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 Rules and Methods of the Dojo

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PostSubject: Rules and Methods of the Dojo   Fri Aug 03, 2012 8:03 pm

You walk up to a seemingly large old, japanese style building. The doors are made of very old wood and they creak as they open. The first room you walk into is very plain, along the center of the back wall is a small Arceus shrine, with small bonsai trees on both sides. There are two open doorways on the edges of the back wall that have light coming from them. You walk through either of the doorways and walk into an open courtyard with the sunshine beating down. If you look around you could see a variety of things. You might see a young Pawniard meditating in the center of the cobblestone field, a training match going on, or the same young Pawniard working with and training explorers.

Here are the Rules and Methods of the Dojo:
If you wish to use the training field for a match, then it will cost 250 poke. It is common for both parties to evenly split the price of the match. Matches can be one-on-one, two-on-two, or even three-on-three. The specific rules for matches can be decided on by the parties of the match, or by Enzu if both parties wish it. General rules that apply to all matches include: No fighting to the death, Restrain your attacks so that you do not damage the surrounding building. It is okay to damage the floor, but if any part of the surrounding building is damaged you must pay for the repairs. Enzu is always the witness and judge of the match, and he has the right to end the match at any point he deems necessary.

If you wish to receive training from Enzu, then it will cost 150 poke per session. Personal Trainer sessions will vary on what you want to accomplish. It is up to you wether or not you want multiple sessions, but either way Enzu will give you tips on how to continue your training outside of the dojo. Even though the client has their choice on what to work on, Enzu can move their session onto a certain skill or technique if he knows what the client needs to work on.

If you want to have either a practice match or training session, simply post in this topic which service you want, and who would be participating in the session. I will then make the thread for your session.

I want to note that for now, there is only one field for usage, but after awhile their will be a new field opened up that will have special effects. I will explain it more when I open it.
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Rules and Methods of the Dojo
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