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 Tusk's start of a new life (Open RP)

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Tusk's start of a new life (Open RP) Empty
PostSubject: Tusk's start of a new life (Open RP)   Tusk's start of a new life (Open RP) EmptyFri Mar 29, 2019 11:06 pm

The young Axew arrived to Grassveil town, it was where he'd like to make his new home, now that he's days away from his parents! During the travel, he had second thoughts about starting this "adventurer" life he aspires to have... they did say he could always come back, must he feel unable to live like this happily! But no, he refused to continue acting like a weakling, he is a dragon type, he SHOULD be braver than the cry baby he currently is!

But despite this way of thinking, Tusk was still afraid of one thing upon stepping into town... Fellow males... before leaving home, he had to learn the gender differences between pokemons, how male looks like comparing to a female one. He didn't wish to encounter males, he was... scared of them from the bad experiences he had with them in the past...

He wandered around town slowly, weirdly in fact... he was making unecessary detours in the eyes of the civilians, but he actually was avoiding being close to male pokemons. This kind of behaviour would more likely cause more harm than good since he was acting like a weirdo, or at least someone abnormal! Where was he even going? Even he doesn't know, he was just visiting the town and what it had to offer... could he even manage visiting it without someone to guide him? Probably not, he at least prayed to have the help of someone good and not bad...

Character record:

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Tusk's start of a new life (Open RP)
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