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 A Misty Expedition

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PostSubject: A Misty Expedition   A Misty Expedition EmptySat Aug 25, 2018 10:18 pm

Maybe going here wasn't a good idea. - Through the thick mist that permanently inhabited the hill could be seen a blue, bipedal creature. Upon closer inspection it happened to be a Piplup; but distinguishing anything was pretty hard in Pricklemist Hill. Alongside the mist, the sun oddly gave little light to the place, making the environment very gloomy. To top it off, everything looked the same, so getting lost was that easier.

Speaking of getting lost, Niko was in that exact situation. After hearing of the place by some guild explorers, he decided to explore it for himself, not entirely believing the description given to him. The trip from Grassveil was long, but now that he was here, he could attest that the description was very accurate; the Hill was indeed scary and easy to get lost in. Niko wasn't afraid yet, or at least not that much; he did explore similar areas already. Sure, they weren't that misty, and they were more illuminated, and- okay, he never explored anything really similar, but there's a first time for everything.

Niko continued to walk onward, searching for anything standing out. He did also hear about an abandoned house lying somewhere, but he had yet to find anything remotely resembling a house. In fact he had yet to find anything remotely standing out in the first place.
I've been walking in the same direction for the past hour, or was it two hours ? Anyways I should be fine. That rock does look awfully similar to the last one though. It's probably a coincidence.

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PostSubject: Re: A Misty Expedition   A Misty Expedition EmptyTue Aug 28, 2018 2:26 am

This had better be worth it. Saturn thought as he approached Pricklemist Hill's entrance. He had asked many of Grassveil's inhabitants if there were any Mystery Dungeons nearby known for spectacular secrets/strange phenomena and had little luck until he spoke to a traveler from the seaside town of Rainfront. The traveler spoke of a mist-laden hill with an old, abandoned house at the top. This piqued Saturn's interest far more than anything else he heard, since an abandoned house in the middle of nowhere like that was bound to have some impressive stash of loot hidden away within its confines. He asked the Rainfront native to give him directions to the town and soon Saturn had set out to find the Mystery Dungeon in question.

Fast forward a little bit and Saturn was standing at the hill's entrance, steeling himself for whatever surprises that thick mist could be hiding. As he took those first few steps, it quickly became apparent that he would have to rely on senses other than sight if he wanted to avoid getting caught off-guard by the Mystery Dungeon's more hostile inhabitants. Before he knew it, Saturn was all but completely lost in the dense haze. There were no landmarks to utilize, and what little he was able to see looked exactly the same. As he wandered deeper in, the obscuring fog became even more prevalent, and Saturn swore he could see shapes twisting around in its depths. Were his eyes playing tricks on him? Was he hallucinating? As he stood still to try and make out what the shapes really were, he noticed one of them was small, round, and most importantly, blue. Saturn drew closer and realized whatever this creature was, it was definitely avian in nature, owing to its small, wing-like appendages where arms would usually be. Saturn called out "Are you lost, too, stranger?" and immediately realized the figure will likely respond with either friendly banter, a warning, or an attack. Hopefully, it would be the former.

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A Misty Expedition
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