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 Shield's Character Records

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Shield's Character Records Empty
PostSubject: Shield's Character Records   Shield's Character Records EmptyMon Sep 09, 2019 5:13 pm

» Link to Original Bio: http://pmd-roleplay.forumotion.org/t6129-valen-the-pikipek
» Name: Valen
» Gender: Male
» Species: #731 Pikipek - the Woodpecker Pokemon
» Affiliation: Peak Academy student (Majors: Expeditionary Studies and Essential Skills), Aileron Guild member (Team Current, Grey rank),
and Novice Scout in the Windrose Scouts
» Peak Academy merit points: 1
» Team Current (Aileron Guild) exploration points: 5
» Speech Color: #00cc99

» Level: 6 (9 pages, 1/5 pages until next level, 8 bonus posts, 7/15 more bonus posts until next level)
» Energy: 17 (11 base energy + 6 from level)
» Ability: Pickup
» Moveset:
- Peck (Level 1)
- Growl (Level 3)
- Mirror Move (Egg)
» Forgotten Moves:

» Inventory: (Italicized - Not for trade | @ - Equipped)
- @Sky-blue ribbon (purely decorative, no real effect)
- Pecha Berry x2
- Watmel Berry
- @Exploration bag (15 slots)
- Gray Band (guild)
- Rainy Orb
- Shocker Orb
- Allure Seed
- Rocky Orb
- Blast Seed
- Sitrus Berry x5 (May use one of these in thread soon)
- Apple x3
- Stick x4
- Pink Gummi
- White Gummi
- Sky Gummi
- Oran Berry
- Persim Berry x2
- Chesto Berry x2
- Aspear Berry
- Lum Berry
» Threads:
- Autumn Frost? (Windrose Scouts Rumour Thread) (1 page)
- Much Ado About Soaring (Guild Missions Thread) (1 page)
- [Student Service] Making Paint (Student Service, Peak Academy)
- Welcome to Grassveil Town [CATALYST] (Open) (Catalyst) (1 page)
- Everspring Exploration [EVENT] (Zygarde Event thread)

- Expectations (1 page, 2 bonus posts)
[Summary: Valen started exploring dungeons on his own, and for his first time, he went to Pecha Forest. There, he ended up meeting a Cubone named Saturn and eventually managed to get over distrust and fear caused by the bones Saturn wore and wielded, joining him to rescue an Oshawott named Tempo. They ended up doing that (dealing with a feral Weepinbell along the way, and Tempo really came back on his own). And then Valen got straight into a dispute between a different, civilized Weepinbell and some Nidoran and Zigzagoon, and while not a pleasant experience, he managed to help the feuding sides along with Saturn and Tempo. And after that, Valen, Saturn, and Tempo managed to leave Pecha Forest safely.]

- Hunger for knowledge. On topic! [Independent Studies] (Independent Studies, Essential Skills Major, Peak Academy) (2 pages, 0 bonus posts)
[Summary: After joining Peak Academy, Valen decided to find something to study completely on his own, as no formal classes were available at that time. But then he met a Sandshrew named Yigo. While Yigo was also a student at Peak Academy and even shared one major (Essential Skills) with Valen, Yigo didn't know how to read! Valen tried to teach him, but didn't get nearly as far as he had hoped. So Valen then showed him Mirror Move, and after that, they said goodbye, with Valen wishing that Yigo could make more progress in the future. 1 Merit Point was obtained from this.]

- A new recruit? (Guild Signup) (0 pages, 1 bonus post)
[Summary: Valen felt ready to join the Aileron Guild, so he showed up there for the signup process. (Note: Due to there being nobody who had the time to consistently roleplay the Guildmaster then, only one post was made and the actual signup was settled OOC.)]

- A First Guild Mission (Guild Mission) (3 pages, 2 bonus posts)
[Summary: Valen, right after joining the Aileron Guild, took on a mission to fight a Hawlucha in Cattail Marsh. Along the way, he met Tempo the Oshawott again, but they had some problems with finding their target. They fought a feral Froakie and Frogadier - Tempo nearly drowned and Valen was knocked from the sky, injured, and confused, but they eventually managed to defeat both of the Pokemon, and Valen managed to get bubbles the Froakie had covered Tempo with off. They ended up talking for a while, but they were still unable to find the Hawlucha. Valen called out a challenge, but it got a Surskit and a Greninja (the latter was actually the previous Frogadier evolved, but Valen didn't know that), to attack. And then, finally, the Hawlucha they were looking for swooped in and defeated the feral Pokemon. So Valen and Tempo managed to fight the Hawlucha, and the two won after a difficult battle. At the end, Valen suggested that Tempo think about whether to join his team or not.]

- Spooky, Scary Forests [CATALYST] (Open) (Catalyst) (0 pages, 3 bonus posts)
[Summary: Valen decided to explore Shadowhue Forest to prepare more, after he had explored Pecha Forest already. However, he ended up in the middle of a conflict between several Pokemon again, but this time, it was an actual fight. Valen noticed Yigo, whom he had known from Peak Academy, and tried to ask him what was going on. However, Yigo didn't seem to recognize him in the confusion and ran away. Valen ended up getting attacked by an Ariados, but managed to make it flee. But when he was trying to rescue Yigo from the Pokemon that were attacking him, a pair of Noctowl took advantage of the situation to attack Valen. He barely survived and ended up fleeing Shadowhue Forest altogether in a panic.]

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Shield's Character Records
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