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 Radar the, Hopefully Lovable, Murkrow!

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Location : What IS location? What is the solid ground of which we stand without the soul that lives within it? How can you really call a location your home when you are missing the one thing that makes a location that which it is?

Radar the, Hopefully Lovable, Murkrow! Empty
PostSubject: Radar the, Hopefully Lovable, Murkrow!   Radar the, Hopefully Lovable, Murkrow! EmptyFri Sep 07, 2018 1:00 am

» Name: "Um, my name is Radar... hello everyone..."
» Sex: "I am a... *checks* boy, I'm a boy. That's accurate."
» Species: "I am a Murkrow, sir... or, uh, madam, ‘cause any sex can administrate. #198, the darkness pokemon."
» Affiliation: "None, sir and or madam, ‘cause; gender neutral! Haha, yeah, no feminism or masculinity here. P-Please tell me I didn't offend you! Maybe call me a wanderer, I dunno."

» Level: "Uhhhhh, let's say 5! ‘Cause that's what the cool kids do."
» Energy: "I'm not sure I understand, buuuut... gonna guess a 22, base 17?"
» Ability: "Insomnia. Arceus, I hate insomnia. Useful, though."
» Moves: "I will provide you the necessary information below."
- Astonish LV 1 "Astonishing, huh? I am sorry for that awfulness."
- Peck LV 1
- Pursuit LV 5
- Roost "It was an egg move. I am NOT picturing how or why I learned it. EVER."

» Natural Feats: 
- Insomnia "Because I can’t sleep. I hate my ability."
- Flight "I have wings, so I can fly. Obviously hella self-explanatory."
- Camouflage "Sorta… ‘cause when it’s dark out, I have black feathers, so I can camouflage… sort of…"

» Relatives:
- Hiro "My big brother and a Honchkrow... you know, his name’s very ironic… ‘cause he's an outlaw."
- Mom "My mom, duh, and another Honchkrow. Spoiler alert! She abandoned me with my dad."
- Dad "A Pidgeot… oh! Also my dad! Can't forget about that!"

» Personality: "Okay, so, I don’t really know how to answer this, uhh… my social skills, just to let you know, aren't really all… there. I’m also not really all there in the head, Hiro said our mom’s side of the family has a history of mental illness and disorders. Something called early onset skit-so-friend-ia, I don’t really know how to spell that bizarro word, sorry. I’ve never been able to find anyone who can help me with it, so I just eventually stopped looking. My hella stupid skit thing causes me to have hallucinations and delusions, so I struggle to tell between and see the line of what's real and what’s fake sometimes. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say Grassveil Town is fake."

"I've learned that I have a small habit of speaking slang without even realizing it. I can't really help it, it's how my brother, Hiro, talks, and when he's your main influence, you pick up a few things. Like how to talk. A few common words I say are; bizarro, low key, hella, lit, and...  I have a problem, don't I? I say those things unintentionally and don't even realize it, really. If I ever make my first real friend, hopefully they'll like that little quirk and it’ll be one of the reasons they love me so much. Anyways, if you couldn’t tell already, I’m a little lonely."

"I don't know a lot of 'social etiquette' due to a lack of 'proper' socialization. I'm one of those kids who speaks their mind no matter what, kicks their talons up on top of tables, doesn't think to say please or thank you, and can come across as rude or ignorant. That's really the opposite of who I am, though! I'm actually more in touch with my feelings than other mons know, and I'm hella more sensitive than how I usually come across. I think it's just 'cause of a lack of understanding on how to convey my thoughts and how I feel."

"Also, fun little side note, I've always felt this constant need to be loved, ‘cause I usually feel alone and unwanted. I think it's called the 'primal wound' or something. Since the pokemon in my life who were supposed to love me unconditionally didn’t, I feel unloved. I feel like the worthless piece of trash my family seemed to subconsciously tell me I was all the time. Just as a good example, my brother absolutely hates me. I don't hate him, I've always wanted his approval, that's all. It just doesn’t help when your brother's also the one who raised you."

"Regarding my brother, though, I'd totally talk about it more, cause I-I... I do talk about my feelings! I talk about them a lot, but my wing’s getting hella inky and I want to get this bizarro writing thing over with. Just, uh, know that my brother's drilled it into my head that no one will love me, so I'm a little insecure when it comes to meeting new pokemon. I wish I could be confident around others, but I think I’m always gonna screw up, so I psych myself out. Anyways, I hope that this is enough for you."

» Likes: "I like long walks on the beach. J.K. R.O.T.F.L. Please don’t kill me. Serious time, though… anything shiny. Obviously. I also really like the water ‘cause ripples hella fascinate me, how, just from one little tap, it's not the same water you were just looking at. Plus, it’s relaxing and therapeutic to just dip your talons into the water. If you have talons, that is! It also reminds me of home and the hella relaxing atmosphere I sorta remember."

"I also enjoy solitude when I'm stressed out. Peace and quiet, alone time, all that stuff. it gives me time to think and process my day or something bizarro that’s happened, and I don’t need to worry about any more emotional stress getting piled on top of me. It’s hella complicated when you think about it, because I also low key fear isolation which I’ll get into soon."

"Another one of my likes is stargazing. There are so many stars in the night sky and it really helps me understand that I’m not the only one who doesn’t matter in life. Morbid, I know… there's just something bizarro about the realization that we're all just so… tiny in real life, it makes me feel hella better about myself. Also, when you're a restless kid who can't sleep, it helps to have all the midnight hobbies you can to help pass the time."

» Dislikes: "Large crowds, cause they make me hella uncomfortable and overwhelmed… I’m actually low key claustrophobic, to be honest, and I’ll go into a panic attack. Yet I also don’t like being completely alone unless I feel I absolutely need to, ‘cause I’m always scared I’m gonna have my next hallucination. I never know what it's gonna be about, and maybe this time I’ll actually snap. So, maybe call this a fear of my mind, or hallucinations, on top of claustrophobia?"

"I also fear socialization because I have it drilled into my head that I’m absolutely horrible at it. It’s just more unwanted stress. I’ve always wanted a friend, but I know I’ll never make one, so why try, right? Too scared to try, so I’ve never actually made a friend or properly socialized before. By properly socializing I mean having an intelligent conversation instead of talking like prehistoric mons a bajillion years in the past. So, yeah, I don’t know how, so I’m scared of trying it and failing."

"I also… uh… have a, um… fear of emotion. Emotions just complicate things for me, and I don’t like feeling them! So I usually have nervous breakdowns when I feel upset or sad because I’m scared… I told you, I’m not all there as far as my sanity goes. I don’t like crying, it hurts and makes me feel sick. I’ve taught myself to disconnect when I cry as a defense, and to just deny it and act happy because no one in their right mind wants to feel sad. Poor choice of words, and ink is permanent. Insert mandatory what is wrong with you, Radar? here."

» History: "Okay, so, this is rather personal, don’t you think? Well, I was raised by my Honchkrow mother and Pidgeot father in a rainy town near the ocean. I don’t really remember that much about it, I left at quite a young age but we'll get to that later... long story, tons of emotional scars. Anyways, spoilers aside... my brother, who's a lot older than me, would occasionally come to visit. He's a Honchkrow and an outlaw, but once again, we'll get into that later..."

"Anywho... my brother, who’s a lot older than me, is an outlaw, yadda, yadda, yadda... he never got along with my parents. From what I can remember, they were nice, it was usually just me and them. I loved them like any 6 year old kid loves their parents. One day, though, they disappeared after my brother, according to him, did something bad. It took me years to actually realize they abandoned me. My brother came home after a couple of days to take me to this strange place I hadn't heard of, a place where ‘pokemon like us' could be safe. I was a little hesitant at first, but these scary pokemon… whom are called the police, I know that now… showed up at the door and tried to take him from me."

"He flew away, with me in pursuit, and took me to a scary, disgusting place where there were tons of tents and new pokemon. Home sweet home. This was the life I grew up with, living with my brother's ‘friends’ and fellow outlaws in a hole called Grima Outpost. I never had structure to my life, and I was always hanging back at Grima Outpost, being babysat by somemon or another. Probably by one of my brothers groupies. My brother would always treat me like complete sh** by abusing me, physically and verbally. Mainly verbal abuse. He would, for physical abuse, have his friends hold me to the ground, and Hiro would… let’s not, uh, discuss this now, shall we?"

"That was until I ‘came of age.’ When I turned 11, I helped my brother and a few others commit a crime. I was crucial, and they... they, uh, they needed somemon small that could sneak into a Gabite’s cave to steal some jewels… so pretty crucial. Just... not... that important. I think its safe to say it did not go well. I was almost killed by that Gabite before I lied and said I was being threatened by older pokemon. I guess, looking back, there was some truth to that lie. He told me to get out while I still could and escape, head back to my family before it's too late. One problem, I didn't know where they were. But, one is never to late to reconnect with family, right?"

"I flew, and flew, and flew some more, stopping for about 2 days per town I found, and always headed out for dungeons the next day. I needed poké, so I learned to pickpocket. Then it became a hobby of mine, relieving other mons from their shinies and trinkets and poké. My prized stolen trinket? A necklace with a white, shiny quartz at the end that I then always wore around my neck. I messed up the odd time, though, and I got chased by multiple pokemon... I lose them on dark hills and forests. Usually. There was one instance where… no… no, I’m sorry, but I repressed that memory for a reason. Let's just say it’s hella not PG 13, and I am not ever going to talk about it again. You get the picture of that traumatic experience? If not, tough luck."

"It was hella hard to keep going, but I could only imagine the far worse torture if my brother’s friends caught up to me, so I kept going. I never entered a dungeon without being prepared. I used the poké to buy a small bag, berries, seeds, everything I could scrounge together to help me trudge along dungeons I could barely pass. I was usually far too weak to get through on my own, so I needed to use tricks and items to get through. I even asked for help from local rescue teams on many occasions! I’d be super polite and try to offer them all as much as I could, and, even though I tried to avoid asking for help, the teams made great conversationalists surprisingly. I've been traveling a lot, and yet never gone home, wherever that was. Next on my list of towns to head through is Grassviel Town, a densely populated area where I’m hoping I can be safe."

"The town has a guild, so that’s a good thing. Probably won’t join, but an outlaw would be stupid to come there. Right on time, too, ‘cause I think I need one hella long breather. Grassveil Town will hopefully be a place where I can do whatever I feel like. Where I can be free, safe, live a normal life even if it’s temporary. Then again, probably not for long once they find out my brother's an outlaw and assume I’m one too and run me out of town. I’ve even pickpocketed and stole, so I bet I’ve got some kind of a reward on my head, I’m just hoping the guild doesn’t try to cash in on the… 5 poke, maybe? I know it’s probably more than that, but I’m worried, I’m allowed to joke. I can’t keep running, though, so a place where I could be safe and live my life? I have to take this chance. I just pray I’m not on an outlaw board for petty theft or whatever."

"So, to sum up everything I remember about my life's story, I used to be an outlaw… sort of. I'm headed for Grassveil Town, I have a small, ridiculous chance of being legally considered an outlaw, and I’m probably on my brother’s bad side. I've gone town to town looking for my family, but with no such luck. That wraps about everything up, doesn't it? And I've just arrived at this forest filled with Pecha Berries, and I’m so close to the town. I’m nervous, afraid, actually, and feeling a thousand tiny little Butterfree in my stomach. Am I gonna make friends? You think I’ll finally make friends? You, uh, you think something bizarro is gonna happen and I’ll get a rescue team plucking at my tail feathers cause of an outlaw board? If any of those are so... let the fun begin, I guess."

"Sorry for the huge history blurb, I got hella carried away since you asked me about my past... ask and you shall receive, I guess. Anyways, I hope this is good, I know you see a lot of kids abandoned by their parents, but I’m not an orphan. I had my brother and a bunch of outlaws to raise me. So what if my parents left me, my life's my life, there's no changing it. I don’t see myself as an orphan, don’t call myself an orphan, so why consider me and pity me like one? I don’t need it, because I’ve had a family. A sh***y, non-biological one, but a ‘family' nonetheless. Need I remind you that there is no rule whatsoever that I’ve seen that says I can't be accepted if my parents left me at a young age. Sh** happens. The only rule I have seen, however, states that you can't be an orphan and have no one there to raise you. My brother's, like, 20 or something, I count that as being raised by an adult. Plus, I've spent my travels... a; running from outlaws, but b; searching for my mom and dad. There's nothing wrong with being raised by outlaws, they just weren't my biological family. Does being raised by someone who isn't your parent make you an orphan, no. No it does not. My parents aren't dead, and if they were, the bodies have not been found... that I know of. I also have not seen a rule that says I can't write in first person for my bio, unlike all unoriginal bio apps I’ve seen here. So don’t even bring this up if you can't back it up."

» Other: "I, uh, this is probably unimportant, but I’m told I’m fluffier than most Murkrow… though that’s… um, yeah. I have feathers, so, I don’t know what synonym to fluffy I can use, and feathery just sounds gross. Poofy is, uh, not a word… but sums up my plumage quite nicely."

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Posts : 56
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Location : What IS location? What is the solid ground of which we stand without the soul that lives within it? How can you really call a location your home when you are missing the one thing that makes a location that which it is?

Radar the, Hopefully Lovable, Murkrow! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Radar the, Hopefully Lovable, Murkrow!   Radar the, Hopefully Lovable, Murkrow! EmptyFri Sep 07, 2018 1:04 am

I know I can't post twice but my bio is NOT showing!

I'm so sorry, I can't fix this tonight, just give me a day or something PLEASE!!

Edit: Sorry, fixed it. stupid phone/android! I also know that things here are a bit mature, all this is is to add depth. Notice how he dodged talking about his experiences? I hereby solemnly swear to always stay P.G. 13, and to only let the imaginations of others interpret what my character will never talk about ever! Also, there is no rule saying I can't write in first person for bios. I also solemnly swear to RP in 3rd person till the day I leave the site, and here's hoping that's only a distant future.

Also, the whole abandoned thing. I'm doing this because his parents abandoning him gives him a reason to keep going, keep fighting. In the back of his mind, his parents have always been there. Sure, it evolved from an innocent little kid's desire to go back to his parents to a pre-teen/11 year old just wanting to see his parents' faces and ask them why they abandoned him. Plus, I will confirm his parents are not dead at the moment. I plan to have Radar face a devasting choice; join his parents for the life he'd always wanted in Rainfront Town, or throw it all away for Grassveil Town and whomever I'm RPing with. His parents are going to be NPCs and anyone RPing with me will have the BEST kind of satisfaction in Radar finally meeting his parents for the first time in 5 to 6 years.

Anyways, that's my good reason, plus the definition of orphan is someone who's parents were killed. Radar's parents aren't dead.
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Radar the, Hopefully Lovable, Murkrow! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Radar the, Hopefully Lovable, Murkrow!   Radar the, Hopefully Lovable, Murkrow! EmptyThu Sep 13, 2018 1:55 am

Character has been approved!

You have a surprisingly good grasp on the rules, and there are no particular issues in this application worth denying it over. However, I feel I should clarify a few things. First, you can relax just a tad; the site is PG13 but you don't have to explicitly avoid everything entailing violence. If you think something's a little dark, just add a warning to the title of the thread in question and make sure your partners are cool with anything you want to do. As long as it's not something monumentally inappropriate such as sexual content and you make sure to give people a warning ahead of time, you won't get in trouble for anything. If you're unsure about something, just ask staff. No need for you to unnecessarily limit yourself.  The way you present this mystery scenario in your character's history implies the censorship may be deserved here, but at the same time, I can't be sure what you intended.

Also, the thing about orphaned characters is there to prevent a very particular issue in "special snowflake" territory where a character's abandoned from a young age and somehow raises themself, which doesn't apply to your character, so you can stop worrying about that.

Lastly, this isn't exactly an issue, yet, but it's something I want to address.  You've decided to give your character schizophrenia, a loaded mental disorder with a lot of effects and complex nuances. Simply put, I can't get a good idea of how well you understand the disorder based on this application alone, so I'll be keeping an eye on you to make sure you know what you're doing with it.  Make sure you're well-versed in the symptoms and behavioral effects of schizophrenia, and if you aren't sure about something, check with me; I've done quite a lot of research into this disorder, and I assure you I can be of assistance with anything you might not already know.  I'd also like to talk to you about all of this in general sooner rather than later, so don't be a stranger.

That is all. Your application has been approved and you're free to get started!

Radar the, Hopefully Lovable, Murkrow! QuickEvenBrownbutterfly-size_restricted

Please head over HERE to create your Character Records.  Once you've completed that, go have fun and roleplay!

Welcome To The End:

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Radar the, Hopefully Lovable, Murkrow! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Radar the, Hopefully Lovable, Murkrow!   Radar the, Hopefully Lovable, Murkrow! Empty

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Radar the, Hopefully Lovable, Murkrow!
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