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 Echo World Rules and Information

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Echo World Rules and Information Empty
PostSubject: Echo World Rules and Information   Echo World Rules and Information EmptyTue Dec 04, 2018 7:00 pm

Welcome to the Echo World!

The only way to enter this dungeon is through finding its entrance in another dungeon. When you enter the Echo World, you are entering a part of the Echo World that your current dungeon is associated with. If you enter Pecha Forest, you're not going to end up in Shadowhue's part of the Echo World.

You may not start a thread in the Echo World, you must start the thread in a different dungeon and roll the entrance. You must then contact a staff member and have your thread be moved into the Echo World. If you have successfully rolled the Echo World, you may continue the thread as if it were in the echo world even if staff has not yet moved the thread. A staff member will edit the previous location of your thread into the thread's description. DO NOT REMOVE IT!

Remember, you must have at least 5 energy before you enter the Echo World. Eating an item that grants you the necessary energy in a later post is perfectly allowed.

When you are in the Echo world, you will be rolling two different dice each time you wish to roll. One for the echo world and one for the normal dungeon. Every time you roll one, you must roll the other. You cannot roll 2 of the dungeon and 3 of the echo world.  The maximum of ten rolls per character still applies. This means that you can roll a max of five times for each dungeon and must have at least two energy to roll at all.


While rolling, you will encounter strange things in the Echo World unlike that in any other dungeon. You may find 'Echoes' within this world. An Echo is a shadow of a pokemon in the real world; they're not exactly real but they can still be fought, interacted with, and defeated. Echoes of NPCs and characters alike may be spawned into the the Echo World within echoes of past, present, and future events, and an echo must be rolled in order to bring one into a thread.  

All "echoes" of importance must be approved by staff, as well as any members whose characters or NPCs are used.  User permission is not necessarily required if the user is inactive. If you spawn an echo of a random pokemon just to fill in the encounter, you will not need to request staff's approval. Legendary, Mythical, Ultra Beasts, and other Pokemon akin to them are considered 'important' by default.

You may also encounter a "Mirror Echo" while in the dungeon. This particular Echo is a complete replica of you-whether it be past, present, or future.

If the echo you find happens to be 'Corrupted', then it is more than likely going to be hostile no matter the circumstances. These work just like normal echoes, however, contain defects. These defects can range from differences in personality to differences in appearance. They are defective, inaccurate, and difficult to tell apart from a normal echo.

All 'normal' pokemon spawned within the thread can be interpreted as either echoes or lost souls that have wandered into the realm just like you.


You will also encounter 'Echo' Items while within this world. These items will disappear upon being brought into the real world-which means they can only be used in that thread. There are a total of five items that wont disappear upon being brought into the real world, four of which are unique.

Temporal Seed - Erases the consumer's short term memory.
Distortion Seed - Allows the user to travel through solid objects for a short time; adds ghost to their typing during this period.
Time Flower - Allows for an echo to be summoned outside of the Echo World for a brief period of time. Withers after use.
Vision Stone - Allows the user to see the past and up to a few minutes into the future for a brief period of time. Breaks after use.
The only non-unique item you will encounter in the echo-world's dice that you may bring out of the echo world is Strange Tickets. Any items you get from the normal dungeon's dice can also be kept with no complications.


Traps in this dungeon are math-intensive. By math-intensive, I mean they work based on percentages rather than hard numbers. Whenever you roll a trap, it will inform you of a percentage to work off of. Use a calculator or google to determine what you have left and round to the nearest number.

There's also a specific trap that will inform you to look to this thread to see its effect. This is the Temporal Dismay trap. The way this trap works, is that it halves a different part of your energy. Instead of touching what you currently have, it will impact your total energy.

Let's say you have a level 50 Charizard. It's total energy would be 70. The charizard enters the Echo World and rolls around in it for a while until it has 20 energy left. Then, it rolls the Temporal Dismay trap. Instead of reducing the Charizard to 10 energy, it will reduce the total energy to 35 for the rest of the thread. The Charizard will still have 20 energy, but the next time it eats a reviver seed or use a move that's affected by your total energy, it will work based off the 35 instead of the 70. Once you leave the Echo World, your maximum energy will return to its usual amount. For example, the Charizard's energy would go back from 35 to 70 upon leaving.

If you somehow manage to stay in here to reduce your character to 1 total energy, it will remain as 1. While in the echo world, this will mean that you can no longer roll period due to the rule that you must roll at least once for each dungeon.

Echo World Rules and Information PMDSig
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Echo World Rules and Information
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