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 Idiots Afoot

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PostSubject: Idiots Afoot   Sat Dec 08, 2018 11:39 pm


His head was high, his eyes were closed, and each step was taken in sheer confidence. The grass around him reached higher than he stood, but the path he followed made sure he had an easy walk. His loud mouth could be heard for practical miles with how little he cared about being silent, "I promise you Em, you're gonna LOVE it here! It's WAAAAAY better than the library. It wasn't even that hard to get to."

The zorua opened his eyes to the world ahead of him, a few rolling hills in the distance would catch his eye. A single tree stood upon it, but it looked as if the plant fell long ago. It was such a simple piece of nature, but the prospect of investigating it excited him. With an excited wiggle of his body, he would leap forward and dash towards it. The wind in his fur felt absolutely amazing; This was so much different from boring ol' Grassveil and Shadowhue!

He slowed briefly before he would jump up on top of the log of the elderly fallen tree. He looked on at the expansive flat lands before him as energy that rivaled the static charge that floated in the air around him coursed through his veins. Was this what his father felt like when he went into dungeons? Probably not considering he looked like an alcoholic deadbeat last time Chance saw him, but there had to be a reason why the glaceon became an explorer in the first place right?

"Wooooow, Em come look at this!" he encouraged his sister. He would wait to hear the sound of her paws scratching against the bark to hop up alongside him, but he heard nothing. "Em?" His stupidly wide grin faded into curiosity as he would turn around to look at his sister for the first time in literal hours. There was no sister in sight. A concerned shout escaped his mouth briefly before he started to look around more fervently, "Em? Emmelyn? Emmy?" he called out for his sister in vain as he would turn in circles. He half expected her to simply materialize behind him and ask him to stop shouting, but nothing came.

"C'mon Em this isn't funny!" he shouted, his tone slightly offended that she would dare to hide from him. He sprang towards one end of the log and peered into the inside of the hollow innards, effectively looking inside completely upside down. "Em?" She wasn't there. His heart sank. He lifted his head back up while his hind-legs failed to support him. He sat upon the log with lowered ears. "Where did you go?" he asked in a much quieter tone. Did...did she stay back at Grassveil?


Lost, hungry, and most of all desperate. He decided that it would have been fun to visit the one place that seemed friendly to electric types such as himself, but instead he simply became lost for days. The jolteon struggled to hunt in these parts, unable to familiarize himself with the prey and enact proper strategies on top of being unable to find any edible items to fill his stomach.

Fortunately, however, he was given a stroke of luck. As he trudged miserably through the tall grass of the electric field, the shrill sound of someone yelling caught his attention. His bitten ear twitched before his head would swivel in the direction of the source. Yes...it was definitely somebody. Somebody small from the sounds of it. His stomach growled. It was time for the circle of life to continue its cycle.

The electric type lowered his body to the ground and quickly-yet quietly skulked forwards. His yellow color blended in with the golden grass that rose out of the ground higher than he stood. He headed towards the sound of the voice, up a hill and closer until he came across a small clearing at the top of the hill that held the log and stump of a fallen tree. He could see the form of a small zorua at the top of the log who looked a little depressed about something.

Erebus smirked, food. Easy food. Finally, he could get his stomach to leave him alone. He took a step forward, however, hesitated. He could run forth and pounce on the fox the old fashion way...or he could use his new abilities as a Jolteon to his advantage. He had not tried hunting with his powers, but it could not have possibly been any different from average combat. With how weak the zorua looked, he could not imagine it would take more than a single Thunder to deal with it.

The Jolteon's body would begin to crackle with electricity as he would steadily step out from the grass, his eyes focused on the dark type. He was behind the zorua, so it did not yet see him. There was no way it could smell him from there either. His plan was simple: get as close as he can to the Zorua. If the prey showed any sign of noticing him, then he would unleash the charge onto them and claim his dinner...


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PostSubject: Re: Idiots Afoot   Today at 3:28 am


"Alki? We're almost there." Darcy said softly, coming to a stop as she turned to look back at her teammate. She'd thought that it'd be fun to visit this place. Sure, neither of them were electric types, but it must be interesting, right? It'd started to be talked about a bit more recently, around the guild as well, and it'd be cool to see why that was! Alki had complained at first, but Darcy had managed to convince her. After all, they hadn't done guild work in a while, and this would be a nice way for the jigglypuff to get back into the swing of things! "Alki?" She called out again, turning to look at the pink puffball that had been seated on her back. "You there?"

Darcy was greeted by soft snoring.

"Huh?" She said loudly, turning around harshly. Perhaps too harshly. Alki's already precarious position on Darcy's back was ruined, sending the jigglypuff onto the hard ground below. It was only then that she opened her eyes.

"H-Huh? Where are we?"

Darcy laughed loudly, still as cheery as ever despite the strange situation. "How did you even fall asleep, Alki? It's been like..." She looked up at the sun in the sky before looking back down at her adopted sister. "Five minutes since I gave you a ride!" Her voice was light and teasing, making sure she didn't sound the least bit upset. And she wasn't! Honestly, more impressed than anything...

"I was tired!" She said, pouting. "And I want to be well rested for whatever you have planned!"

Ah... Well...

"Oh." She said flatly, before following it up with a laugh, perhaps a beat too late. Plans? She'd... Darcy hadn't thought that far ahead yet...  She just wanted to cheer up Alki and figured a field trip would do! The children her Dad taught loved that kind of thing...

"Sure thing!"

Was that not enough?


Alki was fully confident that whatever it was Darcy had planned would be more than satisfying! Everything and everyone else had let her down before, but the only person who'd been by her side for any extended period of time and still remained that way. This trip wasn't a deal breaker either way. But still. She hadn't wanted to go in the first place, but Darcy had insisted so much, that there must be some reason, right? If there wasn't... Well, it's not like she had anything planned with Synd'r and the others. Them and Darcy were her only friends in the world, and if neither of them had had anything planned, she would've been a very, very bored individual.

"Alright. Can't wait to see it!" She said simply, before sitting down. Waiting to see it. Whatever she had planned. This place felt weird. Like... well. It was home to electric types, right? So it'd be rather obvious that it'd feel pretty... electrical. But aside from that? Pretty... flat. And hot. It'd be quite a shame to have a thick coat of fur if you were visiting there. Hell, it was getting to Alki, and it's not like she was particularly well insulated...

Nothing was happening. Perhaps Darcy was waiting for something?

Either way, whatever her plans had been were cut short. Darcy seemed to hear something that Alki couldn't, and quite eagerly, led the way towards... what seemed like a tree? It seemed rather far away. Alki walked slowly after her.

And then she heard it too.

"C'mon Em! This isn't funny!" She heard a voice cry out. She couldn't quite see who it was. The grass was taller than she was, and it was rather annoying walking through it, but if it was to stay with Darcy, then it was well worth the annoying blades of grass poking her sides. He asked for this Em one last time, rather dejectedly.

Poor kid. Whoever it was...

"Are you lost?" She heard Darcy ask. It wasn't until a few moments afterwards that Alki appeared as well, guild badge displayed proudly on the strap of her bag, mathcing her sister's. Alki said nothing, simply observed the Zorua who seemed to be sitting on the log. Sad because Em wasn't there.

She guessed. He seemed young...


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Idiots Afoot
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