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 Aurora The Purrloin (WIP)

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PostSubject: Aurora The Purrloin (WIP)   Sun Nov 11, 2018 6:33 am

[size=11]» Name: Aurora
[b]» Sex: Female
[b]» Species:#509 Purrloin The Devious Pokemon
[b]» Affiliation: Wanderer

[b]» Level: 5
[b]» Energy:16
[b]» Ability: Limber - Its limber body protects the Pokémon from paralysis.
[b]» Moves:

- Scratch (lvl.1)
- Growl (lvl.3)
- Feint Attack (Egg Move)

» Natural Feats:

- Limber: Protects the Pokémon from paralysis.

» Relatives:
- N/A
- N/A
» Personality:
Aurora is a calm and quiet Purrloin who dream to travel the world and exploring the unknown someday. She is loyal to people who she consider as friends and family, she will do the best she can to protect them and making them happy. She is mostly friendly and a bit shy when meeting new people and prefer if they talk to her first but she will try to be social.

» Likes:





» Dislikes:


Mean People

Scary Stuff

» History:

[b]» Other:
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Aurora The Purrloin (WIP)
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