totodile)

» Page Count: 12
» Threads: (May not be in chronological order.)
Bother Bother~ - 6 pages
And The Teams Collide - 2 pages
Training for an Adventure! - 2 pages
be quite in the library! - 2 pages
Lapse In Time Into the Ruins - 0 pages

Dandy's Boutique & Dandy's Dyes: Look dandy!

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PostSubject: Re: (Reclaimed) Akuroma the Ralts   Sat Aug 04, 2012 7:47 pm

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Head Admin

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PostSubject: Re: (Reclaimed) Akuroma the Ralts   Wed Nov 28, 2012 1:24 pm

Character Put Up For Adoption
User's choice. Potential adopters may want to note that in the case of the original RPer wanting this character back, odds will be in their favour and not yours as it was a choice to give up his character rather than a result of inactivity and he is just as entitled to having it returned to him.


Character was Reclaimed by Original Owner~

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PostSubject: Re: (Reclaimed) Akuroma the Ralts   Thu Nov 07, 2013 2:11 am

Character Put Up For Adoption
Pokemon has been put up for adoption again due to inactivity


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PostSubject: Re: (Reclaimed) Akuroma the Ralts   

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(Reclaimed) Akuroma the Ralts
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