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 A new beginning

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PostSubject: A new beginning   Wed Apr 04, 2018 5:53 pm

Well, this is it. After walking around Grassveil for what felt like a day, Niko finally made it to the guild, with his, he assumed, trusty companion. It turns out that the building was just outside the city, and the Piplup could have probably saved a lot of time if he only asked someone about the place earlier. Nonetheless, he was here now and, although feeling a bit underwhelmed seeing that the guild was not as imposing as he imagined it to be, he was still pretty excited to start his very own exploration team. He didn't expect to find a friend to start a team with this quickly, especially after his small misadventure, but in no way it annoyed Niko. He was gonna become an explorer like his dad once was ! Just the idea of going on an adventure in some forgotten place thrilled him, but he still had a long way to go. In fact he didn't even know if he was gonna be accepted in the guild, but he heard that joining it was relatively easy, as long as you were friendly enough.
Lost in his thoughts, the small penguin tripped over a rock lying there for some reasons. After a short fall he quickly got back up and took a glance around to see if anyone noticed him, but the only pokemon that he could see were an half asleep Skarmory which seemed to normally be guarding the entrance of the guild, some passing pokemon looking like guild members and of course Leif. Nobody seemed to really have noticed him, and so after feeling a bit ashamed for a few seconds, his excitement retook the better of him and he turned around to face his future teammate. "Here we are, finally ! Aren't you excited too ?". He took a look at the door standing in front of them. Once he'd traverse it, his life as an explorer would begin.

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A new beginning
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