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 Leander von Linnden the Seedot

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PostSubject: Leander von Linnden the Seedot   Thu Dec 06, 2018 11:57 am

» Name: Leander von Linnden
» Sex: Male
» Gender: Male
» Species: #273 Seedot, the Acorn Pokémon
» Affiliation: Swindler and thief

» Level: 5
» Energy: 16
» Ability: Pickpocket
» Moves:
- Bide (lvl. 1)
- Harden (lvl. 3)
- Grassy Terrain (egg move)

» Natural Feats:
- Moisture draining: By attaching their “stem” to a tree, Seedot can leech off moisture from it. The more they drink, the glossier their bodies become. If they drink too much, they may become too heavy and fall down. Strong winds can also loosen their grip
- Acorn mimicry: When hanging still from trees, Seedot look just like real acorns. They enjoy scaring unsuspecting pokémon by suddenly moving
- Leaf polishing: Seedot can polish their bodies using leaves
- Pickpocket: Leander will steal held items from foes when making physical contact

» Relatives:
- Mother: Cerys von Linnden the Shiftry (NPC)
- Father: Orson von Linnden the Houndoom (NPC)

» Personality:

Two-faced: Leander will rarely ever show his true colours upon meeting someone, and prefers to hide behind a friendly, warm and lenient persona. He will be social and talkative, and even try to help others with their problems (as long as doing so poses no risk to him in his eyes). What's hidden under this cover, however, is a much more troubled and insecure Seedot, struggling to create peace between conflicting goals and looking for trust to abuse.

Distrusting & opportunistic: Perhaps an unusual sort of distrusting. While Leander is wary of the potential ulterior motives of other pokémon, the one he trusts the least around others is himself. This is due to his tendency to abuse his relations to benefit himself, such as stealing from them when their guard is down or tricking them into unknowingly participating in his schemes. After doing this for years, it has become hard for him to stop indulging in the behaviour. It has become an impulse of sorts. Sudden wants he struggles not to act on. Everywhere he sees opportunities. Shady, exploitative opportunities, but opportunities nonetheless. And it has been through using these opportunities he has managed to survive so far. Thus, moving on to more honest ways feels like treading unknown terrain, and is terrifying to him. Part of him wants to become kinder, though.

Self-isolating: Due to his past experiences and low trust in himself, Leander gets uncomfortable when it comes to forming deeper bonds with others. He can dupe and steal from those he does not know with little remorse, but once someone becomes more than just an acquaintance, and he truly starts to care for them, he worries he might end up hurting them or getting them involved in the trouble he creates. To spare himself the anxiety, he is reluctant to get close to others, and limits himself to making fake friendships behind a persona and never disclosing his true personality.

Power-seeking: After experiencing complete and utter powerlessness in his childhood, Leander never wants to be in a situation like that ever again. Hell, just being a tiny Seedot with no strength to brag about is scary enough in a world filled with dangerous dungeons and bigger outlaws. To prevent losing his security in life again, he seeks power, be it physical strength or wealth. Even if he has to cheat, regaining a life worth living that he can also protect holds high priority. This trait often crashes with his desire to become kinder, as his most effective ways to gain power are often harmful to others. Those that aren't often require being strong on your own, and he can't possibly manage to do something that requires power yet, right? And thus, the swindling goes on...

Charismatic: Swindling and tricking others for years comes with a fun understanding of how others tick, and what they may want. Leander uses this knowledge to tweak his fake personality to suit what he thinks whoever he is interacting with would like. Superficially befriending many pokémon and maintaining a large social network where he is not too close to anyone is his version of a safety net; should he need a favor or a skill, there will always be someone he can manipulate into "sharing".

Enterprising: As he is determined to secure a foothold for himself in the world, Leander is prepared to work hard and get crafty with his solutions. There's no sleeping on the job for him if he is to pave way for the life he wants.

Lonely: Even lowlife conmen have a need for affection and true friendship. Leander knows this, but keeps people at a safe distance from him in fear of hurting them and himself, preventing an escape from the loneliness that eats away at him, and only makes him feel worse about himself. He wants to break free from his impulses, so that he can safely befriend people again, but currently struggles to.

Mischievous: Though hard-working, Leander is far from a "hard work and no play"-sort of guy. He just tries to limit the fun part to when he thinks it does not damage his progress or relations, but will definitely apply some mischievous elements to his schemes when it seems harmless to their effectiveness. Playing pranks and just plain messing with someone is an activity he loves, and the bigger the scale of the prank, the more hilarious he finds it.

Caring?: Believe it or not, before all hell broke loose, Leander used to be a sweet kid. The kind who would recite random things he had read in books and thought was useful to his parents, just in case they didn't know. He would also try and reverse roles and care for them, making sure to always go through a list of what he thought of as essential equipment for a day outside of the house just before they would leave, to make sure they didn't forget anything. Part of this caring nature still exists within him, but is saved for the pokémon he cherishes. However, as both his parents are currently far away and he still won't allow himself to make friends, the only proof of it still existing as of now is Leander's reluctance to let pokémon he has taken a liking to potentially get into the mess he's in.

» Likes:

Music: Ever since his father taught him to sing, Leander has loved music. He would rather play an instrument than sing, though, and looks forward to evolving and getting the arms needed to do so.

Reading: Starting as one of the few ways he could entertain himself the numerous times he was alone as a child, reading has become a dear hobby of his. Kicking back and forgetting his worries for a while as he enters a different world, or delves into a new subject, has always been relaxing to him, and works as an escape from his difficult reality.

Cooking: With that big cookbook being his family's only owned book, and Leander loving to read, he has learned a lot of cooking theory he can not wait to try out on his own. He even wanted to become a chef for a brief while as a kid. Unfortunately, his lack of arms is at it again, preventing yet another one of his interests from being possible for him to partake in as of now.

Puns and bad jokes: Leander is very weak to jokes and puns of the "so bad they are good"-sort, finding them hilarious.

Cute things: Frilly little bows, colourful flowers, adorable pokémon (such as Clefairy and Skitty) and songs so cutesy it's nearly embarrassing are all among things that Leander loves. This affinity for all things cute stems from its purity and upbeatness differing strongly from the dread and hardship Leander has experienced, thus functioning as some sort of escape for him. His admiration for cute pokémon also makes it hard for him to con them, and may make him protective of them, even if it would be disadvantageous to him to act in such a way.

The night: He realizes liking the night is kind of cliché for someone who's one day going to become a dark-type, but he can't help it. It's pretty, thieving is easier in the dark, and when he was a child, the night was when his parents returned home after being out all day.

His surname: His surname reminds him that he is the son of his beloved parents, and is all that ties him to them now that they are so far away from each other. He is also impressed by the name's infamy, though he realizes saying it barely means a thing now that he has stepped out of the zone where his parents are active. Its history is his little secret, and he enjoys keeping it.

» Dislikes:

Cold: Leander was never a big fan of the cold, having a bad luck-streak related to being out in low temperatures and instantly getting sick afterwards. Every. Dang. Time. Then, the capture at his house happened, causing him to think even worse of everything cold, be it cold climates, cold moves or ice-type pokémon. He does not want to discriminate based on types, but can't help but feel nervous when he's around ice-types.

Zorua, Zoroark and Ditto: He's jealous. So dang jealous. Had he been able to change his appearance at will, he could have avoided most of his troubling past. All of his current plans would also have been so much easier. He could even look like those cute pokémon he admires! Any of them, whenever he wants to! Again, he does not want to discriminate based on something like this, but part of him feels angry they have something he needed so badly, and did not have to work at all to get it.

Being tricked: Despite making a living out of tricking others, Leander takes poorly to having the favor returned. He feels stupid falling for the kind of schemes he has spent years doing himself, and may try to get revenge to get the last laugh and save himself from the embarrassment.

Feeling helpless: The emotional wounds from having to separate from his family and run for dear life, feeling as if said life could end around every corner, sting whenever he feels the same feeling he felt back then: helplessness. Naturally, he despises this feeling, and will do anything to avoid having to feel it.

Blood and murder: Excessive amounts of blood sickens him, and after having dealt with the guilt of being partially responsible for people's deaths in the past, he does not want any part in killing anyone again. Hell, he may even break his usual rule about not risking trouble for the sake of others to intrude in a situation where he perceives a risk of casualties, just to avoid feeling the guilt of knowing he did nothing.

Having his deception seen through: Pokémon with the insight to tell that he's a faker, or someone who just happened to see him slip up, put him on the spot. Sure, he is crafty, but coming up with a save quick enough to fix it isn't always possible. Of course, that doesn't stop him from trying. Should that fail as well, he is prone to just fleeing from the situation, should he risk getting in trouble.

His lack of arms: How annoying. How stupidly impractical! Countless activities and tasks require arms and here he is, unable or struggling to do all of them. Even the stealing that he does is made harder, since moving objects around takes more time. Arms would have made him able to do so much more. Heck, even pokémon with a mouth could do a lot of the things he can't. But guess what else his nutty body lacks?

Pachirisu: An.... unfortunate misunderstanding back in Bleak Crag Archipelago has made Leander wary of these pokémon.

» History:


Arrest and Imprisonment:

Escape from Maze Mountain:

The Cirrus Village Incident:

Last Years in Bleak Crag:

» Other: He wears a small, grey backpack fastened around his "waist". A simple, green ribbon is pinned to the backpack's waistband. Both of these accessories were bought during his last years in Bleak Crag and hidden in the food cargo along with him.

Leander's swindling often involves selling random artifacts and objects he finds in dungeons for expensive prices, claiming they're some sort of rare treasure or useful item. "Transactions" like these are purely roleplay-based, and I'm not going to demand someone's actual poké if their character falls for his tricks. Since these artifacts have no effect, don't cost any actual site currency and is sold in the streets with no physical shop, I don't think I need a shop application.

When feeling strong emotions, Leander starts to shiver, regardless of which emotion he feels. He also has a peculiar way of laughing, sounding like "Ka ka ka", sometimes replacing some of the "ka"s with regular "ha"s. Forcing it to sound normal is possible for him, though. The aforementioned shivering also happens when he's laughing.

Last edited by Scypho on Mon Dec 10, 2018 12:17 pm; edited 3 times in total (Reason for editing : revisions + me being indecisive on the egg move :P)
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PostSubject: Re: Leander von Linnden the Seedot   Today at 9:43 am

Sorry, your Character Bio cannot be approved due to the following reasons:


Just because you don't see a mouth on Seedot's art doesn't mean it doesn't have a mouth. Considering they can eat poffins and berries just fine and their pokédex entries don't say anything about a lack of mouth (not to mention they can make noises and don't have any other apparent way of being able to do that, and yours even sings), it's safe to assume there's probably one there somewhere. There are plenty of pokémon that just don't have visible mouths in their art. Besides, being mouthless would cause a whole slew of new issues, on top of the species having no arms. It'd be a real pain to RP a seedot.


I see you've made up names for some places in the character's history. Unfortunately, this isn't allowed. You're free to use areas already listed on the site, but if you want to make up your own, you can't do things like name them. For similar reasons, you'll have to tone down this village if you want to keep it in the history, because it's currently a bit too... noteworthy. We can't let people make up big landmarks and towns that aren't officially described anywhere on the site. Not only would that almost certainly end up contradicting canon geography sooner or later, but people would also be completely prevented from going to these places since there's no boards for them and they are very well-established as their own distinct areas.

In your case, you've gone so far as to try to create an entirely new continent, complete with its own landmarks, cities, and even a full-blown revolution that your character's history conveniently centers around. Things this major would affect site canon and would definitely affect your character. Simply put, we can't just let you make up a huge new area and do whatever you want with it.


Last but not least, there are quite a few things in this application that are... unbelievable, to say the least. First, Leander's parents were supposedly very infamous outlaws. This is already a problem since it's basically just your character getting a free snowflake pass, but it's even worse because there's no real drawback to it. Yes, it leads to a dramatic event in his history, but that's just it: it's a means to an end and doesn't seem to have any other reason behind it, and it's more than is needed to accomplish that goal; for instance, the "infamy" of his name somehow disappears just because he's gone to a new place, which would only be a viable explanation if his parents weren't very big in the first place. Besides, they don't exactly act like career criminals. At all. In fact, they're pretty much the exact opposite in nearly every way, to the point where it's hard to believe. This history works just as well (if not better) with the parents' "infamy" being toned down.

But that's not all. Next we have Leander's little trip to the land of identity theft. The basic idea is fine, but there's a big problem in the form of a loving mother not being able to figure out this random kid isn't hers for 5 years. Then, after all is said and done, it's not even her who outs him. Simply put, it makes no sense for anyone to be so skilled with manipulation, let alone some random traumatized child with no prior experience doing this. Even with the help of the "amnesia" excuse, it's still unreasonable that this kid would be able to fool any decent parent into thinking he's their kid for so long.

Speaking of which, a lot of things in this history just seem to happen for the sake of the plot. For instance, Leander happens to come across a town full of people who will just roll with someone letting one of their kids die then coming in to replace him; and everyone throughout the history seems to always have just the right information to forward the plot in this specific direction, with no more or less, regardless of how reasonable it is. The reputation of Leander's parents only comes into play when it serves to further the plot, and as such, ends up having very inconsistent effects on his life. Then, on top of that, Leander partakes in plenty of criminal and pseudo-criminal activities, even going so far as to let two kids die. Then he gets caught and is able to just vanish into the wind, just as unexplainably camouflaged as when he somehow convinced some lady he was her son for 5 years. Despite all the things he did to potentially get in trouble and all the ways in which he was not at all good at hiding it or covering his tracks, he seems immune to true consequence. The only time he was ever truly punished was for the sake of turning him into a criminal, with him being arrested and jailed for something he really shouldn't have been punished for at all, but then he later proceeds to be untouched by all these ridiculous, over-the-top situations.

Basically, your character has major plot armor and this history is really, really flippant about going wherever it wants without even trying to explain how or why. Tone some things down. Like, everything. And try to make things make a little more sense. Honestly, I'd suggest not going out of your way to make a long application because this kind of thing tends to happen when someone tries that hard to give so much depth to a character's backstory. You're trying too hard to make everything about this history big and memorable, and now it's got a little too much of that

The end result of all of this a character who has an unnecessarily edgy, flashy backstory just for the sake of it, feeling rushed (at least in planning) and prioritizing plot convenience over making sense and being reasonable. I like the idea of what you're going for, but this is all just excessive and makes it look like you're trying to make your character special just for the sake of it. The simple version of "Kid's parents go to jail and he resorts to crime to survive" would fit much better here and would have been a lot easier to write properly.

I know I'm not being too clear on what the problem is, and that's because it's... well, basically everything (at least in regards to the history). There's really too much wrong to go over here, but feel free to PM me if you want help sorting out what you need to change and how to make it work.


This ties in with the generally unreasonable plot in the history, but I feel like it deserves its own section in my response. Simply put, what you've written is an outlaw, through and through. He might not be a "bad guy," but he would absolutely be branded an outlaw with this history, and with how you've described things, he wouldn't be able to just move somewhere else to escape his problems. At that, first characters generally can't be outlaws, but I'd be willing to allow some criminal activity if you mellow things out enough to properly justify him not walking around with a bounty on his head.


About the swindling, be careful what you try to claim your character's selling. For instance, if he's trying to pass some random absolutely normal rock off as something special, that's fine, but if he has a sparkly gemstone or something worth actually being called an "artifact," there'd best be a thread backing up him finding it, and if it's a "treasure item" like the Rare Fossil then you need to actually acquire one through the dice or a site event. So to be clear, there's no problem with what you have written; I just want to be clear on the ways in which it is and isn't okay for you to handle that, for future reference.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to message any of the Character Moderators. May it be through the Chatbox or through Private Messaging, we will tend to your concerns as soon as we can. Please fix your bio accordingly so that we may be able to approve it. Once you have completed your edits, either bump this thread or message us.

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Leander von Linnden the Seedot
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