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PostSubject: Creative title   Creative title EmptyWed Dec 05, 2018 7:47 am

So I suppose while I wait for my character to be harshly criticized looked at I guess I could write an introduction thing.

My name's Blahsadfeguie. Feel free to call me Blah, but if you'd like to butcher my name I won't stop you. I stumbled across this site in 2014 (apparently), took a couple steps out of the gate, and then promptly collapsed and got dragged off the track, never to be seen again. Until about 4 years later when I finally woke up from my coma, took one look at my original character and thought "yeah I have no idea what substance I was ingesting back then" then proceeded to try again with a new character, this time made with a bit more care.

I'm going to preemptively ask if anyone would like to partner their character up with her. She's an Abra, intentionally made with zero combat ability and an interesting RP ability (telepathy) to compensate... so she's going to need a more capable partner to get anywhere. Do hit me up if you're interested!

But yeah. As for me, I'm a fairly laid-back and fun-loving gentleman who's been a hard-casual Pokemon fan since gen 1. My favorite Pokemon is Probopass. Yes, I'm that kind of guy. I also like to think of myself as a competent writer and roleplayer with an affinity for unconventional stories. (Ask any one of my friends and they will probably say that "unconventional" is a massive understatement, but I digress.) I don't consider myself a very social person, so this is my attempt at branching out. Here's looking forward to meeting and collaborating with complete strangers. :L

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