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 Cimche's records

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PostSubject: Cimche's records   Tue Apr 17, 2018 1:41 pm

♫ Encounter music ♫
♪ battle music ♪
» Link to Original Bio: click me, you wont.
» Name: Cimche
» Gender: Male
» Species: #327 Spinda- the Spot Panda pokemon
» Affiliation: no affiliation
» Level: 5
» Energy: 19
» Ability: Contrary
» Moveset:
-Wish (egg)
-Tackle (lvl 1)
-Copycat (lvl 5)
» Forgotten Moves:

» Inventory: (Italicized - Not for trade | @ - Equipped)
-Stick x3, Swift seed, green gummi, blast seed, pecha berry, @Explorers Badge
» Threads:
A little lost...(>done<) 3 pages.

Forming spinel(>done<) 3 pages
summary wip:

Quest for peace(>ongoing<) 2 pages
summary wip:

» Achievements throughout the journey:
-Made it to Grassviel

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Cimche's records
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