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 when you come back but you see noone

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PostSubject: when you come back but you see noone   Mon May 21, 2018 8:56 pm

[21:22:12 21/05/2018] CrazorGameplays : ya'll remember me

[21:22:15 21/05/2018] CrazorGameplays : i'm back

[21:22:29 21/05/2018] CrazorGameplays : i'm that annoying smol bab

[21:22:42 21/05/2018] CrazorGameplays : who sucked at english so much he left

[21:23:11 21/05/2018] CrazorGameplays : what happened in those like three or four years

[21:23:57 21/05/2018] CrazorGameplays : i don't even remember how my character was called

[21:24:05 21/05/2018] CrazorGameplays : who adopted it?

[21:27:26 21/05/2018] CrazorGameplays : this place looks dead as peck

[21:42:37 21/05/2018] CrazorGameplays : you even got around to purging my sinned past

[21:43:02 21/05/2018] CrazorGameplays : very nice of you

[21:43:05 21/05/2018] CrazorGameplays : very nice

[21:43:28 21/05/2018] CrazorGameplays : where did my lovely pidgey go

[21:43:50 21/05/2018] CrazorGameplays : why is this place so dead

[21:47:04 21/05/2018] CrazorGameplays : why's my name black, i don't remember this

[21:48:25 21/05/2018] CrazorGameplays : found the little rascal

[21:49:59 21/05/2018] CrazorGameplays : i can't find him in adoption though

[21:50:00 21/05/2018] CrazorGameplays : odd

[21:51:03 21/05/2018] CrazorGameplays : i realized why my name is black now

[21:51:13 21/05/2018] CrazorGameplays : i'm not getting my old shitty oc back

[21:51:33 21/05/2018] CrazorGameplays : even if it's up for adoption

[21:51:44 21/05/2018] CrazorGameplays : that would probably go for nothing

[21:52:02 21/05/2018] CrazorGameplays : knowing i'll leave again most likely

[21:52:09 21/05/2018] CrazorGameplays : why the frick am i even here

[21:52:13 21/05/2018] CrazorGameplays : to torment myself

[21:53:05 21/05/2018] CrazorGameplays : why do i keep getting logged off

[21:54:29 21/05/2018] CrazorGameplays : sorry, too busy cringing

"Language is a code. It's not about how you convey it, it's about what you are trying to convey." My English teacher, after I told her for the nth time that i can't see the diffrence between did and have done

i'm back
just kidding
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PostSubject: Re: when you come back but you see noone   Wed May 23, 2018 10:09 pm

Your pidgey was Pirasto, right? I believe he was deleted due to inactivity. Anyway, the site's far from inactive; it's just the chat hardly ever has anyone on due to all the conflicting timezones.

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PostSubject: Re: when you come back but you see noone   Thu May 24, 2018 5:07 am

Yeah there's still a fair amount of users that still post around. Don't consider the chat's activity a perfect gauge of the forum itself. It also doesn't help that the chat times out people that don't post on it in such a short window, so for all you know someone could have been on just moments before you popped on. Forumotion needs to either change it so you don't time out or extend the window a bit.

There's also the fact that people have school/jobs and don't have the time to sit in the chatbox for hours at a time anymore like they used to. They have windows to post, but the chatbox requires constant attention to sit in because Forumotion is stupid.


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PostSubject: Re: when you come back but you see noone   

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when you come back but you see noone
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