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 Izumi the Shiny Absol

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PostSubject: Izumi the Shiny Absol   Fri Aug 03, 2012 7:00 am

» Name: Izumi

» Gender: Female

» Species: #359 Absol the Disaster Pokemon (shiny)

» Affiliation/Rank: The Black Mist Absol Tribe/No Rank. Normal Pokemon
» Level: 5

» Ability: Super Luck

» Moves:
- Megahorn [egg move]
- Scratch [start]
- Leer [start]
- Feint [level 4]

» Likes: Keeping her sister safe, solitude, quietness

» Dislikes: Wrongdoers, pompous attitudes, stupid rules

» Personality: Izumi is a strong silent Pokemon with no tolerance for pokemon who deliberately hurt others. She isn't much of an explorer, but if there is a Pokemon somewhere that needs her help she will quickly jump into actions. Although she doesn't show it, Izumi has big dreams and ambitions and a soft, kind heart.

» History: Izumi lived with her family and the Black Mist Absol tribe for a while after she hatched, but the only family member she got along with was Tsukishiro, her sister. She disliked her family and tribe members because they wanted her to conform to their beliefs and lifestyle, and decided to go off and travel to a new town to find a new life with Tsukishiro. Her motto has always been "look before you leap".

» Other: Izumi always carries a medium-sized treasure bag around her neck.
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Izumi the Shiny Absol
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