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 Character Questions!

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Character Questions! Empty
PostSubject: Character Questions!   Character Questions! EmptyMon Apr 22, 2019 2:35 am

Hi, so, I'm working on my character and some questions for my character have come up...

Background on my character
A Lapras named Neptune

My Questions
1. In some Pokedex entries, it is said that Lapras can "read the minds of people". A natural ability I have thought about is giving him "Empathy" where he would be able to pick up on the intentions or emotions of Pokemon he is around, would this be acceptable or would this be considered metagame?

2. While Lapras' primarily live in the ocean, I was thinking Neptune's flippers would be pretty powerful (I mean he does learn Body Slam at level 18, so I would hope those flippers would be strong enough to launch all of him into the air) so he would probably be able to get around on land as well. How fast would he be able to move on land? I assume slower than he would in water but I'm just not sure by how much.

I believe these are all of my questions at the moment for my character and thank you in advance for answers to these questions!
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Character Questions!
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