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 Adopting Yera the Deerling

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PostSubject: Adopting Yera the Deerling   Thu Apr 05, 2018 9:12 pm

» Name: Yera
» Gender: Female
» Species: #585 Deerling, the Season Pokemon
» Affiliation/Rank: Shopkeep Assistant

» Why do you want to adopt them?: Yera’s a polite young lady who seems to appreciate a quiet life. Her overall character seems more slice-of-life oriented so there isn’t much action to her beyond what happened with her herd. Normally this would seem dull, but she makes it work by being an intriguing character despite that. She seems like the type of character that would develop into a strong-minded individual who doesn’t take anyone’s garbage if given the right circumstances without becoming an arrogant jerk and I’d like to help her see that day if possible. Until then, it would be entertaining to have the harsh reality of life hit her again and again as a reminder that things can't always be happy. She's a determined little doe though, I'm sure she'll shine right on through it all once she gets over her fears.

Not to mention she’s at that fine line between ‘vague, but not too vague’ for her application which gives me elbow room to elaborate upon her character like I had with my others. Her application does not quite focus on any flaws she has beyond being a bit of a fraidy cat when it comes to her particular phobias. I would love to be able to allow her to develop some more negative traits to her personality in order to let her feel less like a background-character that’s meant to fawn over the wounded like an innocent cinnamon roll and more like the star of a show that lets their flaws get to them from time to time.

She was entertaining to RP with when I roleplayed with her RPer and when they were still around, we intended to go a bit further in her interactions with Aries that I quite looked forward to before they vanished. It would be a total waste for this character to go to waste and i’ve had experience in what this character acts like, so I believe I’d be a good choice for her.

» Sample of roleplay:
Dark and dreary, the sky refused to give her any semblance of hope anymore. She would always look up to it with a wishful gaze only for the unforgiving darkness to deny any sign that she may see the sky once more. She took in a deep breath, held it in, and then exhaled slowly. Her eyes closed lightly as she gave herself a mental peptalk. It was a dark time for Grassveil, but standing about moping about it was not going to fix anything. There was no way in the nine rings of hell that she was going to be able to go out into those dungeons and make a difference. She shivered at the thought. She would have ended up as a hindrance, if not dead meat. Her eyes re-opened as she stepped through a door and into the streets of the town. On each side of her, satchels that contained various tools for gardening. In her mouth was the handle of a bucket. It was all quite heavy to carry, but with enough effort she managed to make it work.

She could hear voices and whispers of merchants and customers alike as they bartered with one another. She set the voices aside and walked alongside the wall of her shop. Off to the side, in a fenced off area was a small berry grove the shopkeep utilized for both stock and personal supplies. Today was her turn to tend to it. With her heavy load, she approached the blockade and turned her back towards the door. If she was correct, it should have been unlocked already for her. She lifted her hind leg and gave the door behind her a gentle push. The door swung open lightly for her and allowed her to back into the garden. She placed the bucket down before she turned and nudged the door to close. She placed a rock between the door and the fence, however, in order to avoid shutting it all the way. She glanced up at the top of the gateway with relief as the door did not automatically lock upon closing.

A lighter smile upon her expression, she turned back to gaze upon the garden only for her hopes to be dashed. Sprouts rose from the ground, but their leaves were tainted with the dreadful brown crisp of death. They weren’t going to make it for the harvest. She gave a disappointed sigh before she picked up the canister once more. Yera went to work despite her lack of hope for this year’s harvest. She was being paid to do this whether it would prove effective or not, but it still left a pain in her heart to figure that it was all for nothing.

Mr. Krimney was going to be disappointed, she thought as she worked. The shopkeep was dependent upon this garden for his shop. With no crops, there was nothing to sell. She would continue to contemplate this as she watered, fertilized, and sheared the dead leaves off of the poor plants. It was a difficult task to perform with hooves and no clear way to grip, but she made it work through sweat and grit. When she was finished, she gazed upon the berry trees once more. Despite her work, they still looked as if they would not quite make it. A thoughtful look overcame her expression before she gazed up at the sky once more. There had to be some way others got through this obstacle for their plants, otherwise there would have been a shortage.

The fawn gathered her items absentmindedly as before she left the garden. She shoved the rock out of the way and heard the satisfying click of the door before she would return the shop’s tools to the stockroom. She was done for the day, she had the rest of the day off. She bid Mr. Krimney goodbye and stepped out of the shop to return home for the day. She kept to herself and avoided other pokemon, at least until she noticed a particular scene in the town square. The sight made her shiver, yet it intrigued her.

A vulpix held a fiery ball of flames in its mouth, many grass types surrounded the fox. The situation did not seem at all hostile, as instead the fire type shot the ball of flames into the sky. The sphere stopped some distance above the group and shined down upon grass types. She shied away from the scene, worried that a battle with a fire type was about to engage. Her breath became shaky, but she would be proven wrong. Some of the grass types look relieved, while others flopped onto their stomachs and allowed the false-sun to heat them up. Some cold blooded pokemon also seemed to join them as a Salazzle relaxed just beside an ivysaur.

The stranger was not attacking them, it was helping them. The false sun provided sunlight for them to warm up with, perhaps even photosynthesize with. She too could feel the warmth the sun provided. The lack of hostility from the mon that created it almost made it seem inviting. The sight gave her an idea, however. Her eyes widened brightly as the idea came to her, but upon the realization of what it implied, she cringed. She would have to approach the vulpix and ask.

Her prejudice with fire types faded over the years, but the lingering fear still remained. She knew she needed to get over it, but every time she grew near all she could think about was that frightful image of her parents begging her to run. She took in a deep breath and exhaled slowly as she mustered the courage to step forward. Her eyes were locked onto the vulpix, but the unease of her expression gave away her emotions. The fire type caught sight of her approach and tilted their head in curiosity. The movements only caused her to hesitate for a moment before she held her breath and drew closer.

“Hello, can I help you?” the vulpix feminine spoke suddenly with a delightful smile.

“...” Yera attempted to speak, but the breath she held in just a second before seemed to have left her. After another struggle to breathe in she managed to get something out, “Uh..y-yes, I-uh, do you...do you do this for…?” she gave a slight nod towards the false-sun in the sky. Her nerves were on end, but she tried to remain as polite and coherent as she could.

The vixen looked up at the false sun she had created then looked back down at Yera, “Oh that? I’m just helping the folks around here get a bit of sunshine is all. It doesn’t do much because it’s not real, but it helps people get around!” The fire type was so nice, Yera thought, and here she was being do afraid and rude towards her.

She had a task she assigned herself, she needed to follow it through...else look like a total fool. Again, she would struggle, “I uh-g-got a garden that n-n-n-n-”

“Needs some sunlight?” the vulpix finished for her. It was rude to finish someone’s stutter for them, but that was the least of Yera’s concerns. She was relieved, in fact, as it meant that she would not have to speak with this fire type as much. She found that she felt a bit...guilty about it. This feeling would only grow as the vulpix gave a smile, “Alright! I’ll stop on by tomorrow. I’ve seen you work around here with Mr. Krimney before. I was a’wonderin if his farm was doing alright anyways~!” the vixen’s sing-song tone chimed with beauty and kindness.

She wanted to thank the vulpix, but the way her heart raced made her doubt if she could last here much longer. Instead, she gave a simple nod before she hurriedly stumbled away away on her weak little legs. Once she was a good distance, she could feel her heart pound in her chest from the encounter. She gave a sigh of absolute relief as if she just escaped a life or death situation. She felt bad that she acted that way around the kind-hearted vulpix, but in a way...she found herself proud. She just asked a fire type a favor and was capable of functioning enough to speak. It was not a very big step towards getting over her fear, but it was progress none the less.

» Link to the original bio: App and her Records
» Levels of existing characters:
Acro - 55
Proteus - 28
Mirage - 45 - Adopted
Aries - 11
Victoria - 21
Zera - 16 - Adopted
Jaden - 8
Kira - 25 - Adopted
Chance - 8
Namataki - 9
Garnet - 26
Erebus - 8 - Adopted

Retired Characters
Shinka - 10
Morpheus - 10
Veriq - 9
Linus - 15 - Adopted


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PostSubject: Re: Adopting Yera the Deerling   Tue Apr 17, 2018 12:11 am

I expect my bribe payment of 200 joy seeds within the hour.


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Adopting Yera the Deerling
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