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 Monkey Business

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PostSubject: Monkey Business   Sat Feb 10, 2018 7:36 pm

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Trace was bored. Who knew that after a couple years of wandering and running away from one danger to another that you quickly became stir-crazy when you're given the opportunity to relax for a change? It certainly surprised the electrike. He thought that since he was finally safe, he would be more at peace. But no, with an ichy sensation much reported by addicts, his body yearned for some kind of activity.

So, in an effort to satisfy this backwards craving of excitement, Trace found himself traveling along the floor of Pecha forest at an easy lope. His eyes and ears were alert and attentive, twitching to zero in on even the slightest disturbance around him. A defense scarf was wrapped around his neck like a short triangular cape, the only appearant thing this pokemon possessed. The scarf had remained in place ever since Jet, the buizel who once saved his life despite not knowing anything about him, had tied it there. Granted part of the reason he never removed it was because he simply couldn't, the knot was out of range of his jaws or his paws, but even if he could he would not have wanted to. It was a constant reminder that the world isn't all terrible.

As a whole, the day was pleasant. A cool breeze tempered a slightly hot mid-day sun to a level anyone who wasn't an ice type could enjoy. There were a few scattered clouds that trailed across the sky at a snail's pace, but that was largely hidden by the forest canopy stretching far overhead. The weather put Trace in a light mood despite himself. Perhaps he should have gone into the denser Shadowhue forest if he wanted something exciting to happen, this place might as well not be a dungeon! He was just going to have a stroll down the paths worn into the forest by various explorers from town, find a few items and come out none the worse for the trip.

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PostSubject: Re: Monkey Business   Sun Mar 11, 2018 10:23 pm

Though Cracker was still caught up in his own emotional turmoil, the lack of response didn't go unnoticed. However, at first, the monkey got annoyed. With a scowl he said, "Hey... are you even listening? I'm trying to say I'm s... sorry?"

The Aipom watched the delirious Electrike take a step towards him and then promptly collapse on the ground. Suddenly his anger vanished and was replaced by concern again as the monkey descended from the tree onto the nearest rock he could find. Unfortunately, it was nowhere close to where Trace had fallen. Which meant he'd have to traverse the prickly forest floor.

Just thinking about it gave him chills up and down his spine, but he told himself over and over, You're doing this for a friend! That made it a little easier to make the final descent to the mossy, nature-littered dirt, but once both feet were firmly planted, an involuntary spasm made all his muscles quiver in revulsion at the squishy earth between his toes. With a cowardly yelp, the monkey sprang up into the air, using his tail to support his mass as he propelled himself towards the downed Electrike.

With Trace immobilized and out of conventional reach, he had no choice but use the meaty hand on the tip of his tail as a makeshift platform to keep his more sensitive feet safe. He stood poised atop it as he looked the electric-type over, worriedly. The poor Pokemon had only taken one poisonous dart, but he'd ran himself so ragged that his body was struggling to fight it. Without immediate attention, he'd be in serious trouble.

Even if Cracker hadn't been versed in medical treatment, the answer was obvious. He needed a berry to counteract the poison, to give him a better chance to heal. It did just so happen that the Aipom had the perfect remedy in the pouch he kept hidden beneath his leafy garb, but there was just a small issue...

When he dug into his bag to retrieve the lum berry he'd found so long ago, what he pulled out was a discoloured, squishy little fruit with bruises and just the faintest odor of vinagar, suggesting it was close to completely spoiling, if it hadn't already. Cracker squinted at it, sniffed it, and immediately gagged in disgust. The monkey looked even more upset now, looking around the small clearing as if he might find another solution.

But the truth was, this was his best hope. Even if he could find another ripe berry in the woods, he needed to prepare it for consumption. Trace certainly didn't look like he had the strength to chew. So with no other alternative, the monkey said, "I'm gonna help, don't worry. Just... stay here."

Without another word the monkey launched himself up into the trees overhead, in search of water and a crude mortar and pestle. The former was easy to find from a stream nearby, but Cracker had to spend nearly five minutes crafting the tools he needed out of wood. Fortunately though, it meant that by the time he'd returned, the drink was prepared. In fact, on his way back to where the Electrike was laying, the monkey had found a few herbs to mix in as well, which would hopefully remedy the unpleasant aroma and likely bitter taste.

When he finally returned, he found the Electrike in the same position he'd left him in. Cracker came swinging into the area much more gently than usual, guiding himself straight to the ground in front of Trace. He forced himself to bear the skin-crawling sensation of ground beneath his feet long enough to place the curved bowl of bark in front of the other Pokemon's nose. If he'd lost consciousness by now, the smell of the Aipom's conoction alone would've been sufficient to rouse him.

However, after Cracker had returned to the safety of his tail's little peach-coloured island, several moments went by without any reaction and he whined worriedly. Reaching out with a paw, he gently nudged the poisoned electric-type.

"C-come on sleepy head, time to wake up and uhm... take your medicine," he stammered awkwardly, "Go ahead, I... I made it like a drink. Y-y-you don't even have to chew, just... lick it up, you know? Please...?"

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Monkey Business
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