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 Chia The Machop

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PostSubject: Chia The Machop   Chia The Machop EmptyFri Nov 23, 2018 1:15 am

» Name: Chia
» Sex: Female
» Species: #66 Machop - The Superpower Pokémon
» Affiliation: Unaffiliated/Aspiring Carpenter

» Level: 5
» Energy: 19 BE ( 14 BE + 5 )
» Ability: Guts
» Moves:
- Low Kick ( Lvl. 1 )
- Leer ( Lvl. 1 )
- Focus Energy ( Lvl. 3 )
- Meditate ( Egg Move )

» Natural Feats:
Guts: Chia’s attack power rises, should she contract any major status ailment.
Gym Lyfe: Machop’s body is composed entirely of muscles. Though small in stature, they possess a phenomenal, superhuman-like strength.
The Grind Don’t Stop: A ‘chop’s muscles never get sore from vigorous exercise.

» Relatives:
Biological Mother: Yasha ( Machoke, NPC )
Biological Father: Pao ( Mienfoo, NPC )
Maternal Figure: Basil ( Comfey, NPC )
Other Gaurdians: Klaus & Flurry ( Binacle, NPC ) Ukiki ( Simisear, NPC ) Titus ( Tropius, NPC )

» Personality:
Chia is somewhat of a reputable figure, having earned the approval and goodwill of many of her neighbours through her well-mannered demeanour and with a strong incentive to aid those in need. While Chia’s relatively soft-spoken, she, in turn, bears a natural inclination to socialize and finds that the idea of conversing with a complete stranger or mingling in large crowds does little to deter her easygoing state of mind. On the contrary, her interest in others is quite genuine, often times to a fault. Chia’s own altruism and capacity for empathy may leave her susceptible to being, at times, overbearing and needlessly concerned with the affairs of her peers.

This ignorance for boundaries is also apparent in the girl’s interactions with those she considers her friends. You may not notice it at first, but with time it becomes very evident that Chia is not one to shy away from being physically affectionate with her buddies. She may even be guilty of doting on her friends in a weird, motherly way from time to time; she’ll take it upon herself to fuss over that smidge of dirt on your cheek or that scratch on your arm—well-intentioned gestures that, unfortunately, aren’t always met with gratitude.

Apart from being a big softie, Chia is also quite the visionary. Though she enjoys coming up with new ideas and does prefer to think and strategize before making rash decisions, she finds that fussing over the smaller details of a plan or project becomes can be exhausting. She's very disorganized and can be a bit scatterbrained as a result.

» Likes:
Woodworking: Though Chia is by no means an expert in this field, the occasional job that calls for repairs and the like has given her some impressive proficiency with a hammer. For the most part, she finds enjoyment from the aid her skill provides for others, not to mention the feeling of accomplishment that comes with the finished product.
Community Service: Much like the aforementioned woodworking, her reasons for enjoyment ultimately remain the same, bottom line being that she just feels useful by supporting other people. Alongside that, engaging in these one-off jobs gives Chia the excuse to meet and banter with all kinds of folk, however menial the task may be.
Meditation: Chia was drawn into the practice at a very young age by her father. She tries to devote an hour of every day to meditation, finding that it helps her collect her thoughts and think things through.
Flowers: Ever since Basil convinced her father to take up gardening, their home has flourished into a vastly more cozier living space, a much-needed change from the lonely abode it once was, and she can’t thank the Comfey enough for it. What's not to like about flowers? Their colours are incredibly vibrant, they're gorgeous and they smell nice.
Rebellious Types: There’s something so attractive about the lawless folk the resort will attract—those nonconformist characters who’ll do what they please and who aren’t scared by the consequences that may come with it. While these kinds of folk may be bad news, truth is...Chia can't help it, that dangerous allure draws her in like a Venemoth to a flame.
Bananas: On the rare occasion that grouchy ol' Titus would let her pluck a banana off from his ample supply, she's never once been dissatisfied by the taste of this delectable snack.

» Dislikes:
Taking Charge: To Chia, the idea of leading or directing a team of ‘mon is kind unnerving. She finds that she's a lot more comfortable taking orders rather than giving them. If she's ever thrusted into a situation that calls for her guidance, she'll probably become overwhelmed in a matter of minutes.
Reading: It may come as no surprise to learn that a fighting type has no patience for books, but in Chia’s defence, she’s quite assured that a hands-on approach is a much better way to tackle a new concept.
Confrontation: She isn’t all that prepared for verbal disputes, let alone physical ones. Unpleasant conversations tend to embarrass and discomfort her, and so she’s quite willing to take the unfair treatment of her friends if it means they don’t have to talk about it, or worse, argue.
The Idea of Traveling: Sometime after her mother left Rainfront to travel again, there was a point in Chia's youth where she'd been nothing but frustrated and bitter—downright miserable—for what felt like ages. And yet, she's all too certain that her father had taken her mother's departure a whole lot worse. What followed was years of reclusive, hermit-like behaviour from her father, as he began spending his days cooped up in the quiet seclusion of their home. It took years, but with her undying reassurance and with Basil's persistence, they were eventually able to break the Mienfoo's terrible habits. Though her family might be well adapted to the changes now, Chia has become frankly terrified of the concept of so much as stepping a food beyond the threshold of her home. She's seen firsthand the consequences that come with such selfish thinking. To put her father through that kind of pain again...she can't bear the thought.

» History:
Several years ago, a rough and tumble band of nomads wandered out of the Icy Lands. From this wintry region’s spill of woods came forth an unlikely team of seven, all of whom were incredibly weary, frostbitten, and deprived of any means to satiate the mounting hunger gnawing away at their stomachs. Along with their lack of food, they were without all other possible supplies to boot, leaving nothing in their possession apart from a single egg—an egg that belonged to the party's own two fighting-types: They were Yasha, an assertive Machoke who more or less guided the team, and her partner Pao, an unassuming and considerably calmer Mienfoo. Alongside its parents, the egg was just as beloved by the rest of the party, who were all, at this point, incredibly desperate to draw this perilous journey to a close, and so they were quick to seek out help from the very first settlement they came upon. Sure enough, their trail would lead them right to a quaint little town on the coast. Rainfront, a beautiful oceanside resort, provided these foreigners with a breathtaking atmosphere all too reminiscent of home. Following their arrival, they were met with a surprisingly warm welcome from the locals, some of whom were kind enough to aid these new faces in their time of need. What was only meant to be a short stay became an indefinite residence when Chia's egg began to hatch. In an instant, the shared dreams and ambitions of these lost, awestruck travellers were being set aside in favour of a spur of the moment decision to settle down—to provide their new child with the best possible life.

For the first few years that followed, Chia was brought up by five other ‘parents’ alongside her mother and father. When it quickly became apparent that the costs of living weren’t going to pay themselves, Chia’s mother, Yasha, as well as the rest of her companions were quick to seek out employment around Rainfront. Her mother’s raw strength made it easy to secure a job being a pack mule of sorts for various local businesses. When Chia wasn’t busy stirring up trouble with Ukiki, collecting seashells with Klaus & Flurry, flying on Titus’s back or running errands with Basil, she’d occasionally accompany her mom while she worked-- occasionally offering a tiny hand with the more ‘lighter’ goods. It was through these little acts of kindness that Chia came to enjoy this kind of thing. Not only did this kind of physical prowess come naturally to her kind, but by making use of it this way, she was doing others a good service.

For a time, Chia’s youth had been devoid of worries; she cared nor wanted for nothing, content with this easy lifestyle of pure simplicity. And so while she spent her days lazing by the beach or spending them with friends and family, she remained oblivious to an issue that threatened the relationship of her parents. Unbeknownst to her daughter, Yasha had always been...discontent—discontent with the tedious routine of this domestic way of living, and her yearning to get back out into the unknown was reaching its boiling point. Her father, Pao was a lot more perceptive of his partner; he did all he could to dissuade her from these childish wants for adventure, which more often than not lead to loud verbal disputes between the two. As much as her playmates tried to distract her from these problems, they knew there was little that could be done to redirect the thoughts of their leader.

In an instant, her once carefree childhood soured into something a whole lot worse. Her mother, alongside four of the ‘mon who’d all raised her from infancy, were suddenly gone—the only explanation she’d been given prior being an all too sudden discussion with her mother and father. The gravity of the situation didn't hit her until they vanished. What followed was an immense period of frustration and anger, potent emotions that welled up in her eyes and threatened to burst from her chest.  It was a droning, miserable experience—an experience that probably would've been severely damaging, had it not been for Basil, the only one of her mother's companions who had decided to stick around. Chia had always seen her as family, but with the absence of her actual mother, Basil was quick to step in and take her place. Throughout the heartbreak, Basil had been there to console her, to soothe her through the rage and despair.

With time Chia would eventually grow accustomed to these unfortunate turn of events. Though, she now had a lot more independence, a drastic change of pace from when she'd constantly rely on the word or decisions of the adults in her life. Out of habit, she continued to lend her hand in various tasks around town, sort of carrying on her mother's legacy of being dependable muscle. While her father began relieving his stress through new hobbies such as cooking and gardening, Chia found that her own interests lead her towards the complexities of woodworking and carpentry. Though she hasn't much of a mind for intricate mathematical schematics and what not, you could say she's become pretty handy with a hammer-and not even in a destructive sense. Once in a blue moon, her mother and her old playmates will return on occasion for visits, though as time has waned on, Chia has become significantly more bitter about it with age, and as such her relationship with her mother and companions have deterred. Today, she continues to live a simple, underestimating life in Rainfront town with her father and Basil, sustaining their family by undertaking various jobs that call for her kind of physical prowess.

» Other: Because she so frequently finds herself handling rough and raw materials, Chia has taken to wearing protective leather gloves to keep her hands free of booboos.

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PostSubject: Re: Chia The Machop   Chia The Machop EmptyMon Jul 01, 2019 9:54 am

Bump! Holy jeez it's finally done. There's no good reason it should've taken me this long but hey it's here. :'}
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Chia The Machop
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