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 Niko the piplup

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PostSubject: Niko the piplup   3/11/2018, 10:30 am

» Name: Niko
» Sex: Male
» Species: Piplup, the Penguin pokemon (#393)
» Affiliation: Wanderer (searching a guild)

» Level: 5
» Energy: 19 (14BE + 5)
» Ability: Torrent
» Moves:
-Pound (level 1)
-Growl (level 4)
-Hydro Pump (egg move)

» Natural Feats:
-In a pinch, create bigger and swifter amounts of water using his moveset
-A thick, inner layer of down feathers grants piplup decent protection from chilly winds and temperatures
-A piplup is capable of diving underwater, usually in search of food, for up to ten minutes

» Relatives:
-Father: Fabien the Feragilatr
-Mother: Nesi the Empoleon
-Sister: Sisa the Piplup

» Personality:
Niko is generaly positive and maybe a tad cynical. He try to cheer up his companions whenever it's needed, however saying that he is a Happy go lucky type of pokemon is a mistatement as he does think about his course of actions and he doesn't « act first then think », he doesn't overthink situations either.
When the conditions call for it, he can also get pretty serious, whenever it's someone who challenge him or abuse his partners. Like most of his species, he is very proud of himself and he can get mad if someone insult his competence. He also grew a big curiosity from his younger days and he really enjoy exploring and such. He is however still a piplup and can sometime trip on the slightest of obstacles, this however doesn't discourage him from his exploration habit.

» Likes:
-Flying pokémon : For no good reasons he has always enjoyed the sight of flying pokemon. Their graceful wings, their pretty feathers and obviously their ability to fly has always fascinated him. He like to socialize with them.
-Exploration : As he used to explore the neighbouring forests and such with his sister at a younger age, Niko always kept a big interest in exploring.
-Berries : Who doesn't love them ? Their tasty and pretty easy to find.

» Dislikes:
-Being ignored: He simply doesn't like it. He doesn't necessarly want to be the center of the attention but being left alone is quite insulting to him.
-Egocentric pokemon : Niko is no special compared to others piplup regarding his self-esteem and he concider himself most of the time as an important member of his team, thus he doesn't get along very well with others pokemon that have an high ego.
-Work : Niko is a bit laid-back and doesn't like excesive work all that much.

» History:
Niko was at first born in a small village far from any big city. His dad was a retired guild explorer and his mom a trader which decided to settle down in the region after meeting her husband. The newly formed couple quickly gave birth to two twins : Niko and Sisa, both piplup. As they grew up, they also  grew a love for exploration, as their dad told them some of his adventures.

The two piplup had an overall really pleasent life, they'd go hunt down berries and explore the neighbouring forests during the day and they'd come back later on, eating their well-earned reward; their father, if not helping their mom at her shop or searching items needed there in near-by dungeons, would told them some of his explorer story until their mother came back with goods.

However has time moved on, Niko grew bored of the small town he was inhabiting, of the forests that he knew to well at that point and of his overall routine. He wanted something new, and maybe even to start anew ; thus he had the growing idea of moving somewhere else.
One day, her mother talked a bit about a city far from here,  Grassveil town. The city was, described by his mother, bustling with live, with traders from all over the world setting shop there and a guild right next to it, with a few dungeons surrounding the city. Niko didn't need any more description, as the place already seemed perfect to him. He was already old enough to travel on his own, and, after a quick talk with his family, he travelled toward the town, with the intention of starting a new life there and perhaps becoming a guild member, like his dad once was.

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PostSubject: Re: Niko the piplup   3/15/2018, 9:28 am

Character has been approved! First try, too!

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Please head over HERE to create your Character Records.  Once you've completed that, go have fun and roleplay!

Welcome To The End:

Character Records

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Niko the piplup
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