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 (Open) A New Face in Town

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PostSubject: (Open) A New Face in Town   Sat Mar 24, 2018 5:54 am

First topic message reminder :

Grassveil Town was within sight! Opal had travelled a long way to get here, but the journey had been worth it! What the young Growlithe had heard about the place looked to be true. There were lots of Pokemon about, and there was presumably a lot to do here as well. Oh, if only her brothers and sisters were here as well. What a marvellous time they'd all have! Well, there was no point just standing there. Grassveil would never be reached then. Onward, to adventure!

Opal was wagging her tail with excitement as she trotted into the town center. She enthusiastically greeted passing Pokemon and asked several questions about the place. The shops she heard about sounded amazing. There were shops for berries, shops for gummies, even shops for blended drinks. That sounded amazing! Being a desert dweller, Opal had never had a blended drink. It simply wasn't a thing there. She made sure to memorise the location of these drink shops so she could come back when she'd saved up some money.

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PostSubject: Re: (Open) A New Face in Town   Thu Jun 07, 2018 5:57 am

Skylar felt that she had made a fine argument, at least for a moment, but was quickly met with what seemed to be a lot of disagreement.  The puff's immediate response was submissive but clearly not in concurrence; she didn't seem to be the defiant type so of course she wouldn't try to object.  As for everyone else, Skylar's suggestion didn't even receive acknowledgment, as if they had all made up their minds already.  Keith was only worried about hurting someone, but he probably wanted to go to the hospital with how he tended to be about... everything.  The leader of Team Pink Children was only interested in helping Keith while the growlithe seemed to be encouraging the hospital idea, totally ignoring Sky's suggestion and going so far as offering to carry Alki to her destination.  No one trusted the guild, it seemed, or perhaps they simply didn't trust the one who'd just saved them.  Maybe they were right?

Given a moment to observe the damage, Skylar could see that Darcy seemed to for some reason be incapable of speaking while Alki was clearly favoring one side of her body.  Darcy had a pretty unpleasant-looking wound as well... and then there was Keith, who didn't have any visibly severe injuries but was apparently unable to get up on his own.  The growlithe seemed pretty much fine but everyone else was... not.  Could the guild help?  Probably, but... more than a hospital?  The thought frustrated Skylar almost to the point of pulling the smile from her face.  Why did she feel so bad about such a simple thing?  It wasn't a personal insult and really wasn't a big deal in the first place; so what if they wanted to go to a hospital instead of... with her?

Is that the part that bothers me? she mused to herself from behind the safety of her happy face.  Did she not want to be alone?  Then why not go with them?  Was she just upset that they had all so quickly discarded her idea?  She hardly noticed when the charizard's emergence was pointed out, absently turning to face him.  She felt... agitated at the sight of him, perhaps because he seemed almost to be getting more attention than her words had.  A tingling sensation crept through her head, slowly refining itself into a tense pain as she stared at the dragon.  She could feel her heart racing again just like before.  She was fine, so why was this happening?  An annoyingly high-pitched noise suddenly echoed through her sensitive ears or fins or whatever they were and she snapped her head toward the source.  She felt mad at it, even after seeing that it was only the growlithe, afraid of what had previously assaulted all of them and given plenty reason for such a reaction.

As the sound dulled, so, too, did the rest of the world; everything was growing muffled in Skylar's perception... except the insufferable whining.  Once was good enough, so why was the mutt doing it again as if they hadn't all heard and noticed the overgrown lizard?  It was getting louder, oh so much louder, until the light pain in Skylar's head suddenly turned into a splitting, stabbing feeling and the ringing blasted her eardrums.  It was all so painful, so sudden that she almost collapsed; she shivered visibly from the unexpected onslaught of sensations in her head, confused as to how one little growlithe could make such an intolerable noise.  She shut her eyes tightly and shook her head violently in a vain attempt to make it stop, stumbling in no particular direction but away from what she thought to be the source.  It quickly grew to be too much to tolerate and she found herself acting without thinking.

"Stop!" she snapped and jerked herself toward the growlithe, glaring at her to see... it wasn't her.  The little thing wasn't doing this.  Skylar's eyes narrowed in confusion before a fresh wave of stabbing pain invaded her head, bringing her to flinch before suddenly turning and starting off in what she could only hope she remembered correctly as the way back to the guild.  "He's fine.  Do what you want, but I'm- I need to go," she spoke, trying very hard to leave emotion out of her tone, lest she lash out again.  She was forced to grit her teeth under another surge of pain as she desperately tried to get away as quickly as possible while keeping her composure.  Every thought that passed her by seemed to do naught but make the pain worse, but they came and went despite her protests against them.

Why?  What's happening?  I'm fine.  It's just a headache.  I hit my head when I fell.  Am I just stressed?  No one else gets headaches.  I'm not stressed.  I'm fine.

The pain and feelings wouldn't go away, but the scattered thoughts finally stopped all at once.


Keith was hesitant to accept help and end up shocking someone, but he wasn't sure of his ability to get up on his own and really wasn't interested in trying.  He may not have been the social type, but he could see the hospital was the more popular suggestion even though he probably wouldn't be going there.  He was aching all over, but he very much doubted it was anything serious; and besides, he still needed to watch over Skylar, even if she didn't want him to.  She looked fine at the moment but had been very stressed as of late, and for good reason.  Alas, she wasn't the only thing to worry about in this situation; Keith held concern for himself as well, along with all the others and... well, when it was brought to everyone's attention... the beast.  He would have backed up if not for his position on the ground, but aside from an initial rush of fear, he wasn't too worried.  The others had handled this foe once already just fine, and upon closer inspection, the thing seemed to be in pretty bad shape.  If nothing else, Skylar was definitely still fit to...

As if on cue, the vaporeon proved this notion wrong with a sudden outburst at the adorable growlithe who'd done nothing wrong.  Stop... what?  He would have vocalized his curiosity if only he were bolder, but alas, he instead watched Skylar's clear effort to distance herself from the group, again for no apparent reason.  She seemed to be very frustrated or... in pain?  She spoke and claimed the charizard was nothing to worry about, and while Keith was willing to trust her on that, he didn't believe the same about her.  It was far too obvious that something was wrong, and since she clearly wasn't going to come with everyone else to the hospital, that settled it: if he couldn't convince her, then he wouldn't be going either.  "Sorry, she's not usually like this," he muttered just loud enough for those in his immediate vicinity to hear before trying once more to get himself off the ground.  He managed to lift himself, albeit just barely, and carefully raised his front leg on the skitty's side.  He'd received the message that she was willing and perhaps even eager to take the shock and help him up, and since she was a fair bit smaller than him, the only way he saw for her to do that was to kinda... push him up.  That meant touching her with more of his fur than he wanted, but he was now more worried about his teammate than delivering some trivial shock to someone who could surely handle it.

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PostSubject: Re: (Open) A New Face in Town   Tue Jun 12, 2018 7:40 am

The questions he never asked were, of course, never answered. He remained silent as he observed, his wounds pained him with each moment. It honestly felt better to just stand still rather than irritate them. A pink puffball seemed to notice him first and immediately began to fear him. He could practically smell it from there. The fairy type could barely speak in his presence as she stammered and trembled. His eyes locked onto the small puffball in an almost emotionless gaze as he tried to process what was going on. Something told him that he should not want this, but another side of him relished it. It was a sick sort of guilty pleasure. The longer the feeling stayed, the more he would come to accept it. He made no expression or movement to suggest the joy he felt in seeing them cower.

The feline, the other pink pokemon with the strange puffy tail, seemed to be...he couldn't understand what emotion they seemed to express. Indifference? Confidence? Too scared to make any other expression? His attention was snapped away from the pink duo as the pup made noise. The pitiful wail rang with him, in a way that both excited and horrified him. His tail flickered as the flames grew larger, the blaze giving away that he felt some kind of reaction to the cry. When it ended, he...almost wanted to hear it again. It was as if his eyes began to hunger for the ultra-violence that he was denied moments before-

"STOP!" the vaporeon from earlier snapped him from the malicious thoughts he was not quite even aware he trailed into. A moment that left him wondering, 'what am I thinking?' with no real answer for himself. His gaze landed on the water type who began to speak but seemed to suddenly need to leave the children all on their own with the big bad monster that tried to kill them moments before. Garnet was unaware of how stupid this decision might have been, but fortunately, he was brought away from the wretched thoughts. Instead, his mind seemed to sort of fade into white noise as he looked back to the group, unsure of what to do or say from this point on.


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PostSubject: Re: (Open) A New Face in Town   

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(Open) A New Face in Town
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