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 Leah The Purrloin

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PostSubject: Leah The Purrloin   Sun Nov 11, 2018 6:33 am

» Name: Leah
» Sex: Female
» Species:#509 Purrloin The Devious Pokemon
» Appearance: Normal Purrloin
» Affiliation: Wanderer

» Level: 5
» Ability: Limber - Its limber body protects the Pokémon from paralysis.
» Moves:
- Scratch (lvl.1)
- Growl (lvl.3)
- Feint Attack (Egg Move)

» Natural Feats:
- Limber: Protects the Pokémon from paralysis.
- Charming: it is often forgiven due to its charm.

» Relatives:
- August (Persian Father, NPC)
- Lenora (Liepard Mother, NPC)

» Personality:

Leah is a calm and quiet Purrloin who dream to travel the world and exploring the unknown someday.
She is loyal to people who she consider as friends and family, she will do the best she can to protect them and making them happy.

She is mostly friendly and a bit shy when meeting new people and prefer if they talk to her first but she will try to be social when she need to be. She is honest about her opinion and what she think in her mind whenever if she is question about herself but will sugarcoat her words if it too harsh.

Leah have a tendency to hide certain emotions like sadness and anger and let them out when she is alone but becomes emotional when her emotions becomes big and cannot be control. she is not a big fan of flattery and using her charm to get her way but will do it when given no choices.

» Likes:





» Dislikes:


Mean People

Loud Noises

» History:

When Leah was a child her parents teach her how to fight and hunt when in danger because they were worried that they will pass away while Leah doesn't have any knowledge of survival. whenever Leah go to bed her mother will tell her a story about legends and famous explorers making Leah inspired and curious about the world.

When Leah got older she found out that her dream was to travel around the world and looking for mysteries to solve, she decide ask her parents if she can follow her dream. Leah parents refused her request saying it was too dangerous for her, They refused no matter how many times Leah tried to change their mind. After she stop trying to change their mind Leah went to bed trying to sleep.

Ever since that event happen day after day Leah dream was getting more desirable and impossible to reach until one day she have a plan, When it was night time her parents were asleep and Leah was preparing a note to her parents, once she was done she left the note next to her bed and start to sneak her way out of her home and run once she out, Leah was feeling sad when she runaway but continue running until she found shelter or a town to rest in.

After the night Leah runaway her parents were distress when they find that their child was missing.
They tried to find her no matter how far they went from their home, but give up when they found out Leah was long gone to search for. Her parents then decided to let her go despite their worry and fear for her, they believe that Leah will be fine because of their training and hope she will be alive after a few years.

» Other:
Leah have a pendant as a gift from her parents.
She will sometimes look at her pendant to remember her times with her parents.
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Leah The Purrloin
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