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 Everything's Fine for Team Sacred Scribes!

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Everything's Fine for Team Sacred Scribes! Empty
PostSubject: Everything's Fine for Team Sacred Scribes!   Everything's Fine for Team Sacred Scribes! EmptySun Aug 18, 2019 4:49 pm

It was quite the day for these two young Pokemon.
After drama with two others, including a new friend of Julie's that seemed to betray her, a jiggly puff proceeded to try and help the remaining people out by acting as tour guide, but even she too gave into stress and ran off before the tour was over. Left behind once again, Julian's new friend and eventual team mate Trucy took to the skies to just get it over with and find the Grassveil Guild.
And there it was, a hop, skip, and a jump later the two finally made it!
Trucy's childhood dream realized, a new life for Julian, all within their grasp...

Now, after going through the entrance, the chubby zangoose and the adventurous fletchling take a look around, now looking for the Guild Master...
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Everything's Fine for Team Sacred Scribes! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Everything's Fine for Team Sacred Scribes!   Everything's Fine for Team Sacred Scribes! EmptySun Aug 18, 2019 7:47 pm

Trucy looked around in bewilderment, she had never been inside a guild before, even at the one in her hometown, Aileron. Each sight captivated her, the bulletin board with so much requests on it that every inch of space was being used, the soon to be bustling mess hall and the seemingly endless sleeping quarters... Even with her expectations set so high for the guild, they were still blown away! “So this is it, Grassveil Guild!” Trucy said, stating the obvious, “... So uh... what do we do from here? Find the Guildmaster, right?” She said to her soon to be partner, Julie. It’s been a while since Trucy had been this excited for something, it seemed that she was on top of the world!

...Though it still didn’t help that the drama that had happened between 3 other, different Pokémon still lingered in her mind... She couldn’t help but think about where the others, specifically the other two had gone...

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Everything's Fine for Team Sacred Scribes!
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