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 Adopting Ariel the Taillow

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PostSubject: Adopting Ariel the Taillow   Thu Nov 08, 2018 11:49 am

» Name: Ariel
» Gender: Female
» Species: Taillow
» Affiliation/Rank: None

» Why do you want to adopt them?: Ariel is another character who took my interest. She has potential to be amusing, her hubris getting her into predicaments and whatnot. I initially intended to have her join the Aileron Guild, and may still do so, but she honestly seems to fit better as an unaffiliated performer.

» Sample of roleplay:

Ariel was a very busy bird today. The taillow was out and about in bustling Grassveil Town, shopping with a group of friends. She took the lead, of course, hastily fluttering from stall to stall. The youngsters were on the hunt for fashionable clothes, and Ariel simply had to have the prettiest, most vibrant offerings. What better way to amaze and entertain with her performances? Fashionable pokemon were famous pokemon, too, right?

“Oh, look at this scarf! It’s simply wonderful!” the bird cried out excitedly as she reached her latest stop and picked up a piece of sparkling blue fabric. She held the scarf between her wings and turned around to show it off to her friends, who had just caught up. “Geez, Ariel, do you always have to be so fast?” complained one, a jigglypuff who was clearly out of breath, “The rest of us can hardly keep up!” “I think that scarf would look better on me. It doesn’t look like it would show up well on you, but it would go fabulously with my winter coat,” a slightly agitated deerling contributed.

Ariel was not a mean-spirited pokemon, just very oblivious. She didn’t understand that her friends were less than impressed with how she was acting. She also didn’t realise that the deerling was talking about her pelt that changed with the seasons. “Oh, you bought a coat recently? That’s neat! You’ll have to show me after we’re done shopping!” the bird chirped cheerfully. Everyone else couldn’t help but sigh at Ariel’s antics. They’d put up with her for this long because she could be genuinely entertaining, but were a few small plays worth the frustration of feeling like second wheels?

» Link to the original bio: Ariel's bio
» Levels of existing characters: Opal (10)

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Adopting Ariel the Taillow
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